Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Hey, hey, hey, this is my sixtieth post. O_o

Updates! Yes. On art lessons. Well, yesterday, like the day before, I got up at 6:45, 7:00 (I don't know why we got up two hours before we were supposed to be there. O_o) And got ready and everything. Once we got there, the dogs and one of the cats (the 21 year old one that acts like its just older than a kitten) came to greet me warmly. After a long hello to them that consisted of petting their fur and plopping a kiss on each of their heads, I stood and took my Bristol paper sketchbook and opened to my horse.

The others were already there. Okay, so an introduction:

The oldest guy there was a wood-carver and painter, and he was from Iowa and EXTREMELY nice. :) He paints in acrylics on wood, and in my opinion, does very well... >_> His name is Kent.

Then there's Terry, who looks more like a run-down sort of guy, plain button-up shirt, jeans, scraggly beard--that sort of thing. He's pretty talented as well and finished a face today.

Lee Hammond you already know, and she sat beside me.

Tim, a boy of about maybe sixteen or seventeen, older than me, sat beside me on the other side. He'd been there the year before, and had just been in Australia and a motley group of other places. He lives four states over, so it was a long flight because they had to avoid where the floodwaters were...

Then, there was a man who was already an extremely good artist when he came in and only needed some teaching in colored pencil and blending. He did really well... O_O He seemed real distant when I first met him, sort of like he didn't like being around too many people, but later he told Lee that if he seemed that way, he had a mild case of autism. After that, he seemed more open, and learned more and did excellently. But here's the catch--his name. His name was Ry. RY!! XD Spelled that way, too. :)

Then there was--oh, wait, me. :)

So this morning I finished the mane on my horse and touched it up, signed it, and sprayed it. Lee took it outside and sprayed it for me. Now I have a horse that can be framed!! Here it is (and yes, I got a picture--from my dad's iPhone):

It's actually a bit darker on that neck muscle, but the light I used to work with was turned on, so it glared a bit right there. DOESN'T IT LOOK A LOT BETTER THAN USUAL?!

So yeah. There's my horsey! Leauphaun provided the beautiful picture I worked from. We put it on the projector to do it, traced the dark lines and everything (harder than you think) and then took it off to do the shading. I didn't free-hand it because I wanted a new experience, and it made the picture bigger for me, so I used that and it worked pretty well, though its almost like free-handing because it takes some skill, and when you're working the shading from the photo, there's a lot you have to fix and tweak. Its not a perfect process, but it turned out pretty well! :D

The second day I didn't work much on it, because that day was mostly demonstrations. She did more than one colored pencil demonstration, a painting demonstration, and still worked on her own art. LEE HAMMOND IS AMAZING.

The reason why she is so effective is because she doesn't schedule what she'll do during the week of the art lessons before it starts because she wants to do things that everybody wants to do. She works with each of us on whatever project we are doing--she lets us do it, but then helps us fix mistakes and work on things. She is really nice, and talkative.

She likes telling stories... there are all kinds. O_o Yesterday she looked up, on her computer, people who had gotten 'face lifts' and plastic surgery. She was DISGUSTED. People who'd gotten those things now were falling apart and were no longer even good-looking. They messed up their profile. People who used to be pretty and handsome were now ugly... she is very passionate about such things. She hates it when people mess themselves up like that. I mean, she's in her sixties or older, and she looks like she's thirty and only wears make-up!

So, she's an interesting conversationalist. :) Very interesting, and treats everyone like family. We all squeeze into one or two cars and go to lunch together, everyone paying for their own. I love it. She's nice and helps whenever someone calls, and her dogs are always there in the studio to greet you and beg to be stroked.

Third day is now over! Today I finished the horse above, and now I'm working on one of Moby and nearly finished it today. Tomorrow all I have is the neck fur and the shadow--its just a picture of his head when he's sleeping. Sweet dog, and it even looks like him! That's a first. ;) But its coming along real well. :D No demos today.

Tomorrow she's promised crayon demos! We each give our opinion on what we want demonstrated. :) And what's more, she's doing professional pictures with crayola. EPIC! She did a realistic tiger (looks like a painting or pastel from afar) and it is really good. Can't wait for that... that's one medium that isn't expensive at all.

Colored pencils that are good and work correctly for art are going up to a dollar something EACH! Terry had a twenty-four pack that cost him forty dollars, and Tim, who's working on a colored pencil drawing, bought a seventy-five pack thingy. It was EXPENSIVE. He bought it from Lee, so it didn't cost as much as it might've in a store.

I sort of want to try colored pencil, but its so expensive...

Tim is nearly finished with his piece, and its looking really good. Its a butterfly on a flower (top view) with leaves and stems in the background and some sky. Its really quite beautiful, and he's getting close to maybe two thirds done, or three fourths of the way...

So, that's about it! Moby shall be finished by maybe tomorrow, and I hope you like the horse. THANK YOU LEAUPHAUN FOR THE PICTURES!!!



Leauphaun said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! VRENITH?!?!?! SERIOUSLY??!?!?!?!?! THIS IS AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have improved SO MUCH!!!!! I am at a loss of words!!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! *throws confetti in the air*

WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!


You're very, very welcome!!!!
You drew Jones!!! Such a cutie!!! It looks JUST like him!!!!

You should ask if you can take pictures of the other peoples' pieces.

I am so excited for you!!!! You have advanced way farther than I did when I was your age :D

- Leauphaun

Eldra said...


Jones looks exactly like Jones. Seriously, that's exactly the way Jones would look at me in the morning.


Okay, so maybe I went a bit far. But, seriously? That's an amazing drawing, CA. I can't wait to see what else you're going to draw.

Leauphaun has competition now....

Vrenith said...


THANK YOU!! I know! A week ago I wouldn't have been able to make it look like him worth spit... >_> Not even worth that.

Jones? Okay, one of the students asked what his name was. My mind blanked... I could only remember Scotch's name of all of the horses. O_o

YES!! We should sit five hours and draw. Heh, Lee likes to talk and tell stories--you'd be surprised what she's gone through in her life--she used to be a racecar artist, a billboard artist, teacher--all of these things. She's been stalked by maybe four people... *shivers* Real creepy.
Well, the point of that is that I might have interesting stories for you guys if I ever meet you... >_> She was also a police composite artist. Last night on the news they showed her picture and the guy that matched it, so they found a criminal last night. :) Like I said, very interesting stories.

Oh, I should... they're all really good pieces. :) Great idea.

And how do you know my age? ;) Ah, well, I have an extremely good teacher who lets you do it--but then helps you with the things that need working on, assigning you what to do to the drawing. :D


Haha, thanks! Lee is a really good teacher, and always has me start with the eye--where the character is. :) A picture of Moby should be coming up... :D

Throw the cat out?! For heaven's sake, she's twenty-two! (Lee's cat is...) ;) After throwing a party, I hope all of the people inside of it were okay... ;) ;) ;)

Maybe. Thanks! I hope I continue to do so well after my classes end tomorrow...

Not to much competition. She's still better than I am--and I'm pretty sure that she always will. She's got some really epic talent.


Leauphaun said...

Hahahaha, you're very welcome!!! :)
You were a good artist before, but now you are an AMAZING artist!!! =D

Scotch is a catchy name, thats why. He is the one of the two (Rocket and Scotch) that I remember.

5 hours only?? JK, I would take even 2 hours!!

Wow. She does a LOT!!!
It's great that the criminal was found. She must be an amazing artis!

Hahaha, I have only doen guesses, but considering your brother's age, and your younger sister's age I think I might have the right age...O_o o_O O_O >_> <_< :) =D

Lol, I have no idea why I just did all those faces...It's offical...I'm weird...

Awwww, you're very sweet, Vren :')

- Leauphaun

Vrenith said...

Thankee. :) Manny says that when I texted her the picture, it didn't looks quite as good as in real life. Probably because my dad used his iPhone and there was a glare. :)

Yep! I love that name. ^_^ Sadly, my lessons are over and I'm left to attempt my own art and hope it stays so good without my teacher to give me tips and tell me what to work on. :)

Agreed! But maybe even five isn't enough for two artists to get everything crammed from their experiences in there... Heh. I'd probably talk non-stop, knowing me... well, to follow my regular pattern, I'm sort of shy at first, but once I get to know you, BEWARE. ^_^

Yah. :) She's amazing.

Haha... I know roughly your age... a few years' difference... You've probably got mine right. I'm the third child, so I've got to be somewhere. :) If Jake is oldest, Manny is next, I'm third, and Ry's fourth, and you roughly know Jake and Ry's ages, then its probably pretty easy to figure my age out... >_>

Scary. O_o Leauphaun, I may have to confiscate you. Er, imprison you. ;)

:) And so are you. :)


Leauphaun said...

:D Your welcome

Yeah, it is hard to do artwork after lessons because there is no teacher to tell you what is wrong and what needs fixing. I didn't do art for 6 months (approx) after I left my art teacher, but then I just started doing pastels and sketches and got more confident as time went along. Now I'm not sure how working with a teacher would go for me, as it has been almost 3 years since my last art lesson.

My tip would be to just keep practising things she taught you and apply them to any drawing you do. With time you should get used to technique and you will do it automatically, with your own style added to it ;)

Hahaha, same here. It would be awkward at first, but when I get to know the person...WHAM! I won't stop talking!!! Or at least most of the time I won' least I TRY to stop, but just can't.

Yup. Eldra and I have you and your siblings' ages sort of figured out. Sort of that is...

Mhm. It would probably be the best thing...

Awww, thanks :)

- Leauphaun

Vrenith said...

Yeah... I'm working on the one of Beatrice still, though its going pretty well.

Six months?! Whew. Sometimes I go for weeks, but not that long. :) I guess it probably is pretty hard (not to mention sad) to leave the art teacher, partly because she/he helps you and encourages you.

I know! There's something called the five elements of shading, which is a sphere: There's full light, where the light hits it head on, the shadow edge, where its dark near the edge, The cast shadow (of the ball) and the reflected light, which is the light bouncing back up from whatever the surface is that the ball is resting on, so there's a light gray on the very edge of the bottom of the ball. :) You see these things in everything.

I know! So I would be a bit shy until we start talking about something we have in common--and then I don't stop. So, you being an artist, I'd have to take hours to get all of it in, like I mentioned. XD

Yeah. I sort of know your age, not really Eldra's, and maybe Goose's...

I know. O_o But then again, since you're an artist, and it sort of comes with the trade, I'll let you off on this insanity right now... ;)