Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Toads Hopping Around Happily-- This Post Doesn't Have Any of Those

Okay, so I have a few poems to post, though they’re not that good. The better of the two I will save for last. Here, oh here it is:

As I wrestle with the table,
I watch the fantastic Limbo game,
As I write many a fable,
Beside me lies a lion tame.
He gently licks my smallish feet,
As I read upside down,
On my shoulder a parakeet,
As we ride into town.
I read the paper fast,
While I drink my turpentine,
Holding onto the ship’s mast,
While finding Gems in a mine.
I raise my hands and pitifully sigh,
For no real reason at all,
I dreadfully, horribly tell a lie,
While I find myself not to tall.
Oops! I dropped my plate,
With my horn on it,
Oh wait, wait, and WAIT!
I left the lamp lit. L
While singing a tune,
I do a big cartwheel,
The bushes I prune,
While eating an eel.
Oh, why, you say?
For no real reason at all,
Just that I may,
Oh, just because I’m that tall. J

Yep, Twas late when I wrote it, so don’t expect anything good from that one. Now, the better of the two I wrote not too long ago, but I posted it on the UG on the Horses Thread, for those of you who want to go look, people have been spouting off random rhymes about horses on the last few pages. J
Okay, here’s the second:

The Horse on Midnight Lane
As the wind flows through his mane,
He gallops in the glimmering moonlight,
Down the dark and shadowy lane,
His muscles loose, and his muscles tight,
He gallops!
Through wind and rain,
Through dark and light,
Through hurt and pain,
He shows his might,
He gallops!
With the wind on his back,
The wind playing with his tail,
Down the long wintry track,
Through the wind and the gale,
He gallops!
Down the steep, snowy slope,
Tail splayed out behind,
Inspiring love and hope,
The rocks his hooves grind,
He gallops!
His breath in short, rapid gasps,
Making steam of the air,
With the wind’s quiet rasps,
As fast as he would ever dare,
He gallops!
Through the howling storm,
He makes his way through,
If it be cold or warm,
Whether it be true,
He gallops!
On the Midnight Lane.

Not my best work, either, but tis okay. J
If you like these, then maybe I’ll post some more poems.
Drew a horse today… twas pretty good, actually. I started looking at other people’s drawings and drawing them without tracing when I was between six and eight. I still do that sometimes. I would look at the lines and try to do them the exact way, but adding my own flair. If there was anything that I didn’t like about the drawing, I would change it. I did that today, and it worked out pretty well. I think it was an Arabian horse, but I wasn’t sure. It was white, and only a picture of her head. There is a foal in the picture two, cheek to cheek with his mother. I liked it, so I drew it. I think I did the mother well enough, but the foal wasn’t half as good as the real picture. L But, I didn’t color them, and since the actual picture was painted, I had to change the eyes. All in all, it turned out okay. J
I had a kneaded eraser stuck on my head all evening… I know, weird. But it sticks, so I did it. I like sticky things. J
Twas sort of a boring day today… Well, not boring, but just not the kind of thing that is interesting to read about.
Manny has been playing the piano all day, so all her songs are still ringing around in my head.
I have co-op tomorrow… had to write a dialogue. :-P I still have some things to do, so I’d better go!
Farewell and Stay Well,
Vrenith Sylversmith


Squeaks said...

Awesome post, Vrenith! I love the poems :) They're both good...that first one has something special about it...a sense of rabbits running loose in a wild field of poisonous flowers. I like it!

Manny plays piano? That's awesome! I do too!!


Eldra said...

Kneadable eraser stuck on your head? My sister has done that before too. Methinks it be an artist "quirk."

Creative Artist said...

Thanks! Yes... now that I think about it, it does remind me of those rabbits... I've tried to play piano. :P Guess how it ended up. I can play a few songs, one of them Manny taught me because she said it was easy... twas sort of.

Must be... I do it all the time. Well, at least since I got it. (which would be less than a month ago) *clicks on link*