Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Wedding of Josh and Meredith and the Rest of my Lessons

Ah! I shall explain the wedding first. :) So, we did the flowers for the wedding, and that took quite awhile, unfortunately. But this morning, at eleven, we drove to where the wedding was going to be. It turned out to be an extremely beautiful, airy, huge building that looked old. It was EPIC. It was completely air-conditioned, better than our own house. O_o I wandered upstairs and such, helped around, and looked out over the balcony. Ry got ornery and dropped her shoes from the balcony (flip-flops). I wore Manny's purple (my least favorite color O_o) African, one-piece dress. Really nice and comfortable.

So, later the people started arriving.  While they were being wed, in the middle of it my mom disappeared. Well, when I looked, she was behind all of the seats, playing with a little toddler boy  Really cute. Then NEXT time I looked, he was fast asleep and she was carrying him around. XD We ate after a little while, and the food was good.

The cupcakes they had were pretty good. On top was red frosting, the middle was ice-cream, and the bottom cake. YUM.

Then came dancing. *gulp* The bride and groom danced, then the bride with the groom's father, and the groom with the bride's mother, and then the bride with her 'spiritual' father because her father was not living, and the groom with his mother. :) Then, everyone else was forced onto the dance floor. >_> Jake and I escaped up the stairs and watched from the balcony, so that was nice... but the  kids were irresistible. I HATE dancing, and stink at it, but I have to admit, they were having so much fun I could help but dance with them. XD Not that my dancing had anything going for it... >_>

So we danced for a long while. A very long while. Then people began to leave to say goodbye to the bride and groom and send them off, so I handed out bubbles for the people to blow at them as they walked by. Guess where they're going for their honeymoon? New Zealand. :D (it says I didn't spell it right... >_>) TO THE SHIRE!!

Well, after that we cleaned up and Ry and I stuck our hands in a plastic box of water gems, if you know what those are... they come in a small pack and when put in water grow, until they're marble-sized balls of squishy jelly stuff. :)

Picture (not ours, but was the best I could find):

These ones look pink, but ours weren't... ours were plain clear. :)

And art classes? THEY WENT OUT WITH A BANG!! Not really. XD Well, one morning, day before the last, I finished my picture of Moby and it worked out REALLY well. Wanna see it? Of course you do. ;)

DON'T YOU LOVE IT?!!?! It looks like him, too!! So sweet... Lee showed me how to give him a shadow and then blend it out so that it looks like he really is lying on something, not suspended in midair. :) He's adorable... >_>

And you know what else? That day I started TWO more projects!! A full-body horse, and a picture of Beatrice. Well, that night I took them home to work on them some more, and I did all of the shading on the horse (still needed to be fixed, of course) and a lot on Beatrice. I ended up finishing the horse the last day, and I'm still working on Beatrice. :) I really like the horse one... >_> It has a lot of contrast, which Lee really likes. She showed me how to do the grass.

So, Beatrice is still in process. :)

Sadness when I had to say goodbye to all of those wonderful art class students and the teacher. :) I went to a gallery that night with her, and looked at the paintings and art and watch for the five elements of shading and patterns in the art.

The next day (Saturday) she was having a book signing--realistic crayon drawings. :) Amazing. She has a book out, and she does really well. It was at the Crayola store from 12:00 to 5:00, but we had the flowers for the wedding come that day and only got going at 4:30 and it takes thirty minutes to get there... So, we missed her by ten minutes. :P Sadness, but at least I'll probably get to see her again. Here's the book cover:

(taken from Amazon)

An as you can see, its a Kindle edition... >_> XD

So, my art is going pretty well. I miss Lee already... >_> Fare thee all well!!



Leauphaun said...

Cool!!!! The water gems sound SO NEAT!!!!! I want some now!!!!!!!! :)

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!! Moby looks SO CUTE!!!! And the Arabian looks STUNNING!!!! Now I REALLY can't wait to get together with you guys!!!!!!!

Keep it up and you'll surpass me!!!

- Leauphaun

Vrenith said...

Me too... *plunges hands into an imaginary tub of water gems* Did I mention in the post the idea for my novel concerning water gems? *can't remember*

Thank you so much!! I can't wait, either... >_> In fact, I'm about to burst. Hmm, anyone want to detour to Kansas? Or should I detour to Canada? ;)

Ah, I don't think I'll ever surpass you. These ones were done with the help of my teacher, so they're better than I can do. :)


Pathfinder said...

That's amazing! I'm glad you had fun! Your projects turned out really well. If I didn't know any better I'd say that they were from a professional...

Leauphaun said...

Nope, you didn't mention the water gems for your novel. It sounds cool though :)

Hehehe, maybe I should plan something.....

Oh, you just might ;) That doesn't matter. Some of my older painintgs were doen with the help of my teacher too. She would paint with water, but sometimes she would help me with fur and such.

Keep it up!!!! =D
And I agree with Pathfinder. They DO look professional!!!!!

- Leauphaun

Vrenith said...


Thankee! Yes, they turned out really great! I'm still working on my other, though... I need to get it darker. :)

Aww, I've still got a long way to go. I could say that my teacher did half of it... >_>


Okay. I meant to, but it slipped my mind. But that happens too often for me. XD

Evil plot?! Perfect! *evil cackle*

Yeah. Lee says I can come over or email her if I need tips/help. :D

Thank you, but seriously, I've got a LONG ways to go. :) But I'm getting there...


Anonymous said...

That wedding sounds like it was a lot of fun!!! :D