Thursday, March 24, 2011

Aging Far Too Fast... O_o

No, not me! My paper. Jake and I figured out how to make aged paper by using a motley group of recipes and mixing 'em together. Find more on it here:
WARNING: I don't think it will work with pencil on the piece of paper, so print off anything or copy it. I used a copy of 'The Horse on Midnight Lane.' (my own poem) And remember, print whatever you want on your aged paper BEFORE you do the aging process.

Broken tire swing! Ouch. Manny and I were sitting on the good ol' tireswing, her reading By Darkness Hid (haha, now she loves the books so far...) and me reading Kestrel's Midnight Song (second time). So we were just sitting there, and then there was a snap--and we found ourselves in the dust. The screw/strange thingy had come out, and so now its misshapen... Ha. Manny landed pretty hard, but I wasn't hurt in any way.
Now, we've been looking for different ways to sit on the tireswing, with only two chains! The first way was that we sat between the two unbroken chains and either put our feet on the inside of the opposite or let them hang. The second way... Not as comfortable. Sit with it tilting IN the circle, LOL! Third way, I sat on the outside between the two unbroken chains and slowly went backwards... I only kept the pose for a few moments, but it was strange. Fourth, I did the same thing and then sank into the middle, sometimes actually pulling my arms into the inside. :D

CHEVEL! Not sure how to spell it, but someone mentioned it being a Chevrolet when we went to get something, So maybe that's just been a nickname. But anyways, we went to get it tagged. *!!* Manny and my mom allowed me to go, and so we drove the Chevel with a legal permit whichimicallit to go to the place to get the tag.
There are three seats in the front seat in the Chevel, though the middle would have to be somebody small. There were holes in two of the seats (the regularly used ones in the front) though we have not driven it for a LONG while. Its seriously almost older than my dad... And he loves it. The backseat is super bouncy and unripped, and its quite comfortable. The windows have handles to roll down the windows, they are not electric at all. There are three seats in the back, also. All the fabric in the car is green, and on the outside, the bottom part of the car is green, and the hood is white.
And we stuffed mom and four kids (including me) Into the car, three in back and two in front, and drove it to Dad's work! His response was a little wider than normal grin, and staring at his car. (he doesn't get very excited.) Two people came by and said, "Nice car." We learned that one of them was his boss. O_o The conversation with his boss went along the lines of this:
Boss: "Nice car."
Dad: "Yeah..."
Boss: "What year is it?"
Dad: "Its a 1970."
(mom joins in)
Mom: "Its fun to drive!" (and she seriously had a lot of fun driving it... A LOT of fun)
Mom: "*dad's name* Did you know it goes 120 miles an hour?"
Dad: "Yeah... did you try it out?"
Mom: "No... I wanted to, though."
Boss: "He knows how fast it goes because he's done it."

So it went sort of like that. Not on the nose, but near it. (probably on the cheek, LOL)
Manny and I hatched a plan... A week from today, Mom's going to be gone. Dad has to take us to co-op. (these are all homeschool MOMS, so this should be hilarious!) and we decided that Dad is going to drive us in the Chevel. *bwahaha* Lets hope we get away with it. XD

Perspiration, participation, and precipitation.
Jake and I had the strangest discussion the other day. He got one word wrong, when he meant to say precipitation, he said perspiration. And then somehow participation got into all of this! So we began talking about them. Jake said what all the words were. These words looks so much the same, except they each mean something a little different! So then we started challenging each other to say them five times fast. We tripped over our own tongues. (I didn't realize they were that long...) Just so I can apply this to my everyday life...
Perspiration: Ah, it was hot the other day. I was perspiring (NO LIE--it was in the eighties!)
Precipitation: It sprinkled lightly the other day--from a super small cloud and there was blue sky above us and the sun was out!
Participate: Umm...? I participated in co-op this morning, I guess.

I started another drawing in my 'special' hardcover sketchbook today... I did a person (cloaked) with one leg straight and the other stepping up the incline, hand outstretched. At first I was going to make the person holding a sword to someone else's neck, but it slowly morphed into a helping hand, until there was a woman in a dress on the ground (cloaked, too) whom the person was helping up. I have a name for it--Redeemer. Still working on it!

The paintings... One was terrible. I'll not describe that one. The other... twas okay, but not my best. It was going to be at first an Ebony Flame Dragon, a dragon with two heads, rounded muzzles, long scales, black claws, and no eyes that lives in dark caves, but then it was in the open--I didn't give it scales, just hard skin. And then I made it white. It did have two heads, rounded muzzles and black spines and claws, but it did have eyes, and it was blowing a stream of fire from the ledge it stood on to the edge of the ledge... at something. *shrugs* I added a little smoke, but it didn't work out too well. The sky... was the easiest part, surprisingly! I drew clouds that would fill up the sky, and then put some blue underneath on the bottom of the clouds, and white on the top. Instead, though I did do that part, I pulled my brush over the spots where the colors connected, and they morphed into a cloud-spattered sky. :D It only took one try. And I do not have a name for this dragon, yet... I'll have to draw one in my sketchbook.

JELLYBEANS!! Yummy, Jolly Rancher flavored Jellybeans!! Had 'em last night, and since Manny had a creative-writing paper due, she wrote a story about Jolly Jelly Bean (J.B.B. for short)!


I used up my every-day sketchbook... *swipes tear from eye* I had it a whole four months... And a lot of the drawings are unfinished. So luckily I had another I got for Christmas that was the same size, except spiraled on a different end.
I DREW MY FIRST SUCCESSFUL HUMAN! Yes, I have. I had to use my own nose by looking at it in the mirror, and it STILL doesn't look like my nose. So if the nose is bad if you ever see it, no worries. ;) I don't look like that.
Strangely, she reminded me of Vrell Sparrow--Averella Amal. O_o Jake agreed with me (I didn't think he would!) and so I called her Vrell Sparrow. :D Who is one of the main characters in the series that From Darkness Won is coming from!! :D
*waits impatiently for April 1 and when it comes so she can read it*

Farewell! Very eventful week, as ye can see. :)


Jake said...

Fun post. :) 'Tis spelled Chevelle. And Dad is YOUNGER than the Chevelle. ;)

Leauphaun said...

WOW! Sounds like you have had a busy time.
*claps hands* Party for the full sketch book :) It's been a long time since I've done that. Nice job :)
*does the happy-hyper-twist-than-cross-your-feet-and-jump dance*
Congratulations on doing your first successful human!!!!! =D
Cant wait to see it!!!

God Bless!! - Leauphaun

Creative Artist said...

About Dad being younger than the Chevelle, isn't that what I said, Jake?

Thanks! Now lets go with the next one... *rubs hands*
Too bad I can't dance. :D
I THINK its successful... And I'll try and get it on as soon as I can! ...Just as soon as I find Mom's camera.

Anonymous said...

I love aging paper! I did it with one of my dragon pictures. It turned out really good!