Saturday, November 20, 2010

Long Post-- Not

Yep, you read it right. First short post on my blog! It has to be short because I don't have much time. We are on this Christian Retreat/Boot Camp thingy. Tis actually fun. Last night around five, we drove thirty minutes to a guest house that our organization is allowed to use. We stuffed our six people family in two rooms with two other women. Yep, the same two rooms. My sister brought her fish because we couldn't find anyone to feed him. She only got him like two weeks ago, and named him after one of my main characters-- Aneth. :-) Okay, so if you jerk a fish too much, he will die. I got stuck with the job of holding him upright the whole car ride (thirty minutes!) and riding out the bumps and turns, trying not to jerk him. My arms started to ache. So, finally, we got to our destination, and my sister put the fish back into his fishbowl. He is now happily swimming around. *waves at fish* Hey'a, Aneth! Yep, been reading Rise of the Dibor. I really wanted to read it, but then Jake finished Sword in the Stars. I ended up reading a full three hundred words in less than two hours so I could start it today. Yep. Twas a good book. Maybe I'll post a review tomorrow or the next day, and hopefully on Sword in the Stars, then, too!
So I got to sleep in a top bunk and got to wake up at seven. Tomorrow I actually have to wake up at six or five thirty because we're having a sunrise service at a certain lake.
People downstairs are playing Phase Ten... While I type away. I also checked out a bunch of interesting looking books for the weekend. But, instead, I shall read Sword in the Stars!
Sorry, this post was actually longer than I intended it to be-- Sorry for all my mumblings. :-)
Farewell and Stay Well,
Vrenith Sylversmith

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