Friday, October 21, 2011


I hate 'em. But yet I love them. If I didn't have goodbyes, I would feel horrible when it was time to leave something behind... a goodbye helps, for some people. Like me.

I need goodbyes. And that was what last night was all about. *sniffs*

No, I did not cry. ;) Though I sure felt like it. We had a sort of 'goodbye party' at our house... at our empty house. We're hoping to leave for Africa very soon... we're living at the farm at the moment.

So, we had a party made of singing, praying, and talking. No snacks, and the only furniture in the house (there were some boxes) was a couch, a chaise, and all of the... why can't I remember their name? ...some sort of chair. Not really lawn chairs... but...

Anyways, it was also our last day of co-op... *double sniff* I love co-op, in spite of my hatred of Composition... >_> It was mostly like any other day--except it was rather cold out. Haha, and my only jacket turned out to be too small... so I went in a short-sleeved shirt with 'The Dog Ate my Homework' printed on it. And played football. With no shoes on.

Yep, that's me. No shoes, no sweatshirt or jacket, not a care in the world. XD In 32 degree weather. O_O

After all of the classes, I pretty much went around and hugged the majority of people there... even though I would most likely see them that evening. What can I say? I love hugs. ^_^

One of the 'B' kids, as I will call them--family of twelve, ten of 'em kids. :) And since all of their names, save the parents, start with B, they'll be the B kids. Well, B number one, who will be turning twenty in November, will have her birthday while I'm gone, and I really extremely like her... a lot. Our whole family does. So, I drew out a horse that I would give her--took about half an hour or less--and then put it off. Well, guess what? I pick it up for maybe thirty minutes the night before... or less. I didn't have it ready for co-op the next morning...

And after co-op we had to rake the front yard. And our front yard is rather big. Jake and I raked the front and the side, and then bagged it all... I think we got seven and a half bags full of leaves--just from the front.

So, for thirty more minutes, I worked, and got the foundation shading down. Then, we went to supper with someone, which lasted... oh, and hour to an hour in forty-five minutes? I finished the drawing JUST before we left. And, we were nearly late for our own part. :) We actually drove two cars behind the 'B's' car. Anyways, I gave it to her (signed, of course ;) ), and she really liked it. She stood staring at it... XD I did not get a picture, though, because I gave it to her immediately, along with a frame.

The B family came, and I didn't realize how many people we knew! Our living room was full. :) The fifth B, I think he is, tends to joke around... as well as the 4. XD They're hilarious. The 4 B (I will not use his name, because I don't have permission :) ) likes to make goat and sheep sounds... anyways, its not very easy to explain them when typing... you'd have to meet him to really know them. XD In fact, five of the B kids are older than me, and five of them are younger...

We sang a whole lot of songs... oh my, so many. Maybe up to ten. Maybe around eight. A lot. No, more than that!! We spent two to three hours singing! 'Twas actually a lot of fun, though some people had to leave in the middle. :P

My best friend, Jaavere Emrayel, as you know her (or Lady Amber), could not come because she went on a last-minute trip with her grandmother. I haven't seen her in months, and most likely will not before we leave for Africa... But I'm really really really hoping we go to Iowa, to see some people there, because then I WOULD get to see her--because she lives on the way. Since we've moved to the farm, that's two and a half hours of distance between us. :P

Well, afterwards, we just sort of milled about, me giving hugs to every person I came into contact with... A lot of the people became teary-eyed. I felt like crying, but didn't... that's the way I am. Even though regularly, since my eyes are so sensitive, if I see someone's eyes watering, MY eyes start to water... and now they are just thinking about... XD But anyways, even if I really feel like it, when others are crying, I don't usually... I'm not really a crying person--unless I'm mad. ;) I cry when I'm mad.

Mrs. B gave each of us three girls (Ry, Manny, and I) a bracelet, and mine is large, green glass beads with white raised flowers, followed by one of those tiny plastic, diamond bead, a round wooden one, and another plastic... and so on. I love it. I don't usually wear jewelry, but how can you not wear a green and brown bracelet with both glass and wood? I love wooden beads. Manny's had sort of oval, purplish beads with silver beads in between... really pretty. And Ry had large glass beads like mine, round, and had a touch of green on them, with silver beads in between.

I hugged NEARLY everyone. :) Not everyone, but nearly...

We stayed at a friend's house that night, and now its today. And I'm really sad. But guess what? We get to see the B kids today. ^_^

So much for last goodbyes.

And for you, followers--this is NOT my last goodbye, just my last one in awhile... blogposts will probably be few in between.


I could go cry now... ;)


Friday, October 7, 2011


My life is getting increasingly more and more hectic... what with the move and all. I have, however, had lots of time to draw and all that, and I've visited my teacher once!

I have a horse posterbook, and I've been drawing out of that--I'm on my third picture from it. I did a picture of a muscular, tall bay horse that sort of has dapples. Extremely pretty. I gave that one away, but I do have a picture of it... somewhere... I have not finished the drawing of Jones because *berates self* I have not been working on it... but I did finish another horse profile, one of the ones from my posterbook. It's a Palomino, so rather light-colored, and I did a dark-fading-to-light background that my teacher showed me. :)

I also am drawing a picture (from the posterbook) of two horses, one a dark bay, the other a more tan palomino. I added in the blurry trees in the background, but alas, I don't even know how to do trees... >_> How I'll finish that picture, I don't know. O_O

When I went to visit my teacher, I bought from her some fixative, a new kneaded eraser, and three blending stumps. She looked over each of my pictures and gave me tips, showed me how to do things, and I asked her how I could travel or carry around my sketchbook without fraying the edges of the paper and book. Well, she went over to where she had her art paper she sold, and she pulled out two thick pieces of white art-board and taped 'em together. She wrote ****'s Artwork on the front (excluding my name) and gave it to me for free. :) Normally, the paper would have probably cost between fifty to seventy-five cents (or more) each. :D
I've also had two people ask for drawings! The first wanted a drawing of her dog, which had been an abused one. She offered to pay me as well. The other is one of my mom's best friends, and she would like to have her daughter's horse drawn for her--which, of course, would be easy since horses are my best subject!!

Ah, well, I don't have time for any more. Farewell, my fellow bloggers and friends!!