Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Read Eldra's Post

*gasp* Yes, how dare I... but now, I've been tagged. Squeaks did a post about ten things she was thinking about... and Eldra did it and turned it into a tag. *drops dead* I'll do it, but I'll have to keep alive. *pinches self*

1). Horses.
(An Arabian)

Ah, I couldn't stop with the horse pictures. ;) The Appaloosa, especially with the black and white coloring, is my favorite horse.

2). FROM DARKNESS WON!!! (comes out the day after tomorrow!!)

3). WRITING. Started my second novel, so writing has been on my mind... and I've been trying to do it.

4). Drawing. I've been drawing different dragon breeds and kinds, and this is one I've already posted, its the Sanadria Cliff Dragon.

5). ...Hm. I'll have to say dogs. Especially our dog, Moby. And Queasy, our old dog who now lives at my grandpa's farm. Caught her with a rabbit. ;) (she doesn't eat them--guess she's protecting us from Rabbits...)


 (this was the Christmas before last, methinks, and somebody made an 'angel's hat' and stuck it on his head. Poor Moby, it kept falling off)

6). Turkeys. Came upon this picture on my mom's blog while looking for a picture of Moby... Mom hit it and we had this HUGE streak on our car that didn't wash off for the longest time... the Turkey was huge, as well. :O

7). SPIDERS. I have no idea why. Another picture from my mom's blog, this spider fell on her head in a rental and killed itself when we compared it with a penny. Nice story, huh? (Venom and all)

8). Dragons. And I found this little picture of a play-dough model of a dragon I made like two years ago... Hmmph. (homemade play-dough, too!) I sure hope I've progressed greatly since then!

9). Mice. We have mice... my mom hates 'em, and is scared of them. *shrugs* I don't know why. Jake, Manny, Ry and I once caught a fieldmouse, and he wasn't all that bad. Mom made us let him go, though, and he died... We found him in the hole from which we'd caught him. :P

10). Food. I can smell it right now... Manny is frying vegetables and Dad is making hamburgers, methinks... *takes a deep breath in through the nose*

Ok, so there ya go! I tag anybody who wants to do it--IF THEY DARE. Oh, well. Off to eat whatever is out there!


Eldra said...

Yum! We had chicken burgers last night, and seeing that picture of burgers makes me want more!

And I love the horse pictures you chose, especially the Arabian. I've always had a soft spot for Arabians. Are they your favorite breed?

Creative Artist said...

Yep... We just ate burgers...

Arabians are near the top of my favorites list, but no, they're not my favorite. My favorite breed is the Appaloosa, especially the colors on the one I posted. :D

Creative Artist said...

Arabians are probably my second, third or fourth favorite... I'd have to look it up. :)

Jake said...

Good gravy Vren...those burgers are making me hungry, and I already ate them!

Creative Artist said...

*shakes head sadly* That's just too bad for ye, Ejaka. Poor you.


Eldra said...

Hehe. I used one of our leftover burgers and made a wonderful sandwich with it this afternoon. But nothing beats a cheeseburger. Or a buffalo burger. *considers* Yup, buffalo burgers are the best.

Awww, and your dogs are so cute! Makes me wanna cuddle them, especially Moby. Golden retriever?

Squeaks said...

AWESOMENESS Vrenith!!!!! LOOOOOVE IT!!!!!! *laughs at multiple exclamation points*

I do need to point out though, that you nearly scared me half to death with that picture of a spider! *faints* I hate spiders! That one is ESPECIALLY ugly! :P

Mmm and those hamburgers made me literally start salivating haha, I'm on a no-junk food time right now so anything with fried-yummyness is going to make me drool lol!


Vrenith said...

There's a super small place here that only has a few barchairs inside and a bunch of tables outside called 'Grandstand's Burgers' and they're the best!

Yes, a golden retriever, and as sweet as can be. Never bitten anyone, except when he was younger, but he never drew blood, just did it for play. ;) Didn't hurt at all, and he grew out of it.

Sadly, Queasy is getting old, and the skunks have a habit of eating her food. She's getting arthritis, too, and what's strange is that everybody calls her a 'he' except for a few choice people in my family... and a few friends. :D

Yah! Great tag. ;) This huge spider is clearly not a wolf spider, and we lived in a terrible rental when it fell ON my mom's head, and she screamed as loud as she could. It was alarming and funny at the same time--though it wasn't funny AT ALL for her. :) And I meant it to be scary... it would spice things up a bit. XD

Yeah... We just ate McDonald's. :) But tis not as good as my mom's cooking... but she is gone for a few days. :/

Thank you, all ye commenters! :D


Aaralyn Allegra said...

Honestly, Vren,

Your dogs are ADORABLE!!!!

Vrenith said...

I know... Moby is almost seven, now. Queasy... she's probably approaching ten! She's older than I thought...

Ellewyn said...

Haha I becha Queasy is protecting you from vicious rabbid rabbits... ;) :P Our dog is about nine, I think....older than I thought, too! :P

Vrenith said...

She is. :O Watch out for those tricky rabbits.