Saturday, November 13, 2010

Birthdays Long Past Being Celebrated

I know, I know, there was a gap in my blogging. But I AM blogging right now, right? Maybe not. But there has been a gap in my blogging. Now is the time to fill it in!
Ok, I had no time to get on because one, I had Lady Amber over for a sleepover, and two, because I had a family birthday party today (though my birthday was November 2!) One of the things I’d really been hoping for was cowboy boots. Yeah, cowboy boots. Leather cowboy boots. And I got them! From my grandparents, in fact. Also, from Lady Amber, (she didn’t have to bring a gift, and I told her that, but she did) I got a pack of two canvas, and a short book on how to paint horses. Twas an awesome gift. From my other grandparents, well, every time a grandchild has a birthday, they take that child out for either dinner or supper at any choice restaurant. I actually went to a Thai restaurant, though I forget its name. Lady Amber, actually, also got to come along on my birthday dinner. Sometimes my grandparents give us a gift they’d already bought, or we could go shopping with them and pick one out. I actually got:
1. A really small wooden chest
2. A set for painting figure horses
3. Air-dry clay (molding clay)
4. Gummy worms, which Lady Amber and I ended up getting sick on.
Earlier this month, on my real birthday, I also got gifts I never blogged about. (This may not be interesting… <_<)
1. From Manny I got this mug. It’s not the kind you can put hot liquids in, but more of an ale mug. (lol) On the front, made with a grayish brown color, is a ship. The mug all together is clear glass.
2. From my younger sister, I got a used walkman and a stamp picture.
3. From Jake, (yes, this year he actually gave me a gift!) I got Dragons of the Valley, by Donita K. Paul. (He read it before he gave it to me, so he can still say he read it first)
4. From my parents, I got a giant sketchbook, along with an art set with charcoal pencils, chalk pastels, woodless pencils, a kneaded eraser, and a sharpener.
Sorry, lots of lists. J
Ooh… anyone here ever played Phase Ten? I have… I actually learned how from Jake while we were at a camp in Canada. Hi, all ye Canadians! Love your country. So, Friday, we had some friends from co-op, who one of the older daughters was turning nineteen. Also, one of the younger kids was turning six, seven, or eight. Okay, so the thing about this family is that one, they have ten kids. Two, almost all of them are good at drawing. Three, all of their names start with B!  Seriously. I think their oldest child is like nineteen or twenty, and their youngest is only about one and a half months old. So, back to the subject. One of the older girls, a teenager, named Bryce played Phase Ten with us. And, when we got home and Lady Amber came over, we played Phase Ten. Also, this morning, before Lady Amber had to leave, we played Phase Ten. Unfortunately, I didn’t win once… Or did I? I know I got to phase six before we were done.  Oh, and you know I mentioned Canada? Well, Mr. Yoder, the man who managed the camp when we went, came here. Today. He lives in Iowa when he’s not in Canada, which is one of my favorite states because we used to live there. He came and talked at our house for awhile, and twas fun. We had grape nut homemade ice cream. Yum, I know. We also had some sort of coconut cake. Twas good, too.
Don’t think I have anything more worth telling ya’ll about, so Farewell and Stay Well!
Vrenith Sylversmith

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