Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving... and... GOLD!

Thanksgiving was a blast... Had a big dinner at my Aunts, and then the next day, with the other side of the family, we had another dinner, and stuffed ourselves there, too. Had fun watching the little kids say hilarious things and do hilarious things. Strange, I know. But it was still hilarious. Cranberry sauce... yum.
And, just yesterday, we went to what we know as 'The Farm'. My Grandpa owns it, but doesn't live there. The house leaks, and is old, but it is really cool. There is an ancient barn, and dozens of sheds everywhere. There is also a dump, where un-broken things can be found... including watches. I mean, seriously! They were the kind they would never throw away, because one even had a letter that my Great Grandpa never read! I found one that had ten k. gold in it... but that was awhile ago. Ok, so there is this fourwheeler that my Grandpa likes to give us rides on(he's a little ornery, so he speeds up to thirty miles and hour sometimes, and does sharp turns) and we stopped to look at the horse in the field across from the Farm. The horse was far out, so I couldn't see the stockings grandpa told me about, but I was able to see he was a beautiful chestnut color with a full white face.
There is a dog there, whom my family used to own, but we had to give her away because we were moving. She now happily lives on the Farm running free. We had our dog with us, so we tied him to the pump. He played with Queasy(The name of the dog... strange, I know, but when we got her, we had just gotten over the flu) and then Queasy ran off to go chase something or another. Moby(our dog) got really lonely after awhile, so I took his leash and walked him around for a long time. He seemed to enjoy it. We spent about five hours at the farm, doing all kinds of things and exploring. We found these two wheels with an axle in between, with bars going out to form a rectangle that was longer than a trailer. We also found dozens of tires-- but mostly only the rubber part. We also found a giant one, for a tractor. My dad has this old car that he was keeping there, but Grandpa had moved it behind a shed, and I think it got hit by a falling branch... anyways, we dragged it out with the tractor, and looked inside. You could tell the animals had been at it. The leather was pretty much gone, and there was junk on he seats. On the outside, there's a big dent, and the paint isn't the best. In the engine compartment (under the hood) The pack rats had packed it full of stuff-- it was full to the brim and you couldn't have put any more in if you had tried.
When I was waiting in the car with the dog, ready to go, my younger sister ran up wearing a plaid button up shirt. She told me they'd found a closet with Great Grandpa's shirts in it. Of course, I wanted to see them too. So I got out and went up to the house to go see for myself. We stayed in there for awhile, and I got one shirt (green plaid) and we found a bunch of Great Grandma's house dresses. (I didn't take any, because I don't like anything like dresses or skirts) We found four nightgowns, three shawls, and two pins. One pin was broken and didn't have a back so you couldn't use it, and the second, I found. It was in a green box. I opened it up and found a circular shaped pin with fake jewels (I'm pretty sure they're fake) around the perimeter until this one part that I can't explain where the two ends overlapped. By looking at the box, I figured out that it is made with twelve k. gold. Yep.
We also found a few things my Great Grandma sewed, and Manny found one that fit her. But she washed it, and it shrank. A button had broken off at the farm, and she sewed it back on this morning, and gave the jacket to me. So now I have a new jacket.
I'm bored, so I'll post the excerpt I just posted on the UG... for those of you who are not on there. (though I think most of you are)

Aneth awoke the next morning to insistent knocking on the small wooden door set into the little hut. He stared up at the vine colored ceiling, wondering where he was. Soon the memories came rushing into his head and he remembered all that had happened the night before. Aneth sat up and called, “Come in.” Niwodei entered and set down a wooden platter on a small bedside table. He smiled. “Eat.” He said. Aneth nodded and tore into the food. There were eggs, but they were much larger than what he was used to. One fried egg was as large as the plate, which was pretty sizable in itself. Aneth ate all of the eggs, and then sighed, feeling contentedly full, more full than he had felt since he had entered the dreaded Wraithen Woods. He sat back in his chair and looked at Niwodei. “What’s next?” He asked. Niwodei grinned. “We may continue our quest, if you so wish.” Aneth nodded. “Thank you.” He paused, thinking. “Could you provide a few provisions? I am running out. Mostly what I need is-“ He stopped, in the middle of his sentence, surprise emanating from his face. “What do you mean by ‘our quest’?” Niwodei’s grin widened. “I am coming with you.” Aneth looked shocked. “But aren’t you the leader of this camp, this settlement?” He asked. “I am handing the position over to Merada, my second in command. Now, what was it that you needed?” A smile broke over Aneth’s face. “Meat. Mine has all spoiled.” Niwodei nodded. “I will have it ready by this evening, and then I can come over and tell you a little about the terrors of the Wraithen Woods.” With that, and another grin, Niwodei turned on his heel, and left through the little wooden door.
# # #

Yeah, its short, not very adventurous, but it'll have to do. 
Farewell and Stay Well,
--Vrenith Sylversmith

Oh, yes! And one poem. 

The Evil Boots of the Ghost of Fiddleydop
"The boots of the Ghost of Fiddleydop,
The Boots of Fiddleydop they're called,
They sound on the air with a little pop,
On the fat little feet of Ol' Sir Ald,
The Ghost.
He gallops through on his horse,
The Boots of Fiddleydop,
Directing the animal's course,
Or making him slowly stop,
They control.
You may not believe me if I told you,
But the Boots can hear and speak,
Fortunately, they cannot move as you do,
But must stay humble and meek.
Unless you wear them.
If you dare to put them on,
They shall control you like the Ghost,
They'll use you like a pawn,
Maybe kill you or torture you at most...
No sweat!
Just try not to give in,
And put those cursed Boots on,
You must try and must win,
For they will use you like a pawn.
They crunch the gravel with evil,
The sole flattening the cool grass..."
Have you been taking that pill?
You have been dreaming again, lass!
Good morning.

Not the best, but it works. Its a little strange, so beware!
Farewell and Stay Well, 
--Vrenith Sylversmith


Leauphaun said...

Your Thanksgiving sounds really fun!!! Cranberry sauce....yummmmmm :)
Our thanksgiving was in October, now I really want more of it!!

Great post
God Bless!!!

Creative Artist said...

Love your picture. :)
Our Thanksgiving WAS really fun... We had another with this group we have yesterday. If its even possible, I'm getting sick of Thanksgiving food... <_<
Your Thanksgiving was in October? Well, I hope it was fun. :)

Leauphaun said...
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Leauphaun said...

Thank you :)Yes it is possible to get sick of Thanksgiving food, particularly the turkey
I'm Canadian so our Thanksgiving is always the second week in October, and yes it was fun :)
And, your welcome

ps: love the name Fiddledop :)

God Bless!! - Leauphaun

Creative Artist said...

I was wearing my boots when I made it up... but Jake inspired me. He can be hilarious if he wants to... He's an awesome brother.
Glad yours was fun! I need to go write another post... *mumbles to self*