Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Wedding of Josh and Meredith and the Rest of my Lessons

Ah! I shall explain the wedding first. :) So, we did the flowers for the wedding, and that took quite awhile, unfortunately. But this morning, at eleven, we drove to where the wedding was going to be. It turned out to be an extremely beautiful, airy, huge building that looked old. It was EPIC. It was completely air-conditioned, better than our own house. O_o I wandered upstairs and such, helped around, and looked out over the balcony. Ry got ornery and dropped her shoes from the balcony (flip-flops). I wore Manny's purple (my least favorite color O_o) African, one-piece dress. Really nice and comfortable.

So, later the people started arriving.  While they were being wed, in the middle of it my mom disappeared. Well, when I looked, she was behind all of the seats, playing with a little toddler boy  Really cute. Then NEXT time I looked, he was fast asleep and she was carrying him around. XD We ate after a little while, and the food was good.

The cupcakes they had were pretty good. On top was red frosting, the middle was ice-cream, and the bottom cake. YUM.

Then came dancing. *gulp* The bride and groom danced, then the bride with the groom's father, and the groom with the bride's mother, and then the bride with her 'spiritual' father because her father was not living, and the groom with his mother. :) Then, everyone else was forced onto the dance floor. >_> Jake and I escaped up the stairs and watched from the balcony, so that was nice... but the  kids were irresistible. I HATE dancing, and stink at it, but I have to admit, they were having so much fun I could help but dance with them. XD Not that my dancing had anything going for it... >_>

So we danced for a long while. A very long while. Then people began to leave to say goodbye to the bride and groom and send them off, so I handed out bubbles for the people to blow at them as they walked by. Guess where they're going for their honeymoon? New Zealand. :D (it says I didn't spell it right... >_>) TO THE SHIRE!!

Well, after that we cleaned up and Ry and I stuck our hands in a plastic box of water gems, if you know what those are... they come in a small pack and when put in water grow, until they're marble-sized balls of squishy jelly stuff. :)

Picture (not ours, but was the best I could find):

These ones look pink, but ours weren't... ours were plain clear. :)

And art classes? THEY WENT OUT WITH A BANG!! Not really. XD Well, one morning, day before the last, I finished my picture of Moby and it worked out REALLY well. Wanna see it? Of course you do. ;)

DON'T YOU LOVE IT?!!?! It looks like him, too!! So sweet... Lee showed me how to give him a shadow and then blend it out so that it looks like he really is lying on something, not suspended in midair. :) He's adorable... >_>

And you know what else? That day I started TWO more projects!! A full-body horse, and a picture of Beatrice. Well, that night I took them home to work on them some more, and I did all of the shading on the horse (still needed to be fixed, of course) and a lot on Beatrice. I ended up finishing the horse the last day, and I'm still working on Beatrice. :) I really like the horse one... >_> It has a lot of contrast, which Lee really likes. She showed me how to do the grass.

So, Beatrice is still in process. :)

Sadness when I had to say goodbye to all of those wonderful art class students and the teacher. :) I went to a gallery that night with her, and looked at the paintings and art and watch for the five elements of shading and patterns in the art.

The next day (Saturday) she was having a book signing--realistic crayon drawings. :) Amazing. She has a book out, and she does really well. It was at the Crayola store from 12:00 to 5:00, but we had the flowers for the wedding come that day and only got going at 4:30 and it takes thirty minutes to get there... So, we missed her by ten minutes. :P Sadness, but at least I'll probably get to see her again. Here's the book cover:

(taken from Amazon)

An as you can see, its a Kindle edition... >_> XD

So, my art is going pretty well. I miss Lee already... >_> Fare thee all well!!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Hey, hey, hey, this is my sixtieth post. O_o

Updates! Yes. On art lessons. Well, yesterday, like the day before, I got up at 6:45, 7:00 (I don't know why we got up two hours before we were supposed to be there. O_o) And got ready and everything. Once we got there, the dogs and one of the cats (the 21 year old one that acts like its just older than a kitten) came to greet me warmly. After a long hello to them that consisted of petting their fur and plopping a kiss on each of their heads, I stood and took my Bristol paper sketchbook and opened to my horse.

The others were already there. Okay, so an introduction:

The oldest guy there was a wood-carver and painter, and he was from Iowa and EXTREMELY nice. :) He paints in acrylics on wood, and in my opinion, does very well... >_> His name is Kent.

Then there's Terry, who looks more like a run-down sort of guy, plain button-up shirt, jeans, scraggly beard--that sort of thing. He's pretty talented as well and finished a face today.

Lee Hammond you already know, and she sat beside me.

Tim, a boy of about maybe sixteen or seventeen, older than me, sat beside me on the other side. He'd been there the year before, and had just been in Australia and a motley group of other places. He lives four states over, so it was a long flight because they had to avoid where the floodwaters were...

Then, there was a man who was already an extremely good artist when he came in and only needed some teaching in colored pencil and blending. He did really well... O_O He seemed real distant when I first met him, sort of like he didn't like being around too many people, but later he told Lee that if he seemed that way, he had a mild case of autism. After that, he seemed more open, and learned more and did excellently. But here's the catch--his name. His name was Ry. RY!! XD Spelled that way, too. :)

Then there was--oh, wait, me. :)

So this morning I finished the mane on my horse and touched it up, signed it, and sprayed it. Lee took it outside and sprayed it for me. Now I have a horse that can be framed!! Here it is (and yes, I got a picture--from my dad's iPhone):

It's actually a bit darker on that neck muscle, but the light I used to work with was turned on, so it glared a bit right there. DOESN'T IT LOOK A LOT BETTER THAN USUAL?!

So yeah. There's my horsey! Leauphaun provided the beautiful picture I worked from. We put it on the projector to do it, traced the dark lines and everything (harder than you think) and then took it off to do the shading. I didn't free-hand it because I wanted a new experience, and it made the picture bigger for me, so I used that and it worked pretty well, though its almost like free-handing because it takes some skill, and when you're working the shading from the photo, there's a lot you have to fix and tweak. Its not a perfect process, but it turned out pretty well! :D

The second day I didn't work much on it, because that day was mostly demonstrations. She did more than one colored pencil demonstration, a painting demonstration, and still worked on her own art. LEE HAMMOND IS AMAZING.

The reason why she is so effective is because she doesn't schedule what she'll do during the week of the art lessons before it starts because she wants to do things that everybody wants to do. She works with each of us on whatever project we are doing--she lets us do it, but then helps us fix mistakes and work on things. She is really nice, and talkative.

She likes telling stories... there are all kinds. O_o Yesterday she looked up, on her computer, people who had gotten 'face lifts' and plastic surgery. She was DISGUSTED. People who'd gotten those things now were falling apart and were no longer even good-looking. They messed up their profile. People who used to be pretty and handsome were now ugly... she is very passionate about such things. She hates it when people mess themselves up like that. I mean, she's in her sixties or older, and she looks like she's thirty and only wears make-up!

So, she's an interesting conversationalist. :) Very interesting, and treats everyone like family. We all squeeze into one or two cars and go to lunch together, everyone paying for their own. I love it. She's nice and helps whenever someone calls, and her dogs are always there in the studio to greet you and beg to be stroked.

Third day is now over! Today I finished the horse above, and now I'm working on one of Moby and nearly finished it today. Tomorrow all I have is the neck fur and the shadow--its just a picture of his head when he's sleeping. Sweet dog, and it even looks like him! That's a first. ;) But its coming along real well. :D No demos today.

Tomorrow she's promised crayon demos! We each give our opinion on what we want demonstrated. :) And what's more, she's doing professional pictures with crayola. EPIC! She did a realistic tiger (looks like a painting or pastel from afar) and it is really good. Can't wait for that... that's one medium that isn't expensive at all.

Colored pencils that are good and work correctly for art are going up to a dollar something EACH! Terry had a twenty-four pack that cost him forty dollars, and Tim, who's working on a colored pencil drawing, bought a seventy-five pack thingy. It was EXPENSIVE. He bought it from Lee, so it didn't cost as much as it might've in a store.

I sort of want to try colored pencil, but its so expensive...

Tim is nearly finished with his piece, and its looking really good. Its a butterfly on a flower (top view) with leaves and stems in the background and some sky. Its really quite beautiful, and he's getting close to maybe two thirds done, or three fourths of the way...

So, that's about it! Moby shall be finished by maybe tomorrow, and I hope you like the horse. THANK YOU LEAUPHAUN FOR THE PICTURES!!!


Monday, July 25, 2011

Art lessons!!

SO HAPPY!!! Art lessons started today--I went there at 9:00 A.M. this morning, and just got back at five. O_o Eight hours! But it didn't feel like it.

We started with the sphere--the sphere that she had in her book that showed all of the shades, where to put them. 'Twas EPIC. Lee didn't have any particular schedule, because she wanted to do what would work for everyone, because we were bound to be different. :) She did a demonstration with a child portrait, but I missed the last half of it because she started me on another project. ^_^

Thanks to Leauphaun, I had plenty of reference photos. She picked out a few for me to pick from. Most were horses. ;) I picked one of the chestnuts... 'twas a beautiful picture.

So, she gave me Bristol paper to use, and we put the photograph in a projector because it needed to be larger. Then, I would trace on all of the lines--wherever there was dark, or lines, or outlines, and such. Then, I began the shading.

I would've done it free-hand, but since it was a new experience to use the projector, I continued with it. :) Then, going back to my desk/thingy, I began. She started me with the eye, and then helped me fix it. Then, I was alone. O_o Completely, utterly alone... ;)

There were... four other people in the class. All were boys... XD The only woman couldn't make it, and so I was the only girl, and the youngest, in the class. Two of the men were more elderly--one was a farmer from Iowa (love that state--used to live there) and the other... well, I don't really know what he was. The farm brought carvings with him--two of them. They were flat carvings, done on a slab of wood. They were actually quite good, and Lee gave him some tips on it, and everyone drew.

Then there was one on the far side of the room, and all I remember of him was that he had black hair, a large nose, and a deep voice.

The one who was closest to my age (older than me)  had actually been there the year before, even though he lives four states over. He was just in Australia and London and such... he travels a bunch.

So! I shaded my horse all alone, today, and then afterwards, I only had the mane to do, and I need to touch up the shading and such, and Lee will help me with that tomorrow. :D

G'bye, all followers!


Monday, July 18, 2011


I like chalk. Do you? Don't answer. ^_^

Chalk art. Don't you love it? You don't have to answer that question either.

Chalk. I like it. But didn't I already mention that? Well, why do I like it? Because I figured out that I was okay at using it. Five or so days ago, on my grandma's driveway, I drew a rose. Okay, not usually my thing, but that's one of the few things that I've drawn in chalk before. Well, anyways, I used blue and purple and some other colors--a bit of yellow and some green--and it turned out really well.

What did I get out of it? A blister. ^_^ On my finger.

But I did rather like it. 'Twas pretty and looked pretty epic. Well, sadly, on that day my grandma's best friend--who she'd known for twenty-six years--had died. :/ From cancer.

A few days later I went to my other grandparents' house, and the heat was roasting. Up to a hundred and eight degrees. OW. So, I went outside. Not the best thing to do in that weather, eh? But I did.

And I took the chalk. And my grandparents' chalk. I was wearing capris. Bad. Idea. Because you know what? I had to sit on the ground. With my legs pressed against the cement that literally could fry and egg.

I endured it for half and hour as I drew a horse with a greenish blue for the dark areas, and yellow for the rest. Worked out amazingly, actually. Unfortunately, the next morning the sprinklers got turned on and it washed away... and my grandpa's camera wasn't working and made it too dim, so it looks as if it was really a blue and white horse.

I went swimming once while I was there, and my two-year old cousin stayed with us one night. :) He's cute. Sometimes silly.

The day before we left, I went back out into the blazing heat and drew a dragon. I used the same colors as the horse, and then took white and drew scales on him, smudging the lines with my fingers. :) Worked really well, but I don't have a picture of that drawing. :P

While at my grandparents', we went to work with them two days. They work at a store--a small second-hand grocery store, and the people there are really nice. There are only three checkout counters, and both times we were there only one was being used. The place is run by Holderman Mennonites--which I must say are extremely nice and hospitable people.

Ry and I--for we were the ones staying with grandparents--worked as well. We bagged people's groceries. 'Twas fun, actually. We carried out for a few people. Well, one man came along, looking rather bedraggled. He was talking to my grandma. Turns out, he'd been working since four A.M. and when he'd gotten to work, the inside of the building had been one hundred and five degrees. Well, before he went out, he handed me a few coins as a tip. :) The only person who gave me a tip.

With it, he said, "Don't spend it all on one thing." I was surprised at how much he'd given me--not a quarter or seventy five cents, but a dollar coin plus a dime. :D That may not seem like much, but for a tip it is.
The second day we worked there we brought gluten-free brownies along and set them in the break room for anyone to take from.

Grandma introduced me to a man who was deaf, and who's wife worked there. He was mute as well because he just didn't speak. His wife spoke to him in sign language, and he spoke back that way. Ry gave him a hug straight off.

I usually hug people after I know them. Well, this seemed like a really nice person. But I didn't have to go over there and hug him--he hugged me! He was a real sweet (not quite old) man. His wife was nice, too. Then we mentioned something about brownies in the back...

and he took his hand from behind his back. He held a brownie. XD He took a big bite out of it. Turns out, it was his second. :)

Well, I was going to eat supper around six--a sandwich in the back room--but I told Ry I had to finish this line of people first. Well, turns out, the line didn't stop. So, I eventually did go back and eat.

After eating, grandma wanted me to pick out things I wanted to buy--she'd pay for a bit of things because we'd worked for her. Well, she gave us a dollar an hour, and since we worked six hours in those two days, we got six dollars. I picked out things that were made by the wife of the deaf man because they were the best things--bagged candies. Smooth melts, or known as melty mints. They're like different colored chocolate chips that taste a bit like peppermint chocolate with some sort of sprinkle on the bottom. MM... those ones were always my favorite. Then, I also got spice drops, which are pretty much like gumdrops, except more on the spice side--one tasted to me like Thanksgiving. ;)

I also got taffy--two kinds. Key lime and orange. Both taste epic. I also got a chocolate bar for my mom, seeing as she loves chocolate as much as I do...

All in all, 'twas a great time. While I was at my grandparents', my dad came home from Africa where he'd been for the last week, and he brought back a necklace for me and my sisters (we each got one) and a lady in Africa had sent my mom a dress--except that it was too small. The waist was pretty much elastic, and its really comfortable--I've tried it on. The only thing is that i don't really like the color--'tis purple. :) But that can be looked over. The waist, does, of course, start at your waist. Then it turns into a really comfortable, airy skirt, which is maneuverable in, and goes down to my ankles. :) 'Tis Manny's dress, for now, since it doesn't fit my mom.

And today we got yet another surprise! In the mail we received, from a Liberian, African we know, another dress. This one is a two-piece and was sent for whoever it could fit. Well, it fits me... :D Normally, I hate wearing dresses and skirts. Jeans are my favorite, and T-shirts are my friends. But African dresses, I don't mind if its not all I ever wear. I mean, they're comfortable. Epic.

Anyways, this one is a brown and dark mustard color design. I'll have to post a picture of the pattern on here sometime. The top piece is really nice--its a shirt until three inches above my belly-button (XD) and then its like a long ruffle and goes down over the skirt. The skirt is a lot wider at the bottom than it is from the knee up. 'Tis comfortable, and that's what counts. :) In fact, I'm wearing it right now.

I am currently reading The Horn of Moran, and after that, Isle of Fire. :) I read Isle of Swords this week.

Six days until my lessons start!! :D


EDIT: Oh, yes, and I forgot to tell you. At my grandmother's friend's funeral, my parents met a man who lived across the street from my grandparents. He'd seen the rose and wanted me to do something on his driveway--something that was already there in paint, but needed to be re-painted because it was fading. 'Tis a Jayhawk. Not sure if I'll be able to do it or not, but I thought it was interesting. ^_^

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Tag of Characters

The tag of characters... which means...

1. I pick three characters...
2. Make my characters answer these questions. *devious grin*
3. Tag three people.

But... *dramatic sigh* I probably shall bend the rules a bit, like TD... ya know, it tends to happen. With me, at least. :O

The three characters I'm using are first, my two main characters, Myrean and Aneth. Second, Lord Dvinstra. ^_^ Enjoy, even though my humor isn't that great...

Interviewer: Hi, hello, welcome! Do you want a hug?

Aneth: Umm... not sure about that one...

Lord Dvinstra: Hold that thought. Please.

Myrean: Aw, its the thought that counts.

Interviewer: Ah, OK. That question was required, you know?

Lord Dvinstra: *suspicious glance* *mutters something about spies*

Interviewer: Do you have any kids?

Aneth: Uh... no. Lord Dvinstra, could you stop fidgeting?

Lord Dvinstra: I'm not fidgeting. It's all in your head, boy. *turns to Interviewer* Yeah, I have a daughter. Srey. She's an angel.

Myrean: *snorts* Right... *mutters to self* ...she's a brat...

Lord Dvinstra: What was that? *glares*

Interviewer: Wait! Stop! Uh... no fighting, please. Aren't you guys supposed to be friends?

Aneth: Its a bit hard being nice when Lord Dvinstra won't stop moving. And thinking about steak.

Lord Dvinstra: Thieving rascal, keep out of my thoughts!

Aneth: Sorry... no offense, but I can't help it. You're thinking like crazy, and I'm drawn to the pretty 'fireworks' reflecting off of your mind. *grins*

Myrean: Yeah, Lord Dvinstra, its not the Fourth!

Interviewer: You actually only missed it by a week or so... Have you ever killed anyone?

Myrean: Umm... *feels sick* *won't tell*

Aneth: Yes. Not that I wanted to, but... I was trying to escape. I had no choice.

Lord Dvinstra: Let me think... yeah.

Aneth: Is that all--Eddlington? *teases*

Lord Dvinstra: You're not supposed to speak that name aloud!! *is red with embarrassment*

Myrean: Aww, its not that bad! Come on, stop picking on the poor man.

Lord Dvinstra: *nods vigorously*

Myrean: Actually, its a rather nice name!

Lord Dvinstra: *sighs* It also means Betrayer...

Myrean: Oh.

Aneth: Oh is right.

Interviewer: *cuts in* Hey, hey, Aneth, Myrean, Eddlington...

Lord Dvinstra: Don't call me that, or you may find that your head is suddenly gon--

Aneth: *covers Lord Dvinstra's mouth* Uh, he didn't mean to say that, really... *nervous smile*

Lord Dvinstra: *breaks free* Oh, yes, I did! You-- Wait. Do I know you? You feel rather... familiar. And younger than me, so I can't have known you long...

Interviewer: *smug smile* (I couldn't help it) That's because I MADE you.

Myrean: *snickers*

Aneth: What?! Yeah, right. Whatever happened to good old Sharurl? (God)

Lord Dvinstra: Why is Sharurl all you ever talk about?

Aneth: He made everything.

Lord Dvinstra: I'm not so sure. *glares* I've never met him--so there's no proof. Thus, I don't believe. Now PLEASE stop preaching at me.

Myrean: You guys need to cool it...

Lord Dvinstra: *is puzzled* What? Cool what?

Interviewer: GUYS!!! Back to the current conversation? Now, here we go: Love anyone?

Aneth: You are so weird...

Myrean: *turns red* Umm, no, definitely not... I'm sixteen...

Lord Dvinstra: 'Course I do. Lady Eseriah Dvinstra, my wife. *grins*

Myrean: I can understand why you married her. She's... what would be a good word?...epic.

Aneth: Hm. Never met her.

Myrean: She's someone you would like. Oh, yeah, and I found this prophecy while I was ther--

Interviewer: SHH!!! Myrean, don't you realize that that is called a spoiler? We can't have those, not for my novel.

Myrean: Your novel? *puzzled* What do you mean?

Aneth: She still thinks she made us, Myrean.

Myrean: Oh.

Interviewer: What is your job? You know, what you do for a living...?

Aneth: *harsh laugh* Treason. That's all I can say.

Myrean: I don't really have a job... wait--oh, yes, I guess I'm sort of the protector/guardian of the Asto Gem.

Lord Dvinstra: Look at my name. Guess.

Myrean: L.O.R.D... *spells out name* Oh. A lord?

Lord Dvinstra: Uh, yeah, but I thought you already knew that.

Myrean: Yeah... so you could say I cheated. *flashy grin*

Interviewer: *ahem* I think we've established the fact that you're a lord, Dvinstra. Now, what is your favorite season?

Aneth: Definitely not winter. I am currently freezing because of staying in that infernal dungeon... the Demonking isn't much of a host. *grim smile*

Myrean: Wait--where ARE you?! This would help so much to know where you are if I'm going to try and find you and rescue you!

Aneth: *is taken aback* Why didn't I realize this before?!?!? YOU'RE DEAD.

Myrean: *frowns* You just think I'm dead. Really, what happened was--

Interviewer: What did I say about spoilers? *glares*

Lord Dvinstra: *ahem* My favorite season is... fall.

Myrean: Mine too.

Aneth: Not mine. I like Summer. I'm sick of cold right now.

Myrean: Fall isn't cold.

Aneth: That's because you're a ghost.

Lord Dvinstra: *rolls eyes*

Interviewer: Umm... Who's your best friend?

Lord Dvinstra: *shrugs*

Aneth: *scowls* Niwodei. But then again, he's dead.

Myrean: I thought you'd gotten over that.

Aneth: Myrean, death may not be the end of friendship, but its still horrible to think about. *glares*

Myrean: Well, I actually have lots of friends. Well, not *lots* but enough. Aneth, Lord Dvinstra, Eseriah, Ristior from back home--all those.

Lord Dvinstra: Well, since you fools (no offense) admitted, I'll say that my best friend is Eseriah, though you, Aneth, are close, too...

Aneth: *teases* So, a coward? Not willing to admit that your wife is your best friend?

Lord Dvinstra: No! I'm just saying, isn't it a little strange that we're giving all this information to a *stranger?!*

Aneth: *shrugs*

Interviewer: Really, I'm not a stranger at all. I know you all pretty well, actually. Any hobbies?

Aneth: *blinks* That was almost... random. I like swordsmanship.

Myrean: I paint... but I haven't for a long time. Not since Seriand was destroyed.

Lord Dvinstra: Uh... does hunting count?

Interviewer: Yeah, I guess. Um, nobody talk to Myrean about Seriand... we don't want to have a major meltdown.

Myrean: *glares* I definitely would NOT have a meltdown! I would never!

Aneth: *lifts eyebrow* Not to be mean, but when we last talked about it, you did cry.

Myrean: That wasn't about Seriand. That was about... *gulps* My parents being dead because of it.

Aneth: See? You're tearing up now.

Myrean: Whew, why is it that as soon as we arrived here... wait, where is this place, anyways?'ve been not-so-considerate.

Aneth: *shrugs* Yeah, where *are* we?

Interviewer: I'm not sure you want to know... 

Lord Dvinstra: *pales* I told you she was a stalker!

Myrean: Nonsense, Eddlington!

Lord Dvinstra: Don't bring that up again.

Myrean: Okay, but you have to admit--it is a catchy name.

Aneth: *rolls eyes* So where are we? We can handle it.

Interviewer: Umm... would saying you're in a cave suffice? No, that would be lying. Well, you're in my mind. See those electric lightning bolts over there? *points* That would be Inspiration. He/she/it helped me make you.

Lord Dvinstra: Off you go with that nonsense again!

Aneth: When I said we could handle it... *wide eyes* I was wrong. Umm, excuse me-- *blaghing sounds*

Myrean: OH, that's just great. *frowns* Look what you made him do.

Aneth: We're in someone's consciousness--impossible! No, not impossible... I've been there before, seeing as I'm a MindSeer. BUT MADE BY ONE?! *panics* This can't be happening!

Lord Dvinstra: Get over it.

Aneth: Easy for you to say. She made you a lord. Now me... I'm probably going to be killed! Oh, gah!! I'm in a prison and there's no way out. A little girl is depending on me to keep her alive and--

Interviewer: BE QUIET!! What is with those who don't keep any plot things secret? *glares* What are you going to do when this tag is over?

Myrean: Not that I know what a tag even is, but I guess I'll try to convince Drys to let me stand.

Aneth: I'll rot away in a cell, unable to help a young girl.

Lord Dvinstra: I'll kill a Yahvel. You know, revenge.

Aneth: *rolls eyes* Yeah, right, Dvinstra.

Myrean: *giggles* Lord Dvinstra, revenge isn't very honorable.

Lord Dvinstra: Well, I'm not a knight!

Aneth: But you're a lord.

Lord Dvinstra: Good point. Maybe instead of revenge I'll just sleep in. In a feather bed. With feather pillows. IN A REAL HOUSE. *sighs*

Interviewer: What is your eye color?

Lord Dvinstra: *whispers in Aneth's ear* ...How does that information help a stalker?

Interviewer: Remember, Ed, you are in my head. I can hear everything, no matter how low you speak it.

Myrean: *snickers*

Aneth: My eyes are a brightish blue... I think. I haven't looked in a mirror in a long time.

Myrean: My eyes are green. They darken when I'm angry. At least, that's what my mother told me... *sniffs*

Aneth: No! ...Um, no. *Please* don't speak of your mom. *doesn't want an emotional breakdown because he has no idea how to deal with such things*

Myrean: *glares* I saw those thoughts.

Aneth: *groans* Yeah... why did you have to be a MindSeer? Couldn't Sharurl had made you a healer or something?

Myrean: *jabs an elbow into his gut*

Aneth: OW!!

Lord Dvinstra: Back to the question? My eyes are brown. Dark brown. Weird brown. *shrugs* Or just plain brown. *grins*

Interviewer: *skeptical look* Your eyes aren't *that* complicated, Dvinstra. Couldn't you just say brown? 

Lord Dvinstra: *shrugs* Whatever.

Interviewer: Are you good? Or bad?

Lord Dvinstra: That depends on how you look at it. I was 'employed' by the Demonking as a lord--obviously not a very well thought through choice, because I'm not exactly loyal--so I could be bad. And the peasants that suffer from the Demonking's taxes and hate me because I'm forced to take it from them.
Or others who think I'm a saint--like my wife and daughter. Or a friend, who is trustful. So, pick an angle and decide yourself.

Aneth: Umm... good? I mean, I follow Sharurl. I still do bad things, but I don't think that makes me bad...

Myrean: *laughs* What am I supposed to say? If you were the Demonking, I'd be bad. If you were Had'Shar, I'd be good.

Aneth: Had'Shar?

Myrean: The Promised King.

Aneth: Oh. *stops* Please see me afterwards. I need to talk to you about that.

Interviewer: Uh, well, there's not going to be an afterwards--you guys will forget this whole interview and land back in your story.

Aneth: But--but--I need this information!

Myrean: Yes, so do I! Aneth's going to rot!

Aneth: I am!

Lord Dvinstra: You're starting to really seem like a stalker...

Interviewer: What is your greatest fear?

Lord Dvinstra: *points* YES!! I TOLD YOU!! She's a stalker!!!

Myrean: That's not scientifically proven, Lord Dvinstra. *turns to me* My greatest fear is that my parents truly are dead. *eyes glisten*

Aneth: I'm afraid I'll never get out of this cell... *mutters* OR that I'll never find the King.

Lord Dvinstra: You guys actually told her?! She'll use it against you!

Interviewer: Cross my heart and hope to die, Lord Dvinstra, tell me or I'll make you.

Lord Dvinstra: You can't force me-- *tongue ties* That the Demonking will find out that I helped Aneth--AH! How'd you do that?! Why?!

Interviewer: *shrugs* I'm your maker.

Lord Dvinstra: Mention that one more time, and I'm walking out.

Myrean: Just cool down, Dvinstra.

Lord Dvinstra: Why do people keep calling me 'Dvinstra?'

Myrean: *shrugs*

Interviewer: What do you think of your parents?

Myrean: *bursts into tears*

Aneth: I thought you told us not to mention her parents. *glares* Now look what you've done! *tries to help*

Lord Dvinstra: My parents died a *long* time ago.

Aneth: *sobers* My mother... what did I think of her? I thought she was the best. Until an illness killed her. My father? I loved him, but I mean... he went off and died in the mountains. Not with me.

Myrean: *sympathetic look through her tears*

Lord Dvinstra: *has no idea how to stop Myrean's tears*

Myrean: *cries her heart out.

Interviewer: *gives Myrean a hug* Do you have any siblings?

Aneth: Nope. I'm an only child.

Myrean: My older brother was killed in an accident before I was born.

Lord Dvinstra: Born into a family of eight. Five brothers and two sisters.

Interviewer: Oh, wow, Dvinstra. O_O (I didn't even know that about him...)

Lord Dvinstra: *laughs* If you think that's a lot, you're mistaken. My neighbor had fourteen--ten of their own, and four off of the streets.

Myrean: *wide eyes*

Aneth: Really? That's.... interesting.

Interviewer: Was it fun to answer all these questions?

Myrean: Yeah! It was okay.

Lord Dvinstra: I hated every minute of it. Stalker--

Aneth: *tackles Lord Dvinstra* Uh... *gasps* It was okay...

Interviewer: (Not sure how he'll take this one... *gulps*) Do you have any weaknesses?

Lord Dvinstra: I. AM. LEAVING!!! *makes for the door*

Aneth: Um... Lord Dvinstra? There is no door. I think you're trapped.

Lord Dvinstra: AUGH....

Aneth: *grins* *whispers* His weakness is religion, I think...

Lord Dvinstra: I heard that!

Myrean: My weakness... um... maybe the fact that I don't want to be belittled by men? Oh, now that sounds feminist... actually, I'd just like to be believed in. Most don't and underestimate me, while that may be a weapon, its not very fun. How can people respect me and at the same time I can be a girl? Men shall always lead--I want them to. But I'd like a chance to *follow.*

Aneth: We respect you. Remember, I've been under the attack of your blade before...  *shivers at the memory*

Myrean: You're just trying to make me laugh.

Aneth: Maybe.

Lord Dvinstra: How can you guys give up all this information? This woman/girl could be working for the Demonking.

Aneth: If she worked for the Demonking, she wouldn't be so nice, we wouldn't be in her mind, and--

Lord Dvinstra: How do we know we're actually in her mind?

Aneth: *exasperated sigh*

Interviewer: Your favorite element?

Aneth: Air. Or fire.

Myrean: Fire.

Lord Dvinstra: Earth. Not the insides of your mind. *glares*

Myrean: Keep it down, Eddlington.

Lord Dvinstra: *simmers in silence*

Interviewer: Do you care what others think of you?

Lord Dvinstra: *harsh laugh* What do you think? I disagree with everyone here right now, and I still don't care what they think!

Myrean: Yeah, I have to admit, I actually do care a lot of the time. Your little 'angel' Lord Dvinstra, has some very murderous words. >_>

Lord Dvinstra: Don't you slander my girl.

Myrean: *turns away*

Aneth: Harsh words do affect me, but I do my best to stay true in my opinion--that Sharurl is master of all.

Lord Dvinstra: *rolls eyes*

Interviewer: Your theme song?

Myrean: *puzzled* We're supposed to have a theme song?

Aneth: Me? Well, I guess I could be Avalanche by Manifest? But maybe not...

Lord Dvinstra: You're not that... uh... actionish.

Aneth: *offense* What? Go away, old man.

Lord Dvinstra: I am definitely not an old man. Don't call me that.

Myrean: Stop bickering, you two. My theme song would be... *contemplates* Maybe the dun, dun dun dun dun part of In Dreams... the music in LOTR that played when they were running to find the hobbits (Legolas, Aragorn, and Gimli--I think that's how you spell it)

Interviewer: *clears throat* What's your species?

Lord Dvinstra: I am leaving. NOW. *suddenly disappears*

Interviewer: HEY! Get back here! *grabs Dvinstra out of thin air* Stay until I finish!

Myrean: I'm an elf. *grins* No, I'm a human.

Aneth: What species? I would call myself a horse/human... at least, when I'm actually riding Sonia. XD

Interviewer: You guys can leave now.

Lord Dvinstra: Thank heaven!!! *disappears immediately*

Myrean: Nice to meet you! *cheerful* *disappears*

Aneth: I don't really want to go back to prison... *drags feet*

Interviewer: *gives Aneth a push*

Aneth: *flails and drops onto hard stone* NO!! *forgets*

OK, so there you have it! The official tag. I tag... anyone who wants to do it, because I have no idea which people would actually want to take the time. Farewell! I am running low on time. XD


Friday, July 8, 2011

The Fourth of July and Famousity

Heh, I've discovered that I'm famous... well, not really. We went to some of our friends' church for a presentation they were giving on a mission trip they'd gone on, and afterwards they were talking to my family. They've got ten kids, and their names all start with B. An extremely nice family.

What's strange is that they went to Perkins, a breakfast-ish sort of restaurant. Well, the thing is, they saw a drawing hanging up and the mom was thinking, "That looks like something ___ would draw," I replaced my name with a line. :) Then, she saw my signature near the bottom, on this okay horse head that I'd drawn! So she asked the lady behind the counter if she knew who'd drawn it, and she said she didn't, some girl who'd come in and given it to the waitress. ;) ;) ;)

The mom's like, "I know her!" And that story just seemed funny to me... I gave the waitress that drawing over three months ago, and apparently, she did hang it up, like she said she would. XD My sister had gone there a few months ago for a birthday supper and saw it then, but I didn't expect it to be still up!

It wasn't my best, but I still liked that drawing. :) So, that was a strange experience.

After we went to the presentation we went to a friend's house for fireworks--there were a few families there, including the ten-kid one. :) We lit fireworks (no big ones, unfortunately) on the street, and the people across from us, one over, were setting off 'em as well! So, we got to watch theirs as well as ours. The best part was that they did set off some of the kind that explode in the sky, and we got to watch them easily because they were right over us.

After those people finished, they took a large paper lantern (like from Tangled) and lit the inside. Turns out, they were doing it just like in Tangled--and it did fly. It went up and eventually disappeared.

And that was a few days ago... but I hardly did anything after that except read. In the last two (counting the days I actually read--its actually been probably three weeks, maybe four, but a lot of that time I didn't have any books to read)  weeks I've read... Icefire, Fire Star, The Fire Eternal, and I've just started Dark Fire, the next book... other than that series, I've read The Map Across Time, Swords of the Six, The Final Hour, Song of the Ovulum, and part of my own novel.

HEY!! Oh, yes, and good news! Jake and I formatted my novel for his kindle (There's dozens of mistakes, and we're going to highlight them and fix them on the computer) and it is now on it! I have read around sixty-something percent, and it is weird reading my own novel like that. Sometimes I can't help but think at how bad some of the things are written, and sometimes I can't help but think that I *couldn't* of written that part. But the latter is rare. Well, at least we find the mistakes, and therefor can fix them! ...Eventually.

And now, for a tag! Yes, a tag. I don't think you were expecting one. XD But anyways, I was tagged by Leauphaun, and the tag was made by Ryebrynn.  'Tis a reading tag.

Question One: How many average books do you read in one day?
Ah, well, it differs... average, as in two hundred pages? Well, it also depends on how much time I have. Maybe one to four. Maybe. The most books (two hundred and over) that I've read in a day is four.

Question Two: What are your favorite books?
WHAT?! You ask me to DECIDE? The Blood of Kings Trilogy, On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness, North! Or be Eaten, Isle of Fire, Isle of Swords, The Door Within Trilogy, Berinfell Prophecies--the list goes on and on!

Question Three: Who is your favorite author?
More torturous questions. It might be Jill Williamson, but I can never be sure! Listing off again: Wayne Thomas Batson, Christopher Hopper, L.B. Graham--and gah, a lot of the books' authors aren't coming to me. :P But anyways, you can be sure that there are many more.

Question Four: Do you like non-fiction or fiction?
Well, most of the time I prefer fiction, but sometimes non-fiction can be interesting.

Question Five: Do you quote quotes from the books you read?
"In the words of Bimm Stack, 'I've an idea! Attend closely to me, and you might find your shoes." What do you think? ;) I have other quotes if you want to hear them...

Okay, so I'm done! Ready! Finished! Farewell, any-elves, never-elves, and ever-elves! (I have no idea where that came from)