Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sword in the Stars-- and Other Things

Rise of the Dibor was a thrilling, adventurous, masterful book.
That, that is my opinion.
After I finished Rise of the Dibor, I started Sword in the Stars. I haven't finished it because I haven't had time to read this morning. But, yesterday, I succeeded in reading six hundred words in four to five hours. Yep. Why am I not using caps? I don't know. So... I finished Rise of the Dibor and got three fourths through Sword in the Stars in that time. Crazy, huh? I know. Sword in the Stars is an awesome book, though there is romance. In the Lost Chapters of The Door Within WTB said that he was sappy. He was right. I don't usually like too much of that kind of thing, but luckily WTB didn't put too much in. For that I am glad. It was a masterful book, and it hooked me before I finished the first page.
Any of you read it yet? If not, I recommend it. :-)
Well... I think I'll go read.
Farewell and Stay Well,
--Vrenith Sylversmith
P.S. Second short post on my blog. :-)


Lucy Lu said...

ye is a good writer, ye should write a book!


Creative Artist said...

Sorry, probably impossible for me. "I am no writer."