Friday, July 8, 2011

The Fourth of July and Famousity

Heh, I've discovered that I'm famous... well, not really. We went to some of our friends' church for a presentation they were giving on a mission trip they'd gone on, and afterwards they were talking to my family. They've got ten kids, and their names all start with B. An extremely nice family.

What's strange is that they went to Perkins, a breakfast-ish sort of restaurant. Well, the thing is, they saw a drawing hanging up and the mom was thinking, "That looks like something ___ would draw," I replaced my name with a line. :) Then, she saw my signature near the bottom, on this okay horse head that I'd drawn! So she asked the lady behind the counter if she knew who'd drawn it, and she said she didn't, some girl who'd come in and given it to the waitress. ;) ;) ;)

The mom's like, "I know her!" And that story just seemed funny to me... I gave the waitress that drawing over three months ago, and apparently, she did hang it up, like she said she would. XD My sister had gone there a few months ago for a birthday supper and saw it then, but I didn't expect it to be still up!

It wasn't my best, but I still liked that drawing. :) So, that was a strange experience.

After we went to the presentation we went to a friend's house for fireworks--there were a few families there, including the ten-kid one. :) We lit fireworks (no big ones, unfortunately) on the street, and the people across from us, one over, were setting off 'em as well! So, we got to watch theirs as well as ours. The best part was that they did set off some of the kind that explode in the sky, and we got to watch them easily because they were right over us.

After those people finished, they took a large paper lantern (like from Tangled) and lit the inside. Turns out, they were doing it just like in Tangled--and it did fly. It went up and eventually disappeared.

And that was a few days ago... but I hardly did anything after that except read. In the last two (counting the days I actually read--its actually been probably three weeks, maybe four, but a lot of that time I didn't have any books to read)  weeks I've read... Icefire, Fire Star, The Fire Eternal, and I've just started Dark Fire, the next book... other than that series, I've read The Map Across Time, Swords of the Six, The Final Hour, Song of the Ovulum, and part of my own novel.

HEY!! Oh, yes, and good news! Jake and I formatted my novel for his kindle (There's dozens of mistakes, and we're going to highlight them and fix them on the computer) and it is now on it! I have read around sixty-something percent, and it is weird reading my own novel like that. Sometimes I can't help but think at how bad some of the things are written, and sometimes I can't help but think that I *couldn't* of written that part. But the latter is rare. Well, at least we find the mistakes, and therefor can fix them! ...Eventually.

And now, for a tag! Yes, a tag. I don't think you were expecting one. XD But anyways, I was tagged by Leauphaun, and the tag was made by Ryebrynn.  'Tis a reading tag.

Question One: How many average books do you read in one day?
Ah, well, it differs... average, as in two hundred pages? Well, it also depends on how much time I have. Maybe one to four. Maybe. The most books (two hundred and over) that I've read in a day is four.

Question Two: What are your favorite books?
WHAT?! You ask me to DECIDE? The Blood of Kings Trilogy, On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness, North! Or be Eaten, Isle of Fire, Isle of Swords, The Door Within Trilogy, Berinfell Prophecies--the list goes on and on!

Question Three: Who is your favorite author?
More torturous questions. It might be Jill Williamson, but I can never be sure! Listing off again: Wayne Thomas Batson, Christopher Hopper, L.B. Graham--and gah, a lot of the books' authors aren't coming to me. :P But anyways, you can be sure that there are many more.

Question Four: Do you like non-fiction or fiction?
Well, most of the time I prefer fiction, but sometimes non-fiction can be interesting.

Question Five: Do you quote quotes from the books you read?
"In the words of Bimm Stack, 'I've an idea! Attend closely to me, and you might find your shoes." What do you think? ;) I have other quotes if you want to hear them...

Okay, so I'm done! Ready! Finished! Farewell, any-elves, never-elves, and ever-elves! (I have no idea where that came from)



Leauphaun said...

Hahahaha, 'any-elves, never-elves and ever-elves'. PRICELESS!!!!

WoW. O_o A family of 10? All with B names?? That must be confusing!

COOL! That is Epic. (Your drawing in the restaurant)

Nice tag :) And I TOTALLY forgot JRR Tolkien!!!!! And LORD OF THE RINGS!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?!?!

- Leauphaun

Word Verification - ladette. A Lady Cadette??

Vrenith said...

I know!! I truly do not know where those came from... well, there's an idea. ;) *SHH*

Not really, actually. They're easy to tell apart, there are no twins or any such, actually. O_O The oldest is nineteen, and the youngest was born... well, late late last year. I think. Here are the names (and I'm not sure if I spelled all of them right): Brittlyn, Berrick, Blake, Brandon, Bradley, Bowen, Brynn, Bella, and Braya. I can't remember if Braya is Braya or Breya...

Anyways, I think that's from oldest to youngest.

Ah, I see the capitalization in Epic... ;)

OH! Whoops! :O
I would've put them up there, but on a bet I made to Jake a very long time ago, I swore I would never read them... >_> 'Tis sad, I know, but I don't know if I should break or not on the case...

Hmm... Or maybe a female lad? Like a ladette?


Word Verification: Pretas. Pretense, if you add a few things in there... Pretties? Naw... Pretty pretenses, maybe? No, I'm puzzled as to what it means... >_>

Leauphaun said...

O_O :)
I think it's more amazing that you remember all the names!!! *claps hands*

I've learned my lesson. Epik. I mean Epic! lol ^_^

Why would you not EVER read them??? They are awesomely-Epic books. I would break it, but it all depends on what you loose if you DO break it...if he doesn't 'let' you read them I just may have to set a rabbit on him. *Nods head wisly* Yes, a rabbit 0_0
'Tis the most detailed and wonderfuly complex book EVER!

Hmmm, that could be...:)

- Leauphaun

Vrenith said...

I think I only remembered them because they all started with B and weren't all regular names. ^_^ That makes it a lot easier for me. At first, though, I couldn't tell the little kids apart... silly me. :P

Okay. ^_^

I've heard its really good, and I want to read it, but just to see how Jake reacts, methinks I'll keep it up. Its easier not having read *any* small excerpt, because then I'm not tempted--for now. ;)

:) Thanks for commenting!