Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Manny the Pie Maker, Evil Rabbits, and Rubber Duckies!

Manny the Pie Maker: Manny, my older sister, has joined the UG and also made a blog! You may find it at http://crazy-pie-randomness.blogspot.com/ 
Evil Rabbits... So, while I was on the UG, the rabbits stole my beloved pie! So I drew my sword and went off to save it. Before I went to save the pie, I answered the phone. I said, "Yes, how may I help you?" Then the evil rabbit ninja punched me right through the phone. Twas painful, and I passed out. Then I went once more to save my beloved pie. I crept into the rabbits den and took what was mine! I came back to the UG and triumphed. These were my exact motions: "*holds up pie* Found it in his den. Twas untouched! *notices a small bite taken out of the pie* Well, almost untouched." 
Ah, Rubber Duckies! We were arguing which was better: rubber duckies or rubber chickens. I myself said rubber duckies. But then, the Rabbits stole our beloved rubber duckie. I am now leading a rescue party in the woods on the randomness thread to rescue the rubber duckie. Anyone who wants to join, do so now! Only Elven Princess(who has dubbed herself the Great Turkey for the sake of Thanksgiving) and I have done so! Harken to me, all ye UGers! 
This reminds me of a past experience on the UG... Evil rabbits captured me, tied me up and gagged me, threw me in a two foot kiddie pool where I drowned. Charming, I know. Jake had to resurrect me.
Now, an account of what happened at my great aunt Elvira's. Okay, so we got there, and met the two dogs, Big Jimbo and Peaches. Peaches was a little yorkie, full of energy. Big Jimbo was an old black lab, and if you pet him, he would literally fall to your feet. He would lay on my feet, and I would almost fall over! He reminded me of my own dog, Moby. Then, Aunt Elvira gave us a tour. There was a trail, and in a clearing on that trail, a swing was set up. it almost swang over the creek which curled around in their small woods. We hiked up the trail, then back down. We caught some really small frogs, then let them go. We saw all their plants, their corn, their extra ornamental pumpkins and gourds, and they gave us a few bagfuls. They had a lot of birdfeeders, too. Then we got to see the horses. I LOVED it. There were two, and they were owned by the woman across from Aunt Elvira. We went up to the fence and petted them, and fed them grass. Twas much fun. One was a Tobiano Piebald Pinto, and the other was a really dark bay with three socks and an interrupted strip, with a spot near his right eye. He was the sweeter of the two, but I petted and fed both. He nudged me in the chest a few times, and I blew into his nostrils. He liked that. When I held out some grass for him and asked, "You want this?" He would sort of nod his head in a up and down horsey manner, and I would give it to him. When I turned my back, he would stomp one foot. He really liked the attention. So, after awhile, we went back to the house to wait for lunch. My younger sister and Manny started a movie while I read, and then they stopped the movie for lunch. I was reading the Bones of Makaidos, which I had been waiting for for a VERY long time. We had a huge lunch, home made sweebok (however you spell it!) Some kind of really good casserole, home grown corn, home grown green beans, home grown apples, and water. Oh, and for dessert, APPLE PIE!! Before we were finished, my mom came. Even though she protested, Aunt Elvira fed her, too. We went on ANOTHER tour of the farm, and this time when we climbed the trail, I noticed another. I asked Aunt Elvira where it led, and she told me it led back to the farm, but that it was steeper. With permission, I took that path. It was steep, but not too steep. But, when I reached the bottom, the path ended and I was in the trees. I crossed the creek and made my way through the thick trees. I found a bridge like natural rock that stretched across the narrow creek, and I crossed once more. I went through the trees, and finally made it back. I went up their trail, and found the still walking. I had beaten them! Twas an eventful day, and we came home with boxes of apples and ornamental pumpkins. I visited the horses once more before I left, then said goodbye to the dogs. Then we took our leave.
We arrived home around six P.M., and then went to Chick-fil-A for supper. We finished, the others watched a movie while I was on the UG and making this blog post. Ok... I think thats all! 
Farewell and Stay Well,
Vrenith Sylversmith
Of Azandarania

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