Saturday, March 19, 2011

From Darkness Won and Paintings

Yes, you heard right! (and sorry, I'm not very creative with blog-post names...) I finally got out my paints again... Part of my procrastination was the excuse that 'I don't have much canvas left!' Which is true. I used the last of it.... One small piece of cardboard canvas, and one medium/small frame canvas. :D

I don't have time to explain them right now... but I'll try to my next post! I've got something else.

No, I have not read it. Well--that's not true. I read the first chapter on Jill Williamson's Blog. AWESOME. Anyways, she changed the cover art slightly... check out the epicness:


I find it hard to figure out my favorite books... I CANNOT list my top five. But these books--so awesomely well-written--have gotten up there.

Awesome work, Jill Williamson!
Can't wait for your next book, From Darkness Won!
(comes out April 1st)


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