Friday, December 31, 2010

"I See the Lord"

So there you have it! "I See the Lord". Read on and find out why its named that. 

Ok, so me have been tagged. (pardon the constant 'me's) *Bwahaha* Ok, so this harrowing tag must be blogged about. Yes, blogged about. Many have already done so, and I am about to do so. Now, here are the rules:

1. Put your iTunes, Window Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Tag 20 friends. 
5. Everyone tagged has to do the same thing.

Ok, so me shall start. AND, sorry if I don't do this right. Me not very good with computers and such... 

If someone says, "Are you okay?" you say...
"Silent Night," By Andy Landers.
What would best describe your personality?
"Celebrate Now," By Andy Landers.
How would you describe yourself?
"Jesus Weeps," By Andy Landers. (So many by him!)
What do you like in a guy/girl?
"I will rejoice," By Andy Landers. (My mom loves his music! Thats why there's so many on here... though I like it, too)
How do you feel today?
"Over my Head," By somebody on Wow Hits some-year...
What is your life's purpose?
"Holy are you God," By Andy Landers. (*gasp* That was accurate!)
What's your motto?
"Sweet Sierra Leone," By Andy Landers (its actually somewhere in Africa... Sierra Leone, I mean) 
What do your friends think of you?
"Made to Worship," By somebody on Wow Hits some-year... I really wish I had bands like Skillet and Toby Mac on here!!
What do your parents think of you?
"Because of You," By Andy Landers. Not so sure that one makes sense...
What do you think about very often?
"Lowercase Prophet," By Andy Landers.
What is 2 + 2?
"Man in the Moon," By ANDY LANDERS. (AGAIN!)
What do you think of your best friend?
"Praise you in this Storm," By somebody on Wow Hits some-year.
What do you think of the person you like? (sigh) This is getting strange... O_o
"Symphony .9," By Beethoven.
What is your life story?
"Not in my backyard," By Andy Landers.
What do you want to be when you grow up?
"Mountain of God," By somebody on Wow Hits some-year.
What do you think when you see the person you like? *!?* I mean, SERIOUSLY! Blah. O_o
"Find your Wings," By somebody on Wow Hits some-year.
What will you do at your wedding? (STRANGE...)
"Set the World on Fire," By somebody on Wow Hits some-year.
What will they play at your funeral?
"Outlaw," By Andy Landers.
What is your hobby/interest?
"Iowa Song," By Andy Landers. (We used to live in Iowa... *sniff*)
What is your biggest fear? <_<
"Nobody Fills my Heart like Jesus," By Andy Landers.
What is your biggest secret? :O
"When we all get to Heaven," By Andy Landers.
What do you want right now?
"Preacher Man," By Andy Landers.
What do you think of your friends?
"Sweet Presence of Jesus," By Andy Landers (yes, him again!).
What's the worst thing that could happen?
"Catch me if I Fall," By Andy Landers.
What is the one thing you regret?
"Come to the Cross," By somebody on Wow Hits some-year. :O
What makes you laugh?
"Only you," By Andy Landers. That may be right... thinking that ALL of you count as 'you'.
What makes you cry?
"Here I am again," (was I lost!?) By Andy Landers.
Will you ever get married?
"Circle K. Song," By Andy Landers.
What scares you the most?
"Every time I breath," By Andy Landers. Probably because it means I'm getting older... and eventually I"LL DIE! O_o Though, in my case, that’s not a bad thing.
Does anyone like you? *!?* Strange! 
"God of Wonders," By Andy Landers. HE DOES!! HA! It was accurate.
If you could go back in time, what would you change?
"Give it all Away," By somebody on Wow Hits some-year.
What hurts right now?
"Still calls me Son," By somebody on Wow Hits some-year.
What would you say to the person who tagged you?
“Nobody fills my heart like Jesus,” By Andy Landers.
What would you name this post?
“I see the Lord,” By Andy Landers.

Fine with me!
Yeah, the tag is late, but that’s because I lost it… but I found it again, so here is the late tag! And since its past Christmas, I don’t know if I should tag anyone or not… So I’ll give ye a choice. I tag all my followers (If they haven’t already done it) and they do it only if they want.
--Vrenith Sylversmith

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I was going to do the abominable tag, but I had to get off before I finished the post! So, instead of saving it on here, I copied it and put it on Microsoft Word, which didn't save it! So I won't be doing the tag.

*Bwahaha* I got to paint a whole lot! I got a bunch of canvas for Christmas, which means, four big, wooden frame canvas, and a pack of three small cardboard canvas! I have painted like three pictures in the last two days--one was a human figure (I know! ASTOUNDING!! I never do people. Not that the person I did was astounding--just that me drawing--PAINTING one is astounding) cloaked in a black/gray cloak, so her (yes, her, I have trouble drawing men even more than women) face is unseen. I am worst at faces. Okay, so the end of the cloak is blowing that way: -->, so part of it is blowing over her legs, which are wearing brown breeches. She is wearing a gray tunic, and holding a sword (accidentally slightly curved) and wearing boots, which you can hardly see against the background, which is dark green. So dark a green that it looks like black. Yeah, if you looked at it, it would seem black.

Painting number two! A horse. Yes, a horse. But a strange horse with a really light gray background. (Its still not TOTALLY finished, but it works) Its rough, because it needs more work. But it is a horse I did all white, but the pencil lines smeared in, making it slightly gray. So I took some black and put it all along the sides of the lines on that side --> (I love arrows) and I used white along the lines of that side <--. The horse's mane is gray, and its head drooped near the ground. (tis a sad picture) But one thing I haven't mentioned--the horse is emaciated. Terribly emaciated. Its hips stick out, and its ribs are showing. Its back is sunken (I forget what you call it when its like that) . I know, I know, I'm so mean... but you know, life is like that sometimes. We got to face it. Whoops! I'm supposed to be telling you what the picture looks like, not giving ya'll a message. LOL.

Next painting! It was a huge canvas, I forget the lengths, but it was big. Okay, so I put it on my easel and draw a horse--a galloping horse, galloping across a field of flowers, in fact--and a pond with reeds surrounding it. And a blue sky, that for some reason makes it look like dusk. The horse is a dark brown with a black mane and tail (a bay). On the canvas, I started out with bright green just because I needed the color for underneath, and because it was going to be mostly covered up. Okay, so I used blotches for the flowers *sigh* Not very good, I know, but it looks awesome. Okay, back to the painting. There were red, yellow, blue, and white flowers, the white I did last. It was REALLY bright, but it was not to be. Okay, so I dipped my brush in the water, and used the water to smear it all together, creating a mystifying awesomeness. Well, it wasn't THAT pretty... but it was pretty good. :P Atleast--thats what people TELL me, but they're my family. O_o

OH YES!! And I painted right before Christmas. I did two--one was like geometric--a black background with like four bars that--well, its hard to explain. Okay, so draw a... diamond shaped bar. Then draw a line that goes UNDER it. And so on, until you've done like four bars, and it looks like its twisted together (well, not really) and looks good. I gave that to my mom for Christmas.

And the one I gave Manny--Augh, I didn't like the color, but she'd been asking me to draw one for a LONG time. I say, "What color should I make this dragon?" Her answer was always, "Purple." You see, I wouldn't do it because I just can't stand purple (no offense)! So, for Christmas, I drew a lying down purple dragon on cardboard canvas--and painted it. For the background, I used sunset colors. Okay, so from the left top corner, I did red, then slowly did orange, then yellow. Twas pretty, I have to admit, but I still didn't like the purple color. :P

Okay, so I think thats all--except, of course, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
Farewell and Stay Well,

P.S. Hopefully I will be able to download the pictures of my paintings soon! Sorry about the delay!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Opposite Day

Ever heard of Opposite Day? Well, it’s the day that things are reversed and mixed up unimaginably cleverly. Say, “You’re the best” to someone, and you’re really saying, “I’m the worst” to yourself. *scoffs* The nerve of telling yourself that you’re terrible! *sees people watching* *turns red* Oh, yes, back to the subject. On Opposite Day, men, women, and children all get mixed up and mind boggled. Like you an me. Like him and her. Like he and she… Sorry. I could name all kinds of things. What if it’s Opposite Day? Try figuring out the opposite of all these words I’ve babbled. Hard, eh?

Imagine someone told you it was Opposite Day. So then you go up to a random person (if they’re not random you can’t say you went up to a random person. I suggest you give them a test to determine whether or not they’re really random) and say, “I hate you.” What would that mean to them? They probably thought it was a regular day and be offended. (So always talk to someone who is random. Remember the test) If it really was Opposite Day—then you would be saying, “You love me.” But if that person said it was Opposite Day, and then if it really was, he would be saying that it was a regular day, and thus you really said that you hated someone. Augh, I know.

Now, so you can learn up on your vocabulary, I’ll give you all the opposites I can think of at the moment. Then, if it’s ever Opposite Day, you’ll know what you’re saying. ;)
1. Soft—hard
2. Hot—cold
3. Love—hate
4. Gulp—sip
5. Die—live
6. Excellent—terrible
7. Black—white
8. Dark—light
9. Ceiling—floor
10. High—low
11. Sharp—dull
12. Weapon—toy (not totally sure about this one… ;) )
13. Earth—sky
14. Swim—drown
15. Fly—fall
16. Rise—fall
17. Kill—murdered :O
18. Air—water
19. Head—toes
20. Mute—sound
21. Loud—quiet
22. Full—empty
23. Boring—exciting
24. Random—serious
25. Truth—lie
26. Good—evil
27. Child—adult
28. Mature—immature
29. Careful—careless
30. Beautiful—ugly

Ok, so those are just the thirty off the top of my head. Hope that helps. Now, tell me, have you ever experienced Opposite Day? If not, call now and get a free discount! Only $599! 599! Call: 123-456-7890. I repeat—call now and get a free discount of fifty dollars! Only $599! Call now! Tell your friends to get their very own Opposite Day today!

Sorry. I couldn’t resist. *sigh* Well, this wasn’t a real randomness post, and not half as good as one of Jake’s, either. So, it’s alright if you got a wee… uh… I don’t know! G’bye.
Farewell and Stay Well,
Vrenith Sylversmith
Of Azandarania,
Dragon Warrior (I know, it’s a new title) 

P.S. Sorry about the delay with the pictures of my paintings, but I still need to download them to this computer... Sorry, ya'll. Till next time!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Yes, Yes I Know

Yes, yes I know, second post of the day. But I have a good excuse. You see, I never got to review SitS (Sword in the Stars). I think I should, since it was an epic book... Ok, so here's what I thought of it.

Sword in the Stars was a marvelous and intriguing book. Alistair, a man with a dark past, has a future full of adventure waiting for him.
I really liked the book, all in all, but the romance isn't the best. But WTB did a really good job on this! I totally loved the story, and especially Alistair. The characters were developed well, and the writing quality was good. Of course, there were a few typo mistakes and such, but that's all. I highly recommend this to you-- if you're interested and haven't read it already. I know many of my followers already have.

Ok, so, That is what I think of SitS! Enjoy.

Argh!! Wretched computer... *mumbles*

Ok, ya'll, Elves, men, women, ladies, gentlemen, and more, I'm back. Back from the pits of school--back from a harrowing week. Back from danger, peril, and-- adventure. Not really. All I did was paint-- and a few other things.
I still have thirty thousand words in my whichimicallit because of one thing-- our wretched computer. Yes, wretched. Aye. My terrifyingly slow and fiddleydoppily computer won't bring up Microsoft Word-- not any of the minimized pages, not any new ones. And, just before it stopped working, I sent my story to myself, but when I opened it after our amazingly abhorred and unjustified Microsoft Word quit working-- it only had less than half of my story. Now, I am horrifyingly fearful that our strangely deadly and slippery Microsoft Word has deleted half my story-- more, in fact-- and I'm hoping it didn't.
Ah, now for the good news! I did my painting, and it turned out better than I thought it would. I did a whitish horse head (with a grayish mane) with a blue background. Thanks to one of the blogs I follow, I knew a few things to make it better. :-) The horse looks slightly old--and I seem to think of it as a she. Her eye on the side of her face that you can see is half covered with her forelock, and her mane (which is not very defined) is mingled with the forelock, which has been slightly brushed to the side.
More good news. My mom found the unfinished painting I strangely call 'The Hydra Painting'! Now, I can finish it. It got lost when we 'cleaned' the basement, as I have explained already. It is barely started, with only a few watery green colors on it. It is a hydra with six heads--one I found in a book. Soon, hopefully, it will be finished.
I am reading a befuddlingly good book-- one most of you have probably read. CURSE OF THE SPIDER KI--Er, no. Not that one. But I am reading Venom and Song! This is probably the second or third time I've read it. Tis epic-- agreed? EPIC! Tis so full of epicness, that it has to be epic. *Bwahahahah* Yess... Epic. I haven't gotten very far, yet, unfortunately, because I have not much time to read-- for certain reasons I will explain... soon.
One, last night, when I started it, we went to a white elephant gift exchange. You know what I got? Diaper-- *coughs* Adjustable underwear. But, to make up for the adjustable underwear, (lol, diapers) the person who had did that gift had put some earrings in. But, since I don't usually wear earrings, I gave them away randomly (like Elves should, the random part, I mean) My sister gave away one of my mom's old prom dresses--the one with itchy sleeves, the one nobody liked. A man got it, and we were laughing so hard--even before he opened it. When he did, he held it up and said, "A perfect fit." It eventually got 'stolen', which means somebody took it and he had to open a new gift. Twas hilariously funny. One item could only be stolen three times, and one person can only be stolen from three times. So, it was pretty fair. Lady Amber was there-- she was last, and so she got to pick out of most everything. She took a coffee mug from Jake that said, "Have a merry Christmas. And I mean it!" There was a grumpy and stern looking old lady on it with poofy hair and pointy glasses and shoes. By the time we were finished, it was late-- and I had a hoppingly maddening headache. It affected my ears, my eyes-- everything. I barely fell asleep. Woke up once in the middle of the night, and didn't sleep for a few more hours. Ack. But, this morning, I was fine.
Two, Church! Which isn't a bad thing. I myself actually like church. Church is awesome. Literally awe-some. :-) Its just that I didn't read that morning. :-)
*claps* I should go do something other than stare at this screen-- I think I'll go read or paint, or anything like that.
Wait! More news. We finally got snow! But it is dry snow. And not that deep. It blows across the road, making it look like a desert. But its the exact opposite. Tis freezing cold! Seriously, it was down to like six degrees last night... and thats cold. Luckily, I had layers of blankets.  Now I must go and do something else-- Farewell, all ye Elves (or other things... people)
Farewell and Stay Well (especially with the cold!),
--Vrenith Sylversmith

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Hail, all! I am BACK! Where was I? I don't know... Anyways, I'm here to blog! I bet thats pretty obvious. :-) I've been writing lately... like actually writing. I was writing last night. On my... story. I'm nearly to thirty thousand words! I just need like two thousand five hundred more words!! One more page and I'll have seventy pages on Microsoft word!! But don't party yet, its going to get a lot longer. I have a feeling... though I'm not a writer. Believe me, yeah, woo hoo, I got a big word count, yeah, yeah, and yeah, but the quality? Not so sure about that one. I wrote four thousand words last night, and eight pages. Seven of those pages was a chapter-- though I probably shouldn't post it. It may be boring. So, now I have sixty nine pages, twenty seven five hundred words, and A BUNCH OF HAPPINESS!!! But the problem with that is that then Jake was saying I was a writer, and I was disagreeing, and he was insisting and going on and on about it... *sigh*
Oh yes, and I painted last night. I haven't gotten a chance to paint for a long time, but we can blame it on the basement. The painting I was working on got lost when we 'cleaned' up the basement to find things for the garage sale-- So  I had to start a new one. But the last one was going to be one of my best... the new one--not so much. The other one was a hydra with six heads (Nice to hang in my room, right?) and was a greenish color, with a watery background. But this one, didn't turn out as well. It was of a sea dragon (the head wouldn't cooperate), with his head and chest out of the water, though you can only see part of his front fins. The sea looks stormy and gray, and the sky, also. (I put white in the sky and swirled it around--bad mistake. Now it looks as if I didn't paint the whole canvas, and there's white showing through) and the sea is swirling and churning, while the sea dragon,(one I made up) is breathing what looks like a cloud of black smoke--its really a poisonous gas that it uses to hunt. He was probably using it on some fish you can't see. So, all in all, it wasn't a good painting and hardly took me any time at all. :-/ I would've done a horse, but I couldn't seem to think of a scene with a horse... Any ideas?
--Vrenith Sylversmith

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Horror, The Horror! (or not)

Heyo! (Or should I say Hey'a?) I finished the Lion Vrie and have been bored for a few days, looking for a good fantasy book. Alas, all I had was a horse book I was only half enjoying. We had a very eventful weekend... My younger sister's fish was luckily alive when we got him back from the neighbors, and he seemed to be getting better. But, poor Aneth, was still sick. When Manny was changing his water, he flopped out onto the floor. I scooped him up, and when I put him back in, he seemed fine, but the next day (yesterday) he died, and my sister took it hard. She cried and buried him in our backyard, and cried some more. She needs some prayers right now.
Good news! I gave away two of my drawings to someone three, a girl who turned nineteen and loves to draw Anime. She loved them. Before I gave them to her, I took pictures of them, and while I'm not the best photographer, they should work. The horse is the very first one I did in my new sketchbook, and also the very first time I tried to shade with charcoal. I did it earlier this month. The dragon is one I did a few days before her birthday.
The Dragon:

The Horse:
Somehow, I have forgotten what else happened this weekend... Maybe I'll remember later... *goes off to think* *returns* I forgot to say something... 
Farewell and Stay Well,
--Vrenith Sylversmith
P.S. I accidentally did the nose of the horse wrong... I made it too thin... and shaded part of it too much... Wait! Why do I have to do this to myself? I need to stop and look at the good things... Farewell, again!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving... and... GOLD!

Thanksgiving was a blast... Had a big dinner at my Aunts, and then the next day, with the other side of the family, we had another dinner, and stuffed ourselves there, too. Had fun watching the little kids say hilarious things and do hilarious things. Strange, I know. But it was still hilarious. Cranberry sauce... yum.
And, just yesterday, we went to what we know as 'The Farm'. My Grandpa owns it, but doesn't live there. The house leaks, and is old, but it is really cool. There is an ancient barn, and dozens of sheds everywhere. There is also a dump, where un-broken things can be found... including watches. I mean, seriously! They were the kind they would never throw away, because one even had a letter that my Great Grandpa never read! I found one that had ten k. gold in it... but that was awhile ago. Ok, so there is this fourwheeler that my Grandpa likes to give us rides on(he's a little ornery, so he speeds up to thirty miles and hour sometimes, and does sharp turns) and we stopped to look at the horse in the field across from the Farm. The horse was far out, so I couldn't see the stockings grandpa told me about, but I was able to see he was a beautiful chestnut color with a full white face.
There is a dog there, whom my family used to own, but we had to give her away because we were moving. She now happily lives on the Farm running free. We had our dog with us, so we tied him to the pump. He played with Queasy(The name of the dog... strange, I know, but when we got her, we had just gotten over the flu) and then Queasy ran off to go chase something or another. Moby(our dog) got really lonely after awhile, so I took his leash and walked him around for a long time. He seemed to enjoy it. We spent about five hours at the farm, doing all kinds of things and exploring. We found these two wheels with an axle in between, with bars going out to form a rectangle that was longer than a trailer. We also found dozens of tires-- but mostly only the rubber part. We also found a giant one, for a tractor. My dad has this old car that he was keeping there, but Grandpa had moved it behind a shed, and I think it got hit by a falling branch... anyways, we dragged it out with the tractor, and looked inside. You could tell the animals had been at it. The leather was pretty much gone, and there was junk on he seats. On the outside, there's a big dent, and the paint isn't the best. In the engine compartment (under the hood) The pack rats had packed it full of stuff-- it was full to the brim and you couldn't have put any more in if you had tried.
When I was waiting in the car with the dog, ready to go, my younger sister ran up wearing a plaid button up shirt. She told me they'd found a closet with Great Grandpa's shirts in it. Of course, I wanted to see them too. So I got out and went up to the house to go see for myself. We stayed in there for awhile, and I got one shirt (green plaid) and we found a bunch of Great Grandma's house dresses. (I didn't take any, because I don't like anything like dresses or skirts) We found four nightgowns, three shawls, and two pins. One pin was broken and didn't have a back so you couldn't use it, and the second, I found. It was in a green box. I opened it up and found a circular shaped pin with fake jewels (I'm pretty sure they're fake) around the perimeter until this one part that I can't explain where the two ends overlapped. By looking at the box, I figured out that it is made with twelve k. gold. Yep.
We also found a few things my Great Grandma sewed, and Manny found one that fit her. But she washed it, and it shrank. A button had broken off at the farm, and she sewed it back on this morning, and gave the jacket to me. So now I have a new jacket.
I'm bored, so I'll post the excerpt I just posted on the UG... for those of you who are not on there. (though I think most of you are)

Aneth awoke the next morning to insistent knocking on the small wooden door set into the little hut. He stared up at the vine colored ceiling, wondering where he was. Soon the memories came rushing into his head and he remembered all that had happened the night before. Aneth sat up and called, “Come in.” Niwodei entered and set down a wooden platter on a small bedside table. He smiled. “Eat.” He said. Aneth nodded and tore into the food. There were eggs, but they were much larger than what he was used to. One fried egg was as large as the plate, which was pretty sizable in itself. Aneth ate all of the eggs, and then sighed, feeling contentedly full, more full than he had felt since he had entered the dreaded Wraithen Woods. He sat back in his chair and looked at Niwodei. “What’s next?” He asked. Niwodei grinned. “We may continue our quest, if you so wish.” Aneth nodded. “Thank you.” He paused, thinking. “Could you provide a few provisions? I am running out. Mostly what I need is-“ He stopped, in the middle of his sentence, surprise emanating from his face. “What do you mean by ‘our quest’?” Niwodei’s grin widened. “I am coming with you.” Aneth looked shocked. “But aren’t you the leader of this camp, this settlement?” He asked. “I am handing the position over to Merada, my second in command. Now, what was it that you needed?” A smile broke over Aneth’s face. “Meat. Mine has all spoiled.” Niwodei nodded. “I will have it ready by this evening, and then I can come over and tell you a little about the terrors of the Wraithen Woods.” With that, and another grin, Niwodei turned on his heel, and left through the little wooden door.
# # #

Yeah, its short, not very adventurous, but it'll have to do. 
Farewell and Stay Well,
--Vrenith Sylversmith

Oh, yes! And one poem. 

The Evil Boots of the Ghost of Fiddleydop
"The boots of the Ghost of Fiddleydop,
The Boots of Fiddleydop they're called,
They sound on the air with a little pop,
On the fat little feet of Ol' Sir Ald,
The Ghost.
He gallops through on his horse,
The Boots of Fiddleydop,
Directing the animal's course,
Or making him slowly stop,
They control.
You may not believe me if I told you,
But the Boots can hear and speak,
Fortunately, they cannot move as you do,
But must stay humble and meek.
Unless you wear them.
If you dare to put them on,
They shall control you like the Ghost,
They'll use you like a pawn,
Maybe kill you or torture you at most...
No sweat!
Just try not to give in,
And put those cursed Boots on,
You must try and must win,
For they will use you like a pawn.
They crunch the gravel with evil,
The sole flattening the cool grass..."
Have you been taking that pill?
You have been dreaming again, lass!
Good morning.

Not the best, but it works. Its a little strange, so beware!
Farewell and Stay Well, 
--Vrenith Sylversmith

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sword in the Stars-- and Other Things

Rise of the Dibor was a thrilling, adventurous, masterful book.
That, that is my opinion.
After I finished Rise of the Dibor, I started Sword in the Stars. I haven't finished it because I haven't had time to read this morning. But, yesterday, I succeeded in reading six hundred words in four to five hours. Yep. Why am I not using caps? I don't know. So... I finished Rise of the Dibor and got three fourths through Sword in the Stars in that time. Crazy, huh? I know. Sword in the Stars is an awesome book, though there is romance. In the Lost Chapters of The Door Within WTB said that he was sappy. He was right. I don't usually like too much of that kind of thing, but luckily WTB didn't put too much in. For that I am glad. It was a masterful book, and it hooked me before I finished the first page.
Any of you read it yet? If not, I recommend it. :-)
Well... I think I'll go read.
Farewell and Stay Well,
--Vrenith Sylversmith
P.S. Second short post on my blog. :-)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Long Post-- Not

Yep, you read it right. First short post on my blog! It has to be short because I don't have much time. We are on this Christian Retreat/Boot Camp thingy. Tis actually fun. Last night around five, we drove thirty minutes to a guest house that our organization is allowed to use. We stuffed our six people family in two rooms with two other women. Yep, the same two rooms. My sister brought her fish because we couldn't find anyone to feed him. She only got him like two weeks ago, and named him after one of my main characters-- Aneth. :-) Okay, so if you jerk a fish too much, he will die. I got stuck with the job of holding him upright the whole car ride (thirty minutes!) and riding out the bumps and turns, trying not to jerk him. My arms started to ache. So, finally, we got to our destination, and my sister put the fish back into his fishbowl. He is now happily swimming around. *waves at fish* Hey'a, Aneth! Yep, been reading Rise of the Dibor. I really wanted to read it, but then Jake finished Sword in the Stars. I ended up reading a full three hundred words in less than two hours so I could start it today. Yep. Twas a good book. Maybe I'll post a review tomorrow or the next day, and hopefully on Sword in the Stars, then, too!
So I got to sleep in a top bunk and got to wake up at seven. Tomorrow I actually have to wake up at six or five thirty because we're having a sunrise service at a certain lake.
People downstairs are playing Phase Ten... While I type away. I also checked out a bunch of interesting looking books for the weekend. But, instead, I shall read Sword in the Stars!
Sorry, this post was actually longer than I intended it to be-- Sorry for all my mumblings. :-)
Farewell and Stay Well,
Vrenith Sylversmith

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Toads Hopping Around Happily-- This Post Doesn't Have Any of Those

Okay, so I have a few poems to post, though they’re not that good. The better of the two I will save for last. Here, oh here it is:

As I wrestle with the table,
I watch the fantastic Limbo game,
As I write many a fable,
Beside me lies a lion tame.
He gently licks my smallish feet,
As I read upside down,
On my shoulder a parakeet,
As we ride into town.
I read the paper fast,
While I drink my turpentine,
Holding onto the ship’s mast,
While finding Gems in a mine.
I raise my hands and pitifully sigh,
For no real reason at all,
I dreadfully, horribly tell a lie,
While I find myself not to tall.
Oops! I dropped my plate,
With my horn on it,
Oh wait, wait, and WAIT!
I left the lamp lit. L
While singing a tune,
I do a big cartwheel,
The bushes I prune,
While eating an eel.
Oh, why, you say?
For no real reason at all,
Just that I may,
Oh, just because I’m that tall. J

Yep, Twas late when I wrote it, so don’t expect anything good from that one. Now, the better of the two I wrote not too long ago, but I posted it on the UG on the Horses Thread, for those of you who want to go look, people have been spouting off random rhymes about horses on the last few pages. J
Okay, here’s the second:

The Horse on Midnight Lane
As the wind flows through his mane,
He gallops in the glimmering moonlight,
Down the dark and shadowy lane,
His muscles loose, and his muscles tight,
He gallops!
Through wind and rain,
Through dark and light,
Through hurt and pain,
He shows his might,
He gallops!
With the wind on his back,
The wind playing with his tail,
Down the long wintry track,
Through the wind and the gale,
He gallops!
Down the steep, snowy slope,
Tail splayed out behind,
Inspiring love and hope,
The rocks his hooves grind,
He gallops!
His breath in short, rapid gasps,
Making steam of the air,
With the wind’s quiet rasps,
As fast as he would ever dare,
He gallops!
Through the howling storm,
He makes his way through,
If it be cold or warm,
Whether it be true,
He gallops!
On the Midnight Lane.

Not my best work, either, but tis okay. J
If you like these, then maybe I’ll post some more poems.
Drew a horse today… twas pretty good, actually. I started looking at other people’s drawings and drawing them without tracing when I was between six and eight. I still do that sometimes. I would look at the lines and try to do them the exact way, but adding my own flair. If there was anything that I didn’t like about the drawing, I would change it. I did that today, and it worked out pretty well. I think it was an Arabian horse, but I wasn’t sure. It was white, and only a picture of her head. There is a foal in the picture two, cheek to cheek with his mother. I liked it, so I drew it. I think I did the mother well enough, but the foal wasn’t half as good as the real picture. L But, I didn’t color them, and since the actual picture was painted, I had to change the eyes. All in all, it turned out okay. J
I had a kneaded eraser stuck on my head all evening… I know, weird. But it sticks, so I did it. I like sticky things. J
Twas sort of a boring day today… Well, not boring, but just not the kind of thing that is interesting to read about.
Manny has been playing the piano all day, so all her songs are still ringing around in my head.
I have co-op tomorrow… had to write a dialogue. :-P I still have some things to do, so I’d better go!
Farewell and Stay Well,
Vrenith Sylversmith

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Birthdays Long Past Being Celebrated

I know, I know, there was a gap in my blogging. But I AM blogging right now, right? Maybe not. But there has been a gap in my blogging. Now is the time to fill it in!
Ok, I had no time to get on because one, I had Lady Amber over for a sleepover, and two, because I had a family birthday party today (though my birthday was November 2!) One of the things I’d really been hoping for was cowboy boots. Yeah, cowboy boots. Leather cowboy boots. And I got them! From my grandparents, in fact. Also, from Lady Amber, (she didn’t have to bring a gift, and I told her that, but she did) I got a pack of two canvas, and a short book on how to paint horses. Twas an awesome gift. From my other grandparents, well, every time a grandchild has a birthday, they take that child out for either dinner or supper at any choice restaurant. I actually went to a Thai restaurant, though I forget its name. Lady Amber, actually, also got to come along on my birthday dinner. Sometimes my grandparents give us a gift they’d already bought, or we could go shopping with them and pick one out. I actually got:
1. A really small wooden chest
2. A set for painting figure horses
3. Air-dry clay (molding clay)
4. Gummy worms, which Lady Amber and I ended up getting sick on.
Earlier this month, on my real birthday, I also got gifts I never blogged about. (This may not be interesting… <_<)
1. From Manny I got this mug. It’s not the kind you can put hot liquids in, but more of an ale mug. (lol) On the front, made with a grayish brown color, is a ship. The mug all together is clear glass.
2. From my younger sister, I got a used walkman and a stamp picture.
3. From Jake, (yes, this year he actually gave me a gift!) I got Dragons of the Valley, by Donita K. Paul. (He read it before he gave it to me, so he can still say he read it first)
4. From my parents, I got a giant sketchbook, along with an art set with charcoal pencils, chalk pastels, woodless pencils, a kneaded eraser, and a sharpener.
Sorry, lots of lists. J
Ooh… anyone here ever played Phase Ten? I have… I actually learned how from Jake while we were at a camp in Canada. Hi, all ye Canadians! Love your country. So, Friday, we had some friends from co-op, who one of the older daughters was turning nineteen. Also, one of the younger kids was turning six, seven, or eight. Okay, so the thing about this family is that one, they have ten kids. Two, almost all of them are good at drawing. Three, all of their names start with B!  Seriously. I think their oldest child is like nineteen or twenty, and their youngest is only about one and a half months old. So, back to the subject. One of the older girls, a teenager, named Bryce played Phase Ten with us. And, when we got home and Lady Amber came over, we played Phase Ten. Also, this morning, before Lady Amber had to leave, we played Phase Ten. Unfortunately, I didn’t win once… Or did I? I know I got to phase six before we were done.  Oh, and you know I mentioned Canada? Well, Mr. Yoder, the man who managed the camp when we went, came here. Today. He lives in Iowa when he’s not in Canada, which is one of my favorite states because we used to live there. He came and talked at our house for awhile, and twas fun. We had grape nut homemade ice cream. Yum, I know. We also had some sort of coconut cake. Twas good, too.
Don’t think I have anything more worth telling ya’ll about, so Farewell and Stay Well!
Vrenith Sylversmith

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Manny the Pie Maker, Evil Rabbits, and Rubber Duckies!

Manny the Pie Maker: Manny, my older sister, has joined the UG and also made a blog! You may find it at 
Evil Rabbits... So, while I was on the UG, the rabbits stole my beloved pie! So I drew my sword and went off to save it. Before I went to save the pie, I answered the phone. I said, "Yes, how may I help you?" Then the evil rabbit ninja punched me right through the phone. Twas painful, and I passed out. Then I went once more to save my beloved pie. I crept into the rabbits den and took what was mine! I came back to the UG and triumphed. These were my exact motions: "*holds up pie* Found it in his den. Twas untouched! *notices a small bite taken out of the pie* Well, almost untouched." 
Ah, Rubber Duckies! We were arguing which was better: rubber duckies or rubber chickens. I myself said rubber duckies. But then, the Rabbits stole our beloved rubber duckie. I am now leading a rescue party in the woods on the randomness thread to rescue the rubber duckie. Anyone who wants to join, do so now! Only Elven Princess(who has dubbed herself the Great Turkey for the sake of Thanksgiving) and I have done so! Harken to me, all ye UGers! 
This reminds me of a past experience on the UG... Evil rabbits captured me, tied me up and gagged me, threw me in a two foot kiddie pool where I drowned. Charming, I know. Jake had to resurrect me.
Now, an account of what happened at my great aunt Elvira's. Okay, so we got there, and met the two dogs, Big Jimbo and Peaches. Peaches was a little yorkie, full of energy. Big Jimbo was an old black lab, and if you pet him, he would literally fall to your feet. He would lay on my feet, and I would almost fall over! He reminded me of my own dog, Moby. Then, Aunt Elvira gave us a tour. There was a trail, and in a clearing on that trail, a swing was set up. it almost swang over the creek which curled around in their small woods. We hiked up the trail, then back down. We caught some really small frogs, then let them go. We saw all their plants, their corn, their extra ornamental pumpkins and gourds, and they gave us a few bagfuls. They had a lot of birdfeeders, too. Then we got to see the horses. I LOVED it. There were two, and they were owned by the woman across from Aunt Elvira. We went up to the fence and petted them, and fed them grass. Twas much fun. One was a Tobiano Piebald Pinto, and the other was a really dark bay with three socks and an interrupted strip, with a spot near his right eye. He was the sweeter of the two, but I petted and fed both. He nudged me in the chest a few times, and I blew into his nostrils. He liked that. When I held out some grass for him and asked, "You want this?" He would sort of nod his head in a up and down horsey manner, and I would give it to him. When I turned my back, he would stomp one foot. He really liked the attention. So, after awhile, we went back to the house to wait for lunch. My younger sister and Manny started a movie while I read, and then they stopped the movie for lunch. I was reading the Bones of Makaidos, which I had been waiting for for a VERY long time. We had a huge lunch, home made sweebok (however you spell it!) Some kind of really good casserole, home grown corn, home grown green beans, home grown apples, and water. Oh, and for dessert, APPLE PIE!! Before we were finished, my mom came. Even though she protested, Aunt Elvira fed her, too. We went on ANOTHER tour of the farm, and this time when we climbed the trail, I noticed another. I asked Aunt Elvira where it led, and she told me it led back to the farm, but that it was steeper. With permission, I took that path. It was steep, but not too steep. But, when I reached the bottom, the path ended and I was in the trees. I crossed the creek and made my way through the thick trees. I found a bridge like natural rock that stretched across the narrow creek, and I crossed once more. I went through the trees, and finally made it back. I went up their trail, and found the still walking. I had beaten them! Twas an eventful day, and we came home with boxes of apples and ornamental pumpkins. I visited the horses once more before I left, then said goodbye to the dogs. Then we took our leave.
We arrived home around six P.M., and then went to Chick-fil-A for supper. We finished, the others watched a movie while I was on the UG and making this blog post. Ok... I think thats all! 
Farewell and Stay Well,
Vrenith Sylversmith
Of Azandarania

Monday, November 8, 2010

Of Horses, Charcoal Pencils, and North! Or be Eaten. Oh, and Comments

Look at my title. Read my title. Comprehend my title. I will be talking about the title of this post. (of course) 
Of horses? Nothing much about horses... Except, I love them. I am going to my great-aunt Elvira's tomorrow, and she lives on a farm. I don't know what kind of animals she has, or if she has any at all, but, as always, I hope she has a horse. And a dog. Or any other kind of animal. *loves animals* But horses are my favorite. I draw them. The only other thing I draw acceptably other than horses are dragons. 
Charcoal pencils... Drew a picture today. It was a horse, depicting only his head. I tried to make it look like an Arabian horse-- didn't work very well. I shaded it with my charcoal pencils. The horse has a dished head with medium-sized ears. He is jet black with one long white stripe down his face, and clear eyes, along with wide nostrils. He has a curved neck with a black mane that is not too long, though its not that short, either. His jaw is round. I think thats all... Oh, and I named him Vrenwin. He's a horse in the book I'm trying to write. Its the only thing I had time to draw today.
North! Or be Eaten. Wonderful book. Found a bunch of quotes, but I don't have time to share them at the moment. Got to finish this post so I can read before bed. We're leaving at six thirty tomorrow, so I have to go to bed early. 
Comments... Comments? Why am I talking about comments? Can't remember why I said anything about comments... Instead, I'll... *drum roll* Post a short excerpt instead! Well, maybe not that short...

         Aneth awoke with a start. He wondered why he was awake. He didn’t usually awaken unless he heard something. The crack of a twig snapping came from the other side of the camp. That must have been what woke him up. He sat up and looked around. He saw nothing. “It must have been a dream,” He thought. The fire was low, nothing but glowing embers. But then he heard it again. It sounded like a growl. The growl was deep and loud, loud enough for Sonia to go wild until she finally broke the bridle. But instead of running away, as she normally would have done, she galloped over to where Aneth was sitting. Aneth ducked, thinking she would run over him, but the inevitable didn’t come. Aneth looked up. Sonia was standing before him, with a challenging stance. Out of the shadows a bear emerged. He was giant, like the trees. He was bigger than the grizzlies that Aneth had at home. Even on four legs he was taller than Sonia, yet she stood her ground. Aneth said a quick prayer to Sharurl before whipping out his hunting knife. He was about to lunge for the bear when he thought of how foolish it would be. He could be killed. Then he remembered Yawsoka. It was lying beside his bedroll, where he could reach it if need be. Aneth groped for his sword, and finally felt the familiar hilt hit his hand. Aneth unsheathed it quickly and rolled out from under Sonia, who was assaulting the bear with a number of kicks and blows. Aneth slashed his back, but sliced only fur. The bear whirled on him, ignoring Sonia, who was tiring. The giant bear rose up on his hind legs and lashed out at Aneth. His claw cut deep into Aneth’s side, making it bleed. Aneth staggered, but regained his balance enough to start another attack. He extended Yawsoka in a fury of blows on the bear’s stomach. One slash hit home and opened a deep wound. The bear roared in anger, deafening Aneth. The bear dropped down on all fours, with Aneth under him. Aneth barely escaped being crushed by rolling sideways. This angered the bear, and he slashed out at Aneth again. The claws grazed Aneth’s shoulder, but only made shallow scratches. The bear had lost his balance and was unable to recover quick enough before Aneth lunged forward, burying his sword up to the hilt in the bear’s heart. The bear roared before finally slumping down to the ground. Aneth collapsed, breathing hard. He crawled over to where his pack lay and pulled out some rags to wrap his wounds in. Aneth washed his shoulder and was glad to see that it looked like he had just scraped his arm. He dabbed his side and winced with pain. He could see that it was a deep wound, and knew he would have to bandage it tightly. Aneth pulled some herbs that he hoped would help out of his pack. He made a poultice out of them like his mother had taught him. He put some on his wound, and gasped as it burned. Aneth quickly wrapped his side with the bandage before looking up at his surroundings. Sonia stood near him. New thoughts rushed into Aneth’s mind. Why did Sonia not run away? Why did she defend him? Somehow, Aneth knew that it was because Sharurl had been with him. Sonia could never have done that herself. Aneth slowly stood up, jarring his side. He pulled out more rags to wrap Sonia’s legs in. The bear had clawed her deeply there, and Aneth hoped he would still be able to ride her the next day. Aneth fixed the bridle quickly with some strong stitches and put it back on Sonia before crawling to his bedroll and stretching out on it. With a sigh, he closed his eyes. He knew he shouldn’t sleep, but he was so tired. He soon drifted off, a voice echoing in him mind: “I will protect you… sleep, and in the morning you will continue your journey…” 

Sorry, its un-edited and has no paragraphs... bad habit, I know. *scratches head* I'll need Jake to help me on that... Or my older sister. Tis a short part of chapter seven. Just to fill you in, Sonia is his horse, Yawsoka is his sword, and Aneth is one of my main characters. If any of you are on the UG, you may have seen this excerpt on the thread 'Vrenith's Strange-- and Stranger-- Bookwritings'. 
Farewell and stay well,
Vrenith Sylversmith

Sunday, November 7, 2010

First Post--

Hail, all, if any of you are reading this. As you can see, this is my first post, and I am having technical difficulties with my header. Thats why its so big. I will be using this blog to post about my art, but unfortunately I cannot post anything unless I made it on the computer, because my scanner is not working. I will also post about books I've read(mostly fantasy) and daily things... So, if you're not interested, leave now. :-) But, if you are interested, you are permitted to stay and read my posts.

Ah, I am reading North! Or be Eaten at the moment... tis a good book. I've read it once before... Oskar's quotes are quite hilarious. "Ah! In the words of Keeth Yager when he consumed a bucket of henmeat soup, 'I never thought I'd reach the bottom!'" Lots of hilarious sayings like that.

Paintings... Cannot post any of those... *muses* but I can tell you about them. My latest painting was of a dragon--the first dragon I've ever painted. It depicts a dragon(of course), flying at an angle, dragging one wing in some water. Behind the dragon is a small island of gray-black stone on which his shadow is resting. A blue sky frames it. The dragon is red, with black spines and claws. He has plaited scales that overlap each other. Sad to say, it doesn't actually look as realistic as it sounds. :-P
Another painting is of flowers-- but that one wasn't good at all. One of my first. There's one with an animated lighthouse, and, my very first one on canvas, my dog, Moby, lying on a rug in one of his impossible positions. :-) I gave it to someone in Colorado, so if my scanner ever works, I can't show it to you.
Right now I am actually working on my second dragon painting, though it is going very slowly because I don't have enough time to go and SIT down in the basement to work on it.   :-P The painting is actually of a green Hydra dragon, with a watery background.

Drawings... Done only a few lately. I did a horse with charcoal, trying my best to shade it and give it a shadow. I also did a flying dragon, and a head drawing of a dragon that I never finished. I also have a blue dragon lying down that I did with colored pencil. He is, of course, blue, and has black spines and claws. He has a serpentine eye, and his head angles into a sharp-ish point. He does not have scales yet, for I still need to do that... The last one in the sketchbook of drawings from late is a plain pencil drawing, of a diving dragon. The dragon is diving into some trees. He has spines and tailwings,(If you don't know what those are, they are the part of the tail that is like wings, and they act as rudders) and his legs are tucked against him(sort of). There is also a crescent moon in the sky.

I think thats all for now... Farewell, all Elves, People, Gwar, Dragons, Fangs... *keeps listing off races* Feel free to comment!
Farewell and stay well,
Vrenith Sylversmith