Monday, April 4, 2011

Planning an Assassination

YES! You heard right. And the victim? AMAZON. YES, Amazon! Our special book supplier. Of course, NOW THEY'VE FAILED. And why am I getting so worked up about it? BECAUSE IT'S FROM DARKNESS WON!!!! The first two books were literally my favorite.
On Marcher Lord Press they have six dollar shipping (which we don't have the extra six bucks :/) and so we are waiting for Amazon, which should have had it out the first day!
This is a VERY unholy feeling. I shall stop my own plan. O_O

And the random subject of the day! (when did I come up with that?)


MY DOG!! Yeah, sounds boring, but Moby's quite a character... sometimes.
Moby is a six-year old purebred golden retriever, whom we got for free from some friends when he was a puppy. Strangest of all, nobody wanted him because he had a mohawk. INSANE!! His mohawk is a huge part of him! Its adorable and characteristic.
He is not a dark golden, nor a light golden. Sort of in between, with gold here, a bit of white here... and the such. He gets very excited when he meets new people. AND he takes awhile to settle down. He also gets very excited around other dogs, because he has no companions in his 'dreary' yard. On other days, except when we'd just let him in from outside, he will be super lazy and lie around all day. And let you pet him.
He is completely gentle and has never bitten anyone except in play, and that didn't hurt because he didn't press, and also he's grown out of it.
He adores my dad, though Dad rarely pays much attention to him... or pets him. He will obey my Dad, even sit on his feet for him. XD He does not know how to stay with us so we keep him on
a leash, but that's partly because we never stayed anywhere very long and he had no yard until he was five! He's the sweetest thing, and so he's my super special dog with a mohawk that is slightly hard to describe.
The former owners' son wanted to name him Bernard, (outrageous, methinks XD) and since his 'real' name is Mohawk, Moby for a nickname (I do NOT know how that came to be, and he is not named after the whale) his full name is Moby Mohawk Bernard *bleep* (blocking out our last name)
So here's a few pictures of him. Enjoy. ;) (look for the mohawk)

Good bye.


Ellewyn said...

Awww!!! Moby's cute! :D

whisper said...

Spy/knight/assassin that I am, upon reading the title of this post I pounced unto your blog like unto a ninja unto yonder plane of grassyness! *stares poetically out the window* Anyhow, how treacherous of Amazon not to have at once stocked its virtual shelves with From Darkness Won! I myself have not read the series, but I've heard only good things about them, and I intend to get around to them one day.

Gah, Moby's so cute! I want to waggle his fwuffy wittle ears. *stares fondly at the last picture of Moby*

Moby as in... Moby Dick? o_O


Leauphaun said...

In the first picture of him it looks like he is laughing =D *squeals* OH he is ADORABLE!

Bad, bad Amazon for you not giving up the book :(

A blog post about a dog isn't boring btw. Everyone loves pictures of dogs. Even my mom (who wll NEVER own a dog in her life) thought Moby was SO SWEET!

GB! - Leauphaun

Word Verification - Calast: a sort of food you eat when you are in a dark, moist cave.

Jake said...

Not entirely, whisper. 'Tis more of an abbreviation of Mohawk than a Moby Dick. :) And, if you start waggling his ears, he will never let you stop. :| He is a very demanding dog when it comes to attention. He'll flick you with his nose and whine a little if you stop.

That picture of Moby licking his nose made me laugh. He's silly. :)

Vrenith said...

Oh, yes, and Manny took all of these pictures. :) I searched her files. XD Bad me.
No... We didn't know about Moby Dick (atleast I didn't) until after we'd named him that. So it was sort of a 'wierd' name. :)
Thanks, Leaupahun, and Eldra, and I've got in mind what I'm thinking of for a picture. ;)
EDIT: I just finished brushing him. He's starting to shed. O_o

Noah Arsenault said...

Congrats! You have been awarded the Stylish Blogger Award! http:///

whisper said...

Abbreviation of 'mohawk'! Ah-ha; that makes sense!

Gah, regrettably our dog is not so fond of attention. >_> He's often moody and withdrawn. But I've had experience with friendlier dogs, so I can imagine what Moby is like. :)

Creative Artist said...

You know, some would think that Moby wouldn't protect us if someone attacked--he'd just lick the man. (or woman) But when my mom cries (not that often) he'll get up and go to her and set his head in her lap, even though she doesn't normally pet him. :) He's a sweet dog, and my mom thinks he'd protect us if we were threatened.

whisper said...

Aww... how sweet. :) He seems like a wonderful dog.

Just today our dog ran away... he slipped outside and took off running down the street. All four Spy Clan kids bolted out of the house, shouting, and chased after him. He got quite far before Sting managed to capture him. 'Twas a frightening incident. o_O Is Moby usually well-behaved, or is he often a rascal?


Creative Artist said...

Heh, often a rascal. Sometimes he gets into the trash... And then Ry calls him a Raccoon. XD
When he runs, he RUNS. We chased Moby through quite a few yards when we lived in Iowa, but now we have a yard and its easier. Last time he ran away we looked for him... and when we were farther into our neighborhood he came running down the side-walk to us. That dog is strange sometimes. Gets away, but sometimes comes back. :) He is a sweet dog.