Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Feathers and Fans

Nice name, isn't it? Well, I must say that's the name of a knitting pattern for a dishcloth...but what I'm going to talk is mostly feathers, pretty much no fans.

There are two girls who have been coming to our house before and after school, and one of the girls, who is nineteen, leaves her son, Theo (pronounced 'Teo'), with us for the day. He's maybe a year and eight months and is hilarious, though he doesn't help me get my schoolwork done...>_>

ANYWAYS, one of the girls told Alex that she would get a chicken that they could keep together. Well, today they brought a small, country chicken who has been named Life Can Change, (Liberians love these expressive names--a favorite one is Let Them See, which we shortened to LTS) but has been dubbed LCC.

The chicken's feathers are ruffled in this picture...I don't know why. But it LOOKS nice. ;)

And those aren't my fingers. ;)


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