Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Guilty of Taggedon

No, even I don't know what Taggedon means. Since its my title, then I guess it has something to do with the--OH YES!!! The tag. The whole reason I'm blogging--er, yes, well, I blog for other things too... but that's my main topic. I got the Stylish Blogger Award! (didn't know I was a stylish blogger, XD) Thanks to Leauphaun and Noah Arsenault for tagging me! :) I have to do these things to properly accept this award:

1. Thank the person (persons, in my case) who awarded me--I already did that. :)

2. Write seven things about myself.

You probably already know this, but I'm an artist and love to draw and paint--I'm especially good at horses.

My birthday is November 2nd--I will not say the year. :) But I'm probably younger than all of you, save Ry.

I love horses--everything about them. But unfortunately, I live nowhere near where I could be with one, and the last time I was near one was atleast nine months ago. :P

I'm not a writer--be forewarned--but I do write tidbits of fantasy... I've written and finished one novel at 280 pages, 70,000 words, but I doubt the actual writing was any good.

I probably have more friends on the internet than where I live--where I live, I only have two--I think. So thanks to all ye UGers and Bloggers out there!

I am in a family of six, including the parents and myself.

Ha ha, here's a fun one: Counting rentals, houses, and apartments, I've lived in thirteen different houses. O_o NOT counting hotels. If you counted hotels that we lived in for atleast two months, well, you' don't want to know. They STANK. Literally. The hallways had a gross smell and the room didn't smell too good after they cleaned it. :P Lived in a two-room suite with a kitchen, couch/bed, three TVs that came with the room, a coffeetable, beds in the bedrooms, a bathroom, and lamps and sidetables as well as a whole table near the kitchen. OUCH. the space was small, and that's a lot of stuff. Also, we had SIX people in there, a shedding golden retriever, and our own suitcases and such. Not fun. At all.

That was a long fact about myself. :)  So there you have it. I'm a stylish blogger.

The people I tag... (I have to tag seven people)

Camerie Ann
Silver Angel
The Director
Elven Princess
Hannah Scheufler

And then I have to notify those people--whether by comment, email, or whatever.

AND, you guys don't have to do this--whether you don't want to, don't have time, or have already done it. :)

Ah, yes, and my friend from the UG has made a blog! Up there, where it says 'Camerie Ann'--its linked to her blog. If you don't already know of it, flood it with followers!!



Leauphaun said...

WOW! You guys have lived in many places! I think my family has lived in 6 or 7 houses in my life time... Cool post :)

- Leauphaun

Word Verification - faccenom. Face nom...does that mean I ate my face???

The Director said...

Neato! :)

I'm working on my acceptance speech right now. :P You have NO IDEA how many people have given me that award within the last three days :P

Camerie Ann said...

Oohh!! Now how can I receive my tag? Thank foe announcing my blog :D

Vrenith said...

You can receive it by blogging about it...

First you thank the person.
Then you list seven things about yourself.
And finally you tag seven people.
Oh, yes, and you notify them by email, comment, etc.

XD!! Heh.

Strange... mine doesn't have a Word Verification at the moment... Hm.