Monday, April 25, 2011

Pictures of Beatrice

See earlier post to learn who Beatrice is. :) Here's some epic pictures of her!

 (That's my mom holding her)

All the ones where she's being held by my mom or outside are with her siblings, while the ones of her in her new kennel are ones taken here, at my house. :) Enjoy!


A Quite, Quite, Eventful Week

Haha. Adorable. Extremely melting. I mean, all she has to do is look at you and—
Wait. You don’t know who ‘she’ is, do you? Oh, sorry. Got a bit carried away. SHE is THE PUPPY. Yep. Our puppy. Our adorable puppy. Haha. YES!!!! WE GOT A PUPPY!!!!! Two dogs, now. Moby and—wait for the name—Beatrice. Or Bea. Or Bea Bea, as my Dad calls her.  J
Ah, and Moby… poor dog. He doesn’t like her, at all—not that she did anything. From the moment they met, Moby hates it when she gets near him. She was sniffing him while he lay down, and he got up abruptly. Hmm… I’m not sure if he’s jealous or what. :P
J She had a bit of trauma the first day, due to being moved so much. We got her yesterday. J Cutie. We were two and a half hours from KC, visiting grandparents for Easter.
I wanted a different puppy, but the problem was that my puppy was a boy, had less of the father’s blood in it, and was smaller. :P I nicknamed him my Appaloosa, and he would just sit in my lap and cuddle… there were two litters by the same dog, and this one was half Catahoula and half of the father… which I shall mention below. Anyways, my adorable puppy didn’t get to come with us… :P
We got them from some friends we have, for free! Just as we got Moby for free.
Anyways, we saw her a few times before we actually got her—we ‘put a hold on her,’ you might say. She is only six weeks old and is HUGE... Why? Because her mother was a Border Collie mix and her father was a Great Pyrenees. Huge, white dogs, Great Pyrenees are.
Her body is completely white with a black head and a stripe down the forehead. She’s got these adorable brown eyes that totally melt you. XD Adorable, as I said.
Here’s the story of her first traumatic day with us—the Sadaars:
We picked her up around three. We had two of our cousins with us which we were taking to Emporia, and they got to hold her first. We used my pillow and she slept most of the ride, and we got to Emporia (at Starbucks), took her out and let her take care of her business, and then she tumbled about a bit with me. J Our cousins left with their Dad.
Long car ride again. We handed her off every fifteen minutes (poor dog) and she slept for most of it… the cycle went like this: Me, Ry, Manny, and then Jake. Then we went around again.
We finally got her home, and poor girl, she was in a totally new place. We took her straight outside and let her sniff, but she was super scared because it was dark and dogs were barking.
Beatrice didn’t go, so we took her inside and set her in the sink. She’d never had a bath because she was raised outside in a pen. She totally freaked. When we turned the water on, my Dad had to hold her front legs so she couldn’t get out. She whined so badly that she almost barked. She sounded like she was screaming… when we turned off the water she was better, and we rubbed in the soap. But when we turned it back on, every time it got near her, she went off again. :P Soon she was done and I dried her, and then we brushed her long, silky fur.
So then we took her back outside. She STILL didn’t go… she was fine for a bit when she tussled about with me, and she came when I called. (She already comes!) But then she got a little scared, the heater turned on, and she bolted. Poor girl, like I said. Dogs began barking, and her being in an unknown place, she wouldn’t move. So we had to pick her up and take her inside. :P
We brought Moby’s old kennel inside and Dad divided it with a stand-up piece of wood so that she wouldn’t have too much room because she wasn’t potty-trained yet. J I put the pillow that we used in the car for her in there, and a blanket over it, and she fell asleep… but again, poor puppy. She began whining, and Manny went down there three times during the night. She’s better now, though… J
So there were two litters, two moms, and one father. The father was a stray Great Pyrenees, and the mothers were Snips, a Catahoula, and Sassy, a Border Collie mix. J Both really nice.
So that’s our new puppy adventure, just beginning. :D
Oh, and another thing that’s really interesting; our puppy has six toes on her back feet! It’s a Great Pyrenees thing. J Haha. Play on words. XD
More news. Sorry if I bored you with my long story of Beatrice, but I had to!! She’s too cute. So here’s my other news.
My Grandpa has a farm that’s really old and broken, the house leaks but is still good, and our old dog, Queasy, lives there. Anyways, it was vandalized. We (Manny and I) went with two of our cousins and found a window busted, one of the doors unlocked, and all the doors in the house open. Which are always closed.
It happened like this. We drove up and Grandpa saw a shed door open.
“Queasy must have done that,” He mutters.
But we find the window and door. And Manny said the door to the upstairs was open, as well. So we started joking around that somebody broke in—and then we saw that many of the other doors of the many sheds and things were opened. Ow. So we walked around and found that a few things had been tossed aside, since there was very little of worth there. We figured out later that they were probably only looking for machineryish stuff, for they didn’t take the expensive clock on the wall. Hmm.
It also looked like a few things might’ve been missing from the attic. We still weren’t sure, though. Not until Grandpa went to get the mower, for we were going to mow that day. No, the mower wasn’t stolen. But the battery had been ripped out, breaking the fittings. A charger was stolen as well, and then another $150 charger was also stolen. Ow. They used a wrench and broke into the machine shed… blah. We never did find the wrench.
The Blacksmith’s Shed hadn’t been open in years, but they forced it open and propped it open with a chair, indicating they carried things out. But we don’t know what was in there, so that’s bad.
We went exploring some more, and found my Dad’s old car that was half-rotted. Manny opened (with her hands!!) the engine compartment, and a skunk was in it!! It didn’t try to spray us, but I was standing right there and saw the whole thing. Manny screamed and dropped it, XD Hannah and Abby, who were standing nearby, hadn’t seen the skunk and didn’t believe us. So Hannah, the brave one, picked up some fence posts and began propping it open and saw the skunk. No, she did not scream or jump away. She’s thirteen, and she said, “Oh, come on! Its cute!” Heh. It was, though. We thought it might’ve had a nest in there, because it wouldn’t leave.
After all that, we called the Cops. It took them awhile, but they got to the farm and asked questions. They said they might put up a camera and use my Grandpa’s four-wheeler as bait, but I haven’t heard anything back since then, and that was Friday. Three days ago.
So that is my half-exciting life. Usually my life is not that exciting, but this was a weird week.
Ah, and drawings. For co-op homework I am drawing from the Final Storm the scene where Falon fights the Wyrm Lord (Sorry if I spoiled that part).
And that’s all!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Guilty of Taggedon

No, even I don't know what Taggedon means. Since its my title, then I guess it has something to do with the--OH YES!!! The tag. The whole reason I'm blogging--er, yes, well, I blog for other things too... but that's my main topic. I got the Stylish Blogger Award! (didn't know I was a stylish blogger, XD) Thanks to Leauphaun and Noah Arsenault for tagging me! :) I have to do these things to properly accept this award:

1. Thank the person (persons, in my case) who awarded me--I already did that. :)

2. Write seven things about myself.

You probably already know this, but I'm an artist and love to draw and paint--I'm especially good at horses.

My birthday is November 2nd--I will not say the year. :) But I'm probably younger than all of you, save Ry.

I love horses--everything about them. But unfortunately, I live nowhere near where I could be with one, and the last time I was near one was atleast nine months ago. :P

I'm not a writer--be forewarned--but I do write tidbits of fantasy... I've written and finished one novel at 280 pages, 70,000 words, but I doubt the actual writing was any good.

I probably have more friends on the internet than where I live--where I live, I only have two--I think. So thanks to all ye UGers and Bloggers out there!

I am in a family of six, including the parents and myself.

Ha ha, here's a fun one: Counting rentals, houses, and apartments, I've lived in thirteen different houses. O_o NOT counting hotels. If you counted hotels that we lived in for atleast two months, well, you' don't want to know. They STANK. Literally. The hallways had a gross smell and the room didn't smell too good after they cleaned it. :P Lived in a two-room suite with a kitchen, couch/bed, three TVs that came with the room, a coffeetable, beds in the bedrooms, a bathroom, and lamps and sidetables as well as a whole table near the kitchen. OUCH. the space was small, and that's a lot of stuff. Also, we had SIX people in there, a shedding golden retriever, and our own suitcases and such. Not fun. At all.

That was a long fact about myself. :)  So there you have it. I'm a stylish blogger.

The people I tag... (I have to tag seven people)

Camerie Ann
Silver Angel
The Director
Elven Princess
Hannah Scheufler

And then I have to notify those people--whether by comment, email, or whatever.

AND, you guys don't have to do this--whether you don't want to, don't have time, or have already done it. :)

Ah, yes, and my friend from the UG has made a blog! Up there, where it says 'Camerie Ann'--its linked to her blog. If you don't already know of it, flood it with followers!!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Meeting. The Epic Meeting. Oh, and Pie! We Can't forget the Pie!

HEY!!! So excited. Not for anything... just because of something we did. And now I have the blues. The bad ol' blues. Seriously. Really badly.


Yah. Spent like an hour and a half to two hours talking... exchanging random stories. I listened for the most part, actually. :) 'Twas a very interesting experience, listening to Jake, Millard, and SciFi talking like they'd known each other for forever. 'Twas VERY interesting.

We walked in and thought we saw somebody that looked like Millard that was still in the parking lot, so we just continued on... and then as soon as we were there, standing in the doorway, Millard walks up and introduces himself. Much greetings, but no hallucinations. XD

A few minutes later, SciFiAuthor walks in, also. We recognized him pretty easily. So we all ordered stuff to eat and sat down, Jake, SciFiAuthor, Millard, and Millard's father sitting in one booth, my mom, Ry, and me in another. Manny, sadly, couldn't make it.

I sat in the booth behind Jake, trying to get a good seat so that I could both hear and see and be comfortable, all at the same time. Finally I ended up sitting on the window-sill which was level with the seat, and that was comfortable enough. :)

After a little while, I pulled out my 'special' sketchbook and began to work on the picture called 'Redeemer.' I'd figured out a background and had already started it. The background is strange. Wierd. Whatever you want to call it. But back to subject!

Random stories went around, and I thought I heard something about someone going on many unsuccessful camping trips and a golf-ball in the door of somebody's trailer... so anyways, quite funny. Especially since I was meeting these people for the first time, loving the experience, and thinking how strange it was that we were talking to them like we'd known them face-to-face before. I positively loved it.

Jake showed off his Kindle a bit, and they looked at that for a few minutes, and then moved on. I think my mom had almost as good a time as we did, XD

Then Ry went out to get the big surprise: A dairy-and-egg-free-PIE!! Blueberry. We gave it to Millard from Manny, and he ate one piece. And so we hope the pie was a success!

*sways around to the tune* What's playing in my head? The blues. Its that feeling that you get when you go somewhere and have an enormous amount of fun and then have to leave... its almost like a mild case of depression! And it was worse now, because I'd only met them once... *sighs*

Well, anyways, some other news is that I saw TRON: Legacy. Manny and I LOVED it, though what Jake said was, "I don't know what to think of it."
I said, "What do you mean?"
"It was complicated and confusing... I don't know what to think of it."
Manny joins in. "Well, I followed it just fine, and I loved it!"
"Me too," I say.
Well, all I know is that Jake commented on Facebook saying he liked it, so I guess that's it. XD

Drawings... Like I said, I've been working on 'Redeemer.' Its the one where the shadowed person is on some rocks and helping another shadowed person up. The background turned out to be a pair of sad eyes with a tear. I'm okay at eyes, though noses are my worst. I luckily didn't really have to draw a nose. *whew*

Other things... other things? Well, I think I forgot to mention this, but Ry got a beta fish! She loves him overly much. :) And named him Eldrin... an orphan I made up just before I met Eldra... and it sounds like Eldra, GRR. I'm thinking of changing the name of the orphan, but I'm pretty sure Ry's beta fish's name is going to stay the same. ;) If this sounds too much like your name, Eldra, then please tell me. :)

Currently 5,000 words on my novel, YAY.

OH, and a few people I know have now made blogs.
Hark, at The Ink and Quill of Hark
And Rowan, at Lost in Fields of Fireflies.
HUZZAH!! *claps*

Working on a speech for Co-op... I'm torn between doing it about my Air Drake Painting, or my Leviathan Painting. Whichever one I do I get to bring to class. The Air Drake has less mistakes, but I'm not sure which one is better. GR.

Whew, American History is easy this week. Last week we had to finish memorizing all the states and capitols, read the chapter and study for the test, do a test on both the chapter and the States and Captitols--the list never ended. :P And what's more, I'm going to rant for you. XD
What I found really upset me (but it shouldn't have!) was that we'd studied ALL the States and Capitols and worked hard (Manny and I) To remember which went with which. We knew we'd have to face one of the teachers when we did the States and Capitols, but we thought it would just be a paper of the States or Capitols mixed up and we'd have to find either the States or Capitols. But ouch, were we so wrong.
Instead, we had to take a map they gave us, and put all the states and capitols where they went. I am SO bad at this sort of thing, and I hadn't even studied for this! I was upset... so badly upset that I thought I was going to cry, and I don't cry easily. This wouldn't normally make me so upset, but it was my second class and I'd gotten up at six A.M. Ouch.
Anyways, Manny had the idea to write out the States and Capitols and then turn THAT in, and she got a yes for that, and I wasn't doing it... so I continued putting states in the wrong places, until I got frustrated enough to start writing the States and Capitols down on the back like Manny. Manny got FORTY EIGHT when we had to stop... she ALMOST got 'em. I got forty one. Ow. And alongside that, I'd used up my whole break-time, my only chance to play football--the only time its fun. :P
So, thanks for listening to my incredibly annoying rant. And if you skipped to the end of it, then I don't blame ye. O_o

Ah, yes... time for my post to end. :) Farewell! And sorry about the rant. XD


Monday, April 4, 2011

Planning an Assassination

YES! You heard right. And the victim? AMAZON. YES, Amazon! Our special book supplier. Of course, NOW THEY'VE FAILED. And why am I getting so worked up about it? BECAUSE IT'S FROM DARKNESS WON!!!! The first two books were literally my favorite.
On Marcher Lord Press they have six dollar shipping (which we don't have the extra six bucks :/) and so we are waiting for Amazon, which should have had it out the first day!
This is a VERY unholy feeling. I shall stop my own plan. O_O

And the random subject of the day! (when did I come up with that?)


MY DOG!! Yeah, sounds boring, but Moby's quite a character... sometimes.
Moby is a six-year old purebred golden retriever, whom we got for free from some friends when he was a puppy. Strangest of all, nobody wanted him because he had a mohawk. INSANE!! His mohawk is a huge part of him! Its adorable and characteristic.
He is not a dark golden, nor a light golden. Sort of in between, with gold here, a bit of white here... and the such. He gets very excited when he meets new people. AND he takes awhile to settle down. He also gets very excited around other dogs, because he has no companions in his 'dreary' yard. On other days, except when we'd just let him in from outside, he will be super lazy and lie around all day. And let you pet him.
He is completely gentle and has never bitten anyone except in play, and that didn't hurt because he didn't press, and also he's grown out of it.
He adores my dad, though Dad rarely pays much attention to him... or pets him. He will obey my Dad, even sit on his feet for him. XD He does not know how to stay with us so we keep him on
a leash, but that's partly because we never stayed anywhere very long and he had no yard until he was five! He's the sweetest thing, and so he's my super special dog with a mohawk that is slightly hard to describe.
The former owners' son wanted to name him Bernard, (outrageous, methinks XD) and since his 'real' name is Mohawk, Moby for a nickname (I do NOT know how that came to be, and he is not named after the whale) his full name is Moby Mohawk Bernard *bleep* (blocking out our last name)
So here's a few pictures of him. Enjoy. ;) (look for the mohawk)

Good bye.