Monday, November 8, 2010

Of Horses, Charcoal Pencils, and North! Or be Eaten. Oh, and Comments

Look at my title. Read my title. Comprehend my title. I will be talking about the title of this post. (of course) 
Of horses? Nothing much about horses... Except, I love them. I am going to my great-aunt Elvira's tomorrow, and she lives on a farm. I don't know what kind of animals she has, or if she has any at all, but, as always, I hope she has a horse. And a dog. Or any other kind of animal. *loves animals* But horses are my favorite. I draw them. The only other thing I draw acceptably other than horses are dragons. 
Charcoal pencils... Drew a picture today. It was a horse, depicting only his head. I tried to make it look like an Arabian horse-- didn't work very well. I shaded it with my charcoal pencils. The horse has a dished head with medium-sized ears. He is jet black with one long white stripe down his face, and clear eyes, along with wide nostrils. He has a curved neck with a black mane that is not too long, though its not that short, either. His jaw is round. I think thats all... Oh, and I named him Vrenwin. He's a horse in the book I'm trying to write. Its the only thing I had time to draw today.
North! Or be Eaten. Wonderful book. Found a bunch of quotes, but I don't have time to share them at the moment. Got to finish this post so I can read before bed. We're leaving at six thirty tomorrow, so I have to go to bed early. 
Comments... Comments? Why am I talking about comments? Can't remember why I said anything about comments... Instead, I'll... *drum roll* Post a short excerpt instead! Well, maybe not that short...

         Aneth awoke with a start. He wondered why he was awake. He didn’t usually awaken unless he heard something. The crack of a twig snapping came from the other side of the camp. That must have been what woke him up. He sat up and looked around. He saw nothing. “It must have been a dream,” He thought. The fire was low, nothing but glowing embers. But then he heard it again. It sounded like a growl. The growl was deep and loud, loud enough for Sonia to go wild until she finally broke the bridle. But instead of running away, as she normally would have done, she galloped over to where Aneth was sitting. Aneth ducked, thinking she would run over him, but the inevitable didn’t come. Aneth looked up. Sonia was standing before him, with a challenging stance. Out of the shadows a bear emerged. He was giant, like the trees. He was bigger than the grizzlies that Aneth had at home. Even on four legs he was taller than Sonia, yet she stood her ground. Aneth said a quick prayer to Sharurl before whipping out his hunting knife. He was about to lunge for the bear when he thought of how foolish it would be. He could be killed. Then he remembered Yawsoka. It was lying beside his bedroll, where he could reach it if need be. Aneth groped for his sword, and finally felt the familiar hilt hit his hand. Aneth unsheathed it quickly and rolled out from under Sonia, who was assaulting the bear with a number of kicks and blows. Aneth slashed his back, but sliced only fur. The bear whirled on him, ignoring Sonia, who was tiring. The giant bear rose up on his hind legs and lashed out at Aneth. His claw cut deep into Aneth’s side, making it bleed. Aneth staggered, but regained his balance enough to start another attack. He extended Yawsoka in a fury of blows on the bear’s stomach. One slash hit home and opened a deep wound. The bear roared in anger, deafening Aneth. The bear dropped down on all fours, with Aneth under him. Aneth barely escaped being crushed by rolling sideways. This angered the bear, and he slashed out at Aneth again. The claws grazed Aneth’s shoulder, but only made shallow scratches. The bear had lost his balance and was unable to recover quick enough before Aneth lunged forward, burying his sword up to the hilt in the bear’s heart. The bear roared before finally slumping down to the ground. Aneth collapsed, breathing hard. He crawled over to where his pack lay and pulled out some rags to wrap his wounds in. Aneth washed his shoulder and was glad to see that it looked like he had just scraped his arm. He dabbed his side and winced with pain. He could see that it was a deep wound, and knew he would have to bandage it tightly. Aneth pulled some herbs that he hoped would help out of his pack. He made a poultice out of them like his mother had taught him. He put some on his wound, and gasped as it burned. Aneth quickly wrapped his side with the bandage before looking up at his surroundings. Sonia stood near him. New thoughts rushed into Aneth’s mind. Why did Sonia not run away? Why did she defend him? Somehow, Aneth knew that it was because Sharurl had been with him. Sonia could never have done that herself. Aneth slowly stood up, jarring his side. He pulled out more rags to wrap Sonia’s legs in. The bear had clawed her deeply there, and Aneth hoped he would still be able to ride her the next day. Aneth fixed the bridle quickly with some strong stitches and put it back on Sonia before crawling to his bedroll and stretching out on it. With a sigh, he closed his eyes. He knew he shouldn’t sleep, but he was so tired. He soon drifted off, a voice echoing in him mind: “I will protect you… sleep, and in the morning you will continue your journey…” 

Sorry, its un-edited and has no paragraphs... bad habit, I know. *scratches head* I'll need Jake to help me on that... Or my older sister. Tis a short part of chapter seven. Just to fill you in, Sonia is his horse, Yawsoka is his sword, and Aneth is one of my main characters. If any of you are on the UG, you may have seen this excerpt on the thread 'Vrenith's Strange-- and Stranger-- Bookwritings'. 
Farewell and stay well,
Vrenith Sylversmith


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