Saturday, March 5, 2011

Swords and Crashes--Crashes and Swords

Short post. Ok, so my mom's birthday is in two days, but my grandparents were here now, so we went out for her birthday to Cracker Barrel. :D My grandpa bought Manny some Lye Soap, LOL, and Ry a little lady bug stand-up thingy, and I'm not sure what Jake got... But I didn't get anything, except that Manny and I picked out ten candy sticks--sort of like old-fashioned candy canes, different flavors. So each of us got two of those, and then my grandparents each had one. :)
 Then, Jake, my grandpa, and my dad all got into the car (my mom and my grandma and sisters went in a separate car) and then we were all talking--and someone had parked right behind us on the side of the road, probably just running in to get something! So we accidentally hit the side of the car, and my dad got out and went and asked about the car... the owner came out and was actually REALLY relieved. She had thought that it ruined her whole door (It had happened to her brother not too long ago), but luckily there was barely a mark! :D We just got a scratch, and so we were all fine.

More news! Jake has started ANOTHER NOVEL!!! :D He says that its allegorical, its five hundred words long, and that its called 'Revolution.' He also has decided that every one thousand words he writes in Revolution, he will re-write one thousand in the Book of Shaldu. So! There's the news.

Currently, I am super near the end of my novel. :D :D 65,700 words at the moment, and going strong! I want 75,000, but that may not be possible. I wrote four thousand words last night, waiting for my parents to come home from a group. So, now, I'm really excited because sometime this month (if I write a little every day or a lot in a few days) I'm going to FINISH MY FIRST NOVEL.

AND! For my subject. Swords. Don't know much about them, but I'm going to talk about swords in my novel. :)
Heh, would any of you want to fight with one of these?

There's a sword picture. But my swords don't look anything like that... lol.

Epic swords, dull swords, magnificent swords--describe them as you will. But if it doesn't work, I don't think I'd call it a sword.
Okay. So what swords am I talking about? MY SWORDS. Swords from my novel. I currently have no pictures, but I'm going to try to draw some of my different swords. Here, I'll explain some of them... after you see BETTER picture. :D

Ah, I especially loved the second one. Found it on the internet, and it turns out its from a Christian site! Haha! So I'm guessing that the sword is over a bible... or something like that.
But this is not quite what my swords look like, just a few pictures of some swords.
The Sword of Yawso is one of the Five Things of Wisdom which are needed. Called Yawsoka by my main character's father (who died, knowing that it was the Sword of Yawso). It has a strange, twisting crossguard that I'm still working on. The ends come back on themselves and curl entwined. The blade is of medium width, with a sharp tip. The hilt is wrapped in green-dyed leather, and in the pommel is a dark green jewel that is not an emerald--but something else.
Syjak's sword, which I'm not sure what it's name is. Syjak is a Lightguard, and his sword was made by Sharurl (God). The gem in the pommel looks as if it's light, but it is solid. The blade also looks almost like light, but is steel. The crossguard... I'm still working on that part.
Myrean's? Hers is a plain one she managed to grab before she had to flee Seriand.
Lord Dvinstra's sword--A thin but flexible blade--wouldn't stand a chance if it clashed with a broadsword, though.
That's all I have for now, folks!
Sorry for the strange post,


Leauphaun said...

SWORDS!!! Love them!

- Leauphan

Jake said...

Great post. :) I love swords. :D

Ryebrynn said...

Ah, me too... >_>

*hops away* I'll be writing another post in a little while. See ya!

Vrenith said...

Argh! Wrong Google account, and I can't delete it.

So just so ya'll know, that post was from ME, Vrenith.


Pathfinder said...

'tis alright, Vren.
Your swords sound amazing! I can't wait to see your drawings

I wonder where the nearest Society for Creative Anachronism meets...

Creative Artist said...

Hm. I'm not sure... *checks phone book* Sorry. They don't have it in there...

Thanks! I'll have to work more on them, then, and then go through the process of taking pictures.
--Vrenith. :D