Friday, March 4, 2011


Moods... do you have moods? I'm pretty sure you do. Unless you're a rock. Even rabbits have moods! Grr, I know. I have dozens of moods.
I'm not talking about moods such as 'sad' 'mad' or 'happy', but moods such as what you feel like doing. Just to name a few:

Reading mood. All I want to do is sit around and READ. I get excited about the book and grin at victories won.

Writing mood. I get all jittery and can't wait to get my ideas down.

Sleeping mood. I feel the day is over and just want to sleep. Strange, huh?

Heh, I even have a tree climbing mood! Hate it when I get that in the winter, though. Its more of a climbing mood, though, because I feel like climbing anything--not just a tree.

Books! What have I been up to? Books! A few of the books I've been reading:

1). Firegold, by Dia Calhoun. Very likable characters, good plot, and--well, I'm not sure how good the writing was. I'm terrible at telling such things. I rate it four stars.

2). A bunch of books off the shelf... they weren't that good.

3). The Keepers of Elenath! Great job on it, Amanda Bradburn! I totally loved the characters. They were real to me--real emotions, real in the way they acted--and other things. I rate this four and a half stars!

4). Chosen Ones--this was more of a 'something to read' book. It didn't ever fully capture my attention. It was a practically a copy of Narnia... There were two children instead of one, but there was so much alike. I way prefer C.S. Lewis, though! His writing is awesome.

5). Masters and Slayers. More of an adult book. Though I'm not even close to being one... (an adult). If you've read Starlighter, then you know who Jason is. This is through his older brother, Adrian's eyes, how he went to rescue the 'Lost Ones'.
I have to say, one of my favorite characters was Marcelle. She had a high spirit (and a sharp tongue!) and still had flaws.
Ha, I literally didn't put this book down until I finished it. LITERALLY. I read it from five o'clock to maybe nine or ten.

6). MY FAVORITE OF THEM ALL!!! The Ale Boy's Feast. Jake has an account on something called Blogging for Books, and he got this book free--and it isn't even coming out till next month! So this book isn't out yet, and lucky for me, Jake got it. So I got to read it. :D
Jeffrey Overstreet is an amazing writer--his writing is detailed, but most of the time not boring. I was totally into this book--its a hard read at times, and confusing, (not as much as the first book, though) but since I had a day off, I was able to read it in twenty four hours! :D
THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING. I rate it a full five stars!!

Ok, so those are the books I've been reading. I kept forgetting to order in 'Nightmare's Edge' by Bryan Davis, but I finally have! So now I'm waiting for that. Jake has (or will) placed a hold on 'Warrior' the book after Starlighter. :D

Art? Not much--EXCEPT FOR A LOT!!
I did a horse thats hard to explain--but blah, my mechanical pencil was bad. But I couldn't find a sharpener so that I could use a regular pencil, and we had like no other pencils! So I had to stick with it. Then I did a rearing horse who's shading was even worse than the first. Luckily the next one was a little better. Part of a horse's body facing right, while the horse's head turned to look to the left of the page. And the last two I wasn't that much into. They had no deep shading, just a little bit of a shadow. A unicorn's head--and gah, I don't think I want to do anymore unicorns! The horns are hard to get exactly right. I did it for Ryebrynn as a header--but then she didn't want that one, she wanted a FULL bodied unicorn! So I did a rearing one.
And I think that's all! Goodbye, folks!
Oh, yes, and my wordcount is currently around 61,500!

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