Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Feathers and Fans

Nice name, isn't it? Well, I must say that's the name of a knitting pattern for a dishcloth...but what I'm going to talk is mostly feathers, pretty much no fans.

There are two girls who have been coming to our house before and after school, and one of the girls, who is nineteen, leaves her son, Theo (pronounced 'Teo'), with us for the day. He's maybe a year and eight months and is hilarious, though he doesn't help me get my schoolwork done...>_>

ANYWAYS, one of the girls told Alex that she would get a chicken that they could keep together. Well, today they brought a small, country chicken who has been named Life Can Change, (Liberians love these expressive names--a favorite one is Let Them See, which we shortened to LTS) but has been dubbed LCC.

The chicken's feathers are ruffled in this picture...I don't know why. But it LOOKS nice. ;)

And those aren't my fingers. ;)


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Here are the pictures I promised. :) Enjoy!
            This is the statue horse I did with my teacher's book. However, her colors were slightly different from mine, and she had a much bigger pack of crayons. I have a sixty-two pack, so a pretty nice selection, but she has over one hundred different shades in hers. Thankfully, I only had to improvise once on the mane. I didn't have the color Antique Brass, so I used another, though I can't recall which one I used.
9x12 on Multi Media paper
This next one is the only one I've done without the book--I graphed the picture, and then drew the outline with pencil. I don't usually use graphs because they mar the paper (I have problems with drawing lightly), but I gave in on this, just to make sure I would do it accurately. :)
I used a piece of paper and colored a bit with all my brown tones and a couple yellow ones and labeled them, and laid them on the photo to find which ones matched. So, this is a fairly accurate picture. I hope.
9x12 Sketch paper (it doesn't have any other classification)
All right, and thus concludes my post. :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Back in Black

The above phrase is partially true. I'm back in my Liberian house, helping do laundry by hand, doing my school, and talking to a dozen kids at once. :) I missed all the clamor. 


Anyways, we're back, safe and sound. No monkey, of course, but all of our other pets are safe. :) 

However, Ninja was not here when we came back. She hates strangers, and evidently went outside and only came in for meals, and even then not every night. When we came, they hadn't seen her for several days. 

The little kittens, Chai, Cess, and Snitzel, were there, a little bigger, but very scared. The people who stayed at our house said they came out to eat, then went and hid again. They wouldn't come up at first, but when they did, they just purred...and purred...and purred. If we stopped petting them and walked away, they'd wander the hallway and meow. 

There's an old burnt out building outside of our fence, and one of the security (not one of ours) said that he'd see Ninja over there sometimes. So we went to look. Now, this wasn't dangerous, because even though its burned out, its cement, so its not like we're going into an old, rickety, fire-weakened wooden building. :) Some spots have zinc on the roof, but other rooms are just open. 

There were cat pawprints everywhere, but no Ninja. Alex and I went back later that evening and--in one of those open rooms--there was Ninja! She let me pick her up, and we carried her home. She's doesn't like the dogs or the security, so I held her with one hand, and the other was on her scruff, just in case. Thankfully, she doesn't mind being held by the scruff, and knows she can't get away, so she was relatively calm. 

She was skinny, but very happy to see us. :) Once in our bedroom, she calmed down considerable, and we fed her some rice and sauce. Next thing we know, she's purring and we get a painful love-bite on the chin. XD 

Today Jake, my mom, and I helped Isaac do the laundry because there was so much today. My mom splashed me several times and got my new Skillet shirt wet...>_> 

Jolliff rice today--party food for the Liberians, but we like it so much we make it once a week. :) Mreow.

I've been working with crayon lately, with the help of my teacher's book, Realistic Crayon Drawings. I fall short in most of the exercises, but I did draw a successful plum and a pretty good statue horse. Also, I did a drawing WITHOUT the book, and it worked out rather well. ^_^ I have a sixty-two count box of crayons, so I have a pretty wide range of colors. Unfortunately, my teacher has over one hundred different colors, and thus I have to improvise on some points. 

While in the States, my grandma decided to have Grandpa take me out to get an early birthday present, so I got five different sketchbooks--one normal Bristol, and a bunch of others to test crayon on. My mom went crazy, and after I bought the sketchbooks, I didn't have any money left, so she went and bought five extra pencils, a sharpener, the crayons, and a couple other things. I always feels sick when I buy things...especially with other people's money. :P

The night before we left, three of my mom's friends came over to help pack, and one of them brought us a bunch of things to take. Some skirts and tank tops for my mom and sisters, pens for Ry, along with a case, and for me? Art supplies. ^_^ Pastels, a large case of watercolors, watercolor paper, colored pencils (of a much nicer brand).

Man, I didn't spend a cent of the money I don't even have, and I'm completely furnished with art supplies. XD 

A friend of ours had their eleventh baby while we were in America--another thing to be grateful for. :) 

Well, I've exhausted my supply of information. I should get off, or else I'll come up with something else to discuss at length. XD I'll try to post pictures of my crayon art--but don't take that as a promise. ;)