Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Tag of Characters

The tag of characters... which means...

1. I pick three characters...
2. Make my characters answer these questions. *devious grin*
3. Tag three people.

But... *dramatic sigh* I probably shall bend the rules a bit, like TD... ya know, it tends to happen. With me, at least. :O

The three characters I'm using are first, my two main characters, Myrean and Aneth. Second, Lord Dvinstra. ^_^ Enjoy, even though my humor isn't that great...

Interviewer: Hi, hello, welcome! Do you want a hug?

Aneth: Umm... not sure about that one...

Lord Dvinstra: Hold that thought. Please.

Myrean: Aw, its the thought that counts.

Interviewer: Ah, OK. That question was required, you know?

Lord Dvinstra: *suspicious glance* *mutters something about spies*

Interviewer: Do you have any kids?

Aneth: Uh... no. Lord Dvinstra, could you stop fidgeting?

Lord Dvinstra: I'm not fidgeting. It's all in your head, boy. *turns to Interviewer* Yeah, I have a daughter. Srey. She's an angel.

Myrean: *snorts* Right... *mutters to self* ...she's a brat...

Lord Dvinstra: What was that? *glares*

Interviewer: Wait! Stop! Uh... no fighting, please. Aren't you guys supposed to be friends?

Aneth: Its a bit hard being nice when Lord Dvinstra won't stop moving. And thinking about steak.

Lord Dvinstra: Thieving rascal, keep out of my thoughts!

Aneth: Sorry... no offense, but I can't help it. You're thinking like crazy, and I'm drawn to the pretty 'fireworks' reflecting off of your mind. *grins*

Myrean: Yeah, Lord Dvinstra, its not the Fourth!

Interviewer: You actually only missed it by a week or so... Have you ever killed anyone?

Myrean: Umm... *feels sick* *won't tell*

Aneth: Yes. Not that I wanted to, but... I was trying to escape. I had no choice.

Lord Dvinstra: Let me think... yeah.

Aneth: Is that all--Eddlington? *teases*

Lord Dvinstra: You're not supposed to speak that name aloud!! *is red with embarrassment*

Myrean: Aww, its not that bad! Come on, stop picking on the poor man.

Lord Dvinstra: *nods vigorously*

Myrean: Actually, its a rather nice name!

Lord Dvinstra: *sighs* It also means Betrayer...

Myrean: Oh.

Aneth: Oh is right.

Interviewer: *cuts in* Hey, hey, Aneth, Myrean, Eddlington...

Lord Dvinstra: Don't call me that, or you may find that your head is suddenly gon--

Aneth: *covers Lord Dvinstra's mouth* Uh, he didn't mean to say that, really... *nervous smile*

Lord Dvinstra: *breaks free* Oh, yes, I did! You-- Wait. Do I know you? You feel rather... familiar. And younger than me, so I can't have known you long...

Interviewer: *smug smile* (I couldn't help it) That's because I MADE you.

Myrean: *snickers*

Aneth: What?! Yeah, right. Whatever happened to good old Sharurl? (God)

Lord Dvinstra: Why is Sharurl all you ever talk about?

Aneth: He made everything.

Lord Dvinstra: I'm not so sure. *glares* I've never met him--so there's no proof. Thus, I don't believe. Now PLEASE stop preaching at me.

Myrean: You guys need to cool it...

Lord Dvinstra: *is puzzled* What? Cool what?

Interviewer: GUYS!!! Back to the current conversation? Now, here we go: Love anyone?

Aneth: You are so weird...

Myrean: *turns red* Umm, no, definitely not... I'm sixteen...

Lord Dvinstra: 'Course I do. Lady Eseriah Dvinstra, my wife. *grins*

Myrean: I can understand why you married her. She's... what would be a good word?...epic.

Aneth: Hm. Never met her.

Myrean: She's someone you would like. Oh, yeah, and I found this prophecy while I was ther--

Interviewer: SHH!!! Myrean, don't you realize that that is called a spoiler? We can't have those, not for my novel.

Myrean: Your novel? *puzzled* What do you mean?

Aneth: She still thinks she made us, Myrean.

Myrean: Oh.

Interviewer: What is your job? You know, what you do for a living...?

Aneth: *harsh laugh* Treason. That's all I can say.

Myrean: I don't really have a job... wait--oh, yes, I guess I'm sort of the protector/guardian of the Asto Gem.

Lord Dvinstra: Look at my name. Guess.

Myrean: L.O.R.D... *spells out name* Oh. A lord?

Lord Dvinstra: Uh, yeah, but I thought you already knew that.

Myrean: Yeah... so you could say I cheated. *flashy grin*

Interviewer: *ahem* I think we've established the fact that you're a lord, Dvinstra. Now, what is your favorite season?

Aneth: Definitely not winter. I am currently freezing because of staying in that infernal dungeon... the Demonking isn't much of a host. *grim smile*

Myrean: Wait--where ARE you?! This would help so much to know where you are if I'm going to try and find you and rescue you!

Aneth: *is taken aback* Why didn't I realize this before?!?!? YOU'RE DEAD.

Myrean: *frowns* You just think I'm dead. Really, what happened was--

Interviewer: What did I say about spoilers? *glares*

Lord Dvinstra: *ahem* My favorite season is... fall.

Myrean: Mine too.

Aneth: Not mine. I like Summer. I'm sick of cold right now.

Myrean: Fall isn't cold.

Aneth: That's because you're a ghost.

Lord Dvinstra: *rolls eyes*

Interviewer: Umm... Who's your best friend?

Lord Dvinstra: *shrugs*

Aneth: *scowls* Niwodei. But then again, he's dead.

Myrean: I thought you'd gotten over that.

Aneth: Myrean, death may not be the end of friendship, but its still horrible to think about. *glares*

Myrean: Well, I actually have lots of friends. Well, not *lots* but enough. Aneth, Lord Dvinstra, Eseriah, Ristior from back home--all those.

Lord Dvinstra: Well, since you fools (no offense) admitted, I'll say that my best friend is Eseriah, though you, Aneth, are close, too...

Aneth: *teases* So, a coward? Not willing to admit that your wife is your best friend?

Lord Dvinstra: No! I'm just saying, isn't it a little strange that we're giving all this information to a *stranger?!*

Aneth: *shrugs*

Interviewer: Really, I'm not a stranger at all. I know you all pretty well, actually. Any hobbies?

Aneth: *blinks* That was almost... random. I like swordsmanship.

Myrean: I paint... but I haven't for a long time. Not since Seriand was destroyed.

Lord Dvinstra: Uh... does hunting count?

Interviewer: Yeah, I guess. Um, nobody talk to Myrean about Seriand... we don't want to have a major meltdown.

Myrean: *glares* I definitely would NOT have a meltdown! I would never!

Aneth: *lifts eyebrow* Not to be mean, but when we last talked about it, you did cry.

Myrean: That wasn't about Seriand. That was about... *gulps* My parents being dead because of it.

Aneth: See? You're tearing up now.

Myrean: Whew, why is it that as soon as we arrived here... wait, where is this place, anyways? ...you've been not-so-considerate.

Aneth: *shrugs* Yeah, where *are* we?

Interviewer: I'm not sure you want to know... 

Lord Dvinstra: *pales* I told you she was a stalker!

Myrean: Nonsense, Eddlington!

Lord Dvinstra: Don't bring that up again.

Myrean: Okay, but you have to admit--it is a catchy name.

Aneth: *rolls eyes* So where are we? We can handle it.

Interviewer: Umm... would saying you're in a cave suffice? No, that would be lying. Well, you're in my mind. See those electric lightning bolts over there? *points* That would be Inspiration. He/she/it helped me make you.

Lord Dvinstra: Off you go with that nonsense again!

Aneth: When I said we could handle it... *wide eyes* I was wrong. Umm, excuse me-- *blaghing sounds*

Myrean: OH, that's just great. *frowns* Look what you made him do.

Aneth: We're in someone's consciousness--impossible! No, not impossible... I've been there before, seeing as I'm a MindSeer. BUT MADE BY ONE?! *panics* This can't be happening!

Lord Dvinstra: Get over it.

Aneth: Easy for you to say. She made you a lord. Now me... I'm probably going to be killed! Oh, gah!! I'm in a prison and there's no way out. A little girl is depending on me to keep her alive and--

Interviewer: BE QUIET!! What is with those who don't keep any plot things secret? *glares* What are you going to do when this tag is over?

Myrean: Not that I know what a tag even is, but I guess I'll try to convince Drys to let me stand.

Aneth: I'll rot away in a cell, unable to help a young girl.

Lord Dvinstra: I'll kill a Yahvel. You know, revenge.

Aneth: *rolls eyes* Yeah, right, Dvinstra.

Myrean: *giggles* Lord Dvinstra, revenge isn't very honorable.

Lord Dvinstra: Well, I'm not a knight!

Aneth: But you're a lord.

Lord Dvinstra: Good point. Maybe instead of revenge I'll just sleep in. In a feather bed. With feather pillows. IN A REAL HOUSE. *sighs*

Interviewer: What is your eye color?

Lord Dvinstra: *whispers in Aneth's ear* ...How does that information help a stalker?

Interviewer: Remember, Ed, you are in my head. I can hear everything, no matter how low you speak it.

Myrean: *snickers*

Aneth: My eyes are a brightish blue... I think. I haven't looked in a mirror in a long time.

Myrean: My eyes are green. They darken when I'm angry. At least, that's what my mother told me... *sniffs*

Aneth: No! ...Um, no. *Please* don't speak of your mom. *doesn't want an emotional breakdown because he has no idea how to deal with such things*

Myrean: *glares* I saw those thoughts.

Aneth: *groans* Yeah... why did you have to be a MindSeer? Couldn't Sharurl had made you a healer or something?

Myrean: *jabs an elbow into his gut*

Aneth: OW!!

Lord Dvinstra: Back to the question? My eyes are brown. Dark brown. Weird brown. *shrugs* Or just plain brown. *grins*

Interviewer: *skeptical look* Your eyes aren't *that* complicated, Dvinstra. Couldn't you just say brown? 

Lord Dvinstra: *shrugs* Whatever.

Interviewer: Are you good? Or bad?

Lord Dvinstra: That depends on how you look at it. I was 'employed' by the Demonking as a lord--obviously not a very well thought through choice, because I'm not exactly loyal--so I could be bad. And the peasants that suffer from the Demonking's taxes and hate me because I'm forced to take it from them.
Or others who think I'm a saint--like my wife and daughter. Or a friend, who is trustful. So, pick an angle and decide yourself.

Aneth: Umm... good? I mean, I follow Sharurl. I still do bad things, but I don't think that makes me bad...

Myrean: *laughs* What am I supposed to say? If you were the Demonking, I'd be bad. If you were Had'Shar, I'd be good.

Aneth: Had'Shar?

Myrean: The Promised King.

Aneth: Oh. *stops* Please see me afterwards. I need to talk to you about that.

Interviewer: Uh, well, there's not going to be an afterwards--you guys will forget this whole interview and land back in your story.

Aneth: But--but--I need this information!

Myrean: Yes, so do I! Aneth's going to rot!

Aneth: I am!

Lord Dvinstra: You're starting to really seem like a stalker...

Interviewer: What is your greatest fear?

Lord Dvinstra: *points* YES!! I TOLD YOU!! She's a stalker!!!

Myrean: That's not scientifically proven, Lord Dvinstra. *turns to me* My greatest fear is that my parents truly are dead. *eyes glisten*

Aneth: I'm afraid I'll never get out of this cell... *mutters* OR that I'll never find the King.

Lord Dvinstra: You guys actually told her?! She'll use it against you!

Interviewer: Cross my heart and hope to die, Lord Dvinstra, tell me or I'll make you.

Lord Dvinstra: You can't force me-- *tongue ties* That the Demonking will find out that I helped Aneth--AH! How'd you do that?! Why?!

Interviewer: *shrugs* I'm your maker.

Lord Dvinstra: Mention that one more time, and I'm walking out.

Myrean: Just cool down, Dvinstra.

Lord Dvinstra: Why do people keep calling me 'Dvinstra?'

Myrean: *shrugs*

Interviewer: What do you think of your parents?

Myrean: *bursts into tears*

Aneth: I thought you told us not to mention her parents. *glares* Now look what you've done! *tries to help*

Lord Dvinstra: My parents died a *long* time ago.

Aneth: *sobers* My mother... what did I think of her? I thought she was the best. Until an illness killed her. My father? I loved him, but I mean... he went off and died in the mountains. Not with me.

Myrean: *sympathetic look through her tears*

Lord Dvinstra: *has no idea how to stop Myrean's tears*

Myrean: *cries her heart out.

Interviewer: *gives Myrean a hug* Do you have any siblings?

Aneth: Nope. I'm an only child.

Myrean: My older brother was killed in an accident before I was born.

Lord Dvinstra: Born into a family of eight. Five brothers and two sisters.

Interviewer: Oh, wow, Dvinstra. O_O (I didn't even know that about him...)

Lord Dvinstra: *laughs* If you think that's a lot, you're mistaken. My neighbor had fourteen--ten of their own, and four off of the streets.

Myrean: *wide eyes*

Aneth: Really? That's.... interesting.

Interviewer: Was it fun to answer all these questions?

Myrean: Yeah! It was okay.

Lord Dvinstra: I hated every minute of it. Stalker--

Aneth: *tackles Lord Dvinstra* Uh... *gasps* It was okay...

Interviewer: (Not sure how he'll take this one... *gulps*) Do you have any weaknesses?

Lord Dvinstra: I. AM. LEAVING!!! *makes for the door*

Aneth: Um... Lord Dvinstra? There is no door. I think you're trapped.

Lord Dvinstra: AUGH....

Aneth: *grins* *whispers* His weakness is religion, I think...

Lord Dvinstra: I heard that!

Myrean: My weakness... um... maybe the fact that I don't want to be belittled by men? Oh, now that sounds feminist... actually, I'd just like to be believed in. Most don't and underestimate me, while that may be a weapon, its not very fun. How can people respect me and at the same time I can be a girl? Men shall always lead--I want them to. But I'd like a chance to *follow.*

Aneth: We respect you. Remember, I've been under the attack of your blade before...  *shivers at the memory*

Myrean: You're just trying to make me laugh.

Aneth: Maybe.

Lord Dvinstra: How can you guys give up all this information? This woman/girl could be working for the Demonking.

Aneth: If she worked for the Demonking, she wouldn't be so nice, we wouldn't be in her mind, and--

Lord Dvinstra: How do we know we're actually in her mind?

Aneth: *exasperated sigh*

Interviewer: Your favorite element?

Aneth: Air. Or fire.

Myrean: Fire.

Lord Dvinstra: Earth. Not the insides of your mind. *glares*

Myrean: Keep it down, Eddlington.

Lord Dvinstra: *simmers in silence*

Interviewer: Do you care what others think of you?

Lord Dvinstra: *harsh laugh* What do you think? I disagree with everyone here right now, and I still don't care what they think!

Myrean: Yeah, I have to admit, I actually do care a lot of the time. Your little 'angel' Lord Dvinstra, has some very murderous words. >_>

Lord Dvinstra: Don't you slander my girl.

Myrean: *turns away*

Aneth: Harsh words do affect me, but I do my best to stay true in my opinion--that Sharurl is master of all.

Lord Dvinstra: *rolls eyes*

Interviewer: Your theme song?

Myrean: *puzzled* We're supposed to have a theme song?

Aneth: Me? Well, I guess I could be Avalanche by Manifest? But maybe not...

Lord Dvinstra: You're not that... uh... actionish.

Aneth: *offense* What? Go away, old man.

Lord Dvinstra: I am definitely not an old man. Don't call me that.

Myrean: Stop bickering, you two. My theme song would be... *contemplates* Maybe the dun, dun dun dun dun part of In Dreams... the music in LOTR that played when they were running to find the hobbits (Legolas, Aragorn, and Gimli--I think that's how you spell it)

Interviewer: *clears throat* What's your species?

Lord Dvinstra: I am leaving. NOW. *suddenly disappears*

Interviewer: HEY! Get back here! *grabs Dvinstra out of thin air* Stay until I finish!

Myrean: I'm an elf. *grins* No, I'm a human.

Aneth: What species? I would call myself a horse/human... at least, when I'm actually riding Sonia. XD

Interviewer: You guys can leave now.

Lord Dvinstra: Thank heaven!!! *disappears immediately*

Myrean: Nice to meet you! *cheerful* *disappears*

Aneth: I don't really want to go back to prison... *drags feet*

Interviewer: *gives Aneth a push*

Aneth: *flails and drops onto hard stone* NO!! *forgets*

OK, so there you have it! The official tag. I tag... anyone who wants to do it, because I have no idea which people would actually want to take the time. Farewell! I am running low on time. XD



Leauphaun said...

Very funny Vrenith!!! It had me laughing at the answers your characters had :) Cleverly written!

I like the eye color part. "How does that information help a stalker?" LOL!!!!!!

Great tag!!!

GB - Leauphaun

Vrenith said...

Yeah... Lord Dvinstra started getting a bit wierd with all the stalker stuff. ;) And I didn't even know he had seven brothers and sisters. XD


Now I'm just wondering if anyone actually took the time to read it (other than ye). :) 'Twas extremely long.

Eldra said...

I read... part of it. *laughs nervously* Yeah, sorry. On a bit of a tine limit here. I'll read it soon, I promise!

Anonymous said...

Epic awesomeness. LOVE IT! I've been working on mine, I hope it's as funny as yours and Abby's. :) Great job!

Vrenith said...

Ah, well, I forgive ye, Eldra. ;) This time! ;)

Thanks, Taylor Lynn! Thanks for checking my blog. :) I'm sure yours will be just as awesome... there's something about talking to your characters that makes your humor come around... which isn't very often for me. :P Unfortunately.


The Director said...

That was EPIC. Great job Vrenith!!!! :D :D :D

Vrenith said...

Thankee, Director! I didn't know how well it would work out, so I did my best. :) I don't know where the idea Lord Dvinstra had of me being a stalker came from... >_> I now know a few more tidbits about my characters than I did before. ^_^ Thanks for checking my blog--and commenting!


Anonymous said...

lol, that was funny:) I read some of it but...it just looked so long..lol...not that I don't enjoy reading long funny ranting of Q and As but not so much this late at night, is this a Christian based novel you're writing? *says hopefully* the world can always use another one of those:D btw, if you're wonderin' why I'm here I found this site on the giving back from what I have site. I have no idea how I found that one...lol, too long ago...anyway yeah. Just sayin' that was funny:D

Vrenith said...

Thanks, Anonymous! You probably won't see this comment, because I took so long to reply... sorry! I didn't see this comment.

Yes, this is a Christian novel. :) I love Christian Fantasy, and I'm a Christian myself, so I think Christianity makes it even better. :D

Sharurl is pretty much just their name for God.