Monday, July 18, 2011


I like chalk. Do you? Don't answer. ^_^

Chalk art. Don't you love it? You don't have to answer that question either.

Chalk. I like it. But didn't I already mention that? Well, why do I like it? Because I figured out that I was okay at using it. Five or so days ago, on my grandma's driveway, I drew a rose. Okay, not usually my thing, but that's one of the few things that I've drawn in chalk before. Well, anyways, I used blue and purple and some other colors--a bit of yellow and some green--and it turned out really well.

What did I get out of it? A blister. ^_^ On my finger.

But I did rather like it. 'Twas pretty and looked pretty epic. Well, sadly, on that day my grandma's best friend--who she'd known for twenty-six years--had died. :/ From cancer.

A few days later I went to my other grandparents' house, and the heat was roasting. Up to a hundred and eight degrees. OW. So, I went outside. Not the best thing to do in that weather, eh? But I did.

And I took the chalk. And my grandparents' chalk. I was wearing capris. Bad. Idea. Because you know what? I had to sit on the ground. With my legs pressed against the cement that literally could fry and egg.

I endured it for half and hour as I drew a horse with a greenish blue for the dark areas, and yellow for the rest. Worked out amazingly, actually. Unfortunately, the next morning the sprinklers got turned on and it washed away... and my grandpa's camera wasn't working and made it too dim, so it looks as if it was really a blue and white horse.

I went swimming once while I was there, and my two-year old cousin stayed with us one night. :) He's cute. Sometimes silly.

The day before we left, I went back out into the blazing heat and drew a dragon. I used the same colors as the horse, and then took white and drew scales on him, smudging the lines with my fingers. :) Worked really well, but I don't have a picture of that drawing. :P

While at my grandparents', we went to work with them two days. They work at a store--a small second-hand grocery store, and the people there are really nice. There are only three checkout counters, and both times we were there only one was being used. The place is run by Holderman Mennonites--which I must say are extremely nice and hospitable people.

Ry and I--for we were the ones staying with grandparents--worked as well. We bagged people's groceries. 'Twas fun, actually. We carried out for a few people. Well, one man came along, looking rather bedraggled. He was talking to my grandma. Turns out, he'd been working since four A.M. and when he'd gotten to work, the inside of the building had been one hundred and five degrees. Well, before he went out, he handed me a few coins as a tip. :) The only person who gave me a tip.

With it, he said, "Don't spend it all on one thing." I was surprised at how much he'd given me--not a quarter or seventy five cents, but a dollar coin plus a dime. :D That may not seem like much, but for a tip it is.
The second day we worked there we brought gluten-free brownies along and set them in the break room for anyone to take from.

Grandma introduced me to a man who was deaf, and who's wife worked there. He was mute as well because he just didn't speak. His wife spoke to him in sign language, and he spoke back that way. Ry gave him a hug straight off.

I usually hug people after I know them. Well, this seemed like a really nice person. But I didn't have to go over there and hug him--he hugged me! He was a real sweet (not quite old) man. His wife was nice, too. Then we mentioned something about brownies in the back...

and he took his hand from behind his back. He held a brownie. XD He took a big bite out of it. Turns out, it was his second. :)

Well, I was going to eat supper around six--a sandwich in the back room--but I told Ry I had to finish this line of people first. Well, turns out, the line didn't stop. So, I eventually did go back and eat.

After eating, grandma wanted me to pick out things I wanted to buy--she'd pay for a bit of things because we'd worked for her. Well, she gave us a dollar an hour, and since we worked six hours in those two days, we got six dollars. I picked out things that were made by the wife of the deaf man because they were the best things--bagged candies. Smooth melts, or known as melty mints. They're like different colored chocolate chips that taste a bit like peppermint chocolate with some sort of sprinkle on the bottom. MM... those ones were always my favorite. Then, I also got spice drops, which are pretty much like gumdrops, except more on the spice side--one tasted to me like Thanksgiving. ;)

I also got taffy--two kinds. Key lime and orange. Both taste epic. I also got a chocolate bar for my mom, seeing as she loves chocolate as much as I do...

All in all, 'twas a great time. While I was at my grandparents', my dad came home from Africa where he'd been for the last week, and he brought back a necklace for me and my sisters (we each got one) and a lady in Africa had sent my mom a dress--except that it was too small. The waist was pretty much elastic, and its really comfortable--I've tried it on. The only thing is that i don't really like the color--'tis purple. :) But that can be looked over. The waist, does, of course, start at your waist. Then it turns into a really comfortable, airy skirt, which is maneuverable in, and goes down to my ankles. :) 'Tis Manny's dress, for now, since it doesn't fit my mom.

And today we got yet another surprise! In the mail we received, from a Liberian, African we know, another dress. This one is a two-piece and was sent for whoever it could fit. Well, it fits me... :D Normally, I hate wearing dresses and skirts. Jeans are my favorite, and T-shirts are my friends. But African dresses, I don't mind if its not all I ever wear. I mean, they're comfortable. Epic.

Anyways, this one is a brown and dark mustard color design. I'll have to post a picture of the pattern on here sometime. The top piece is really nice--its a shirt until three inches above my belly-button (XD) and then its like a long ruffle and goes down over the skirt. The skirt is a lot wider at the bottom than it is from the knee up. 'Tis comfortable, and that's what counts. :) In fact, I'm wearing it right now.

I am currently reading The Horn of Moran, and after that, Isle of Fire. :) I read Isle of Swords this week.

Six days until my lessons start!! :D


EDIT: Oh, yes, and I forgot to tell you. At my grandmother's friend's funeral, my parents met a man who lived across the street from my grandparents. He'd seen the rose and wanted me to do something on his driveway--something that was already there in paint, but needed to be re-painted because it was fading. 'Tis a Jayhawk. Not sure if I'll be able to do it or not, but I thought it was interesting. ^_^


Leauphaun said...

Me too :) I will answer.
Yup. I will ;D

Haha, chalk is awesome.
Awww, too bad for your grandmas' friend.
Swimming...'Tis fun stuff :)

Lol, the brownie episode. That sounds like fun. Candy. Yummmmm.

I love Africian dresses. SO COLORFUL!!!

- Leauphaun

Creative Artist said...

How dare you. ;)

Yeah... 'twas pretty sad. Grandma had one of her friend's daughters staying her basement while I was at the other grandparents'.

Ahhh, yes. The brownies were... Y.U.M.M.Y.

I love 'em too. :D What's ironic is that last time I got one, it turned out to be PINK... my least favorite color other than purple. O_o

--Vrenith (just thought it ironic because even though I loved the dress, it was my least favorite color. XD)

Anonymous said...

Vren, thank's for making big posts about the (sometimes) little things. It's the little things that matter to me, and hearing about the ones in my friend's life is special. Keep posting! You're doing an amazing job!

Creative Artist said...

Thank you. :) That comment really made my day. I always thought that my posts must be a bit boring because I include all of those little things, but thanks. :)


whisper said...

I love African dresses too! :D

As soon as I saw this post, I thought of some very, very cool pictures I saw of 3D chalk drawings. A man with great talent had created drawings with chalk that, if viewed from just the right angle, looked extremely realistic. I'll have to forward the pictures to you via email or something; they're fascinating. :)


Creative Artist said...

Ah, yes, I got the email. :) Great pictures! I've seen maybe two of them before, but they're all epic. :)