Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Doctor Who and Wood Polish/Cleaner

Let's start with the Wood Polish/Cleaner. Yes, I listed that second, but that's just me. Not organized at all. ;)

So, wood cleaner. Well, Jake was standing in front of me, I was on the couch in the dining room, which was there temporarily because of shampooing the carpets. Well, Jake was going to clean/polish the sidetable, and he asked if it was supposed to be oily like that. Well, he was spraying it at his cloth, but it spurted everywhere--and landed in my wide-open eye.

What happened next I hardly remember. I remember a fierce burning and rubbing (bad old me, couldn't help it) and somehow someone took my glasses and I stuck my face right under the stream of water coming from the sink faucet, and literally said, "MOM!! A CLOTH, I NEED A CLOTH, MOM!!!" over and over. Embarrassing, I admit, but really, I couldn't help it. The glob of cleaner had landed on my naked eye. O_o And as I tell it my eyes are watering...

It took fifteen/twenty minutes to get it all out, and then there was an occasional twinge every once in awhile. But I can see just fine, and my eye is no worse that it was before. :)

And Doctor Who? What about it? Ah, yes, EPIC!!!

Doctor who is like a Science Fiction series of a man called the Doctor who travels through time and space, A Time Lord who's whole planet had been destroyed, rescuing planets and attempting to crack ancient secrets, usually with the help of a companion. He's a brilliant, fantastic person who can sometimes talk too fast.

What sometimes throws people off is that its about aliens and such--but some of these aliens are more human than we are--except that they want to destroy or get something. As Jake said, Doctor Who is to Science Fiction as Lord of the Rings is to fantasy. If you're insane and have lost your mind, this movie is for you. ;)

If you ever watch this, START FROM SEASON ONE. There are a lot of things that happen in Season One that are vital for the rest. You MUST start at the beginning.

I am currently on Season Four, and loving it. :) Here are the companions, listed from best to worst.

Rose Tyler. Played by Billie Piper, I really liked her. She was there for... what, three seasons? Maybe just two... but she was my favorite, and I forever miss her. But there have been a few glimpses of her since then: **SPOILER** Donna (a companion) told her to tell someone, "That bin," because she was leaving car keys there. Well, when the girl turned around so we could see her face, it was Rose! Of course Donna didn't know that. Well, Rose watched her walk away, and then walked away herself, and disappeared into thin air. **SPOILER** **SPOILER** and also she was seen briefly on a screen when Donna was trying to get it to work. **SPOILER**

(Rose as well below)

Donna Noble. She's my second favorite, played by Catherine Tate. She is the companion that I'm on right now. Quite a spit-fire, bossy, and a bit loud, she has a hilarious personality. She also was in the Runaway Bride formerly, and came back as a companion later.

(Also Donna below)

Martha Jones. Played by Freema Agyeman, I really didn't like her. I don't know why. She was an African/British. She also sort of liked the Doctor, but she was just a friend to him. She eventually left voluntarily so that she could be with her family. I don't know why, but I really didn't like her.

(Martha below as well)

There's also Amy Pond, but I can't judge her since I haven't seen any episodes with her yet. Here's a picture of her anyways. :)

(Amy below as well)

And now for the Doctors! There are three different actors, but so far I've only seen two of them.

My favorite, Christopher Eccleston! He was the ninth doctor, counting the old doctors from the old versions of the movies.He is the first Doctor in these seasons. He was only there for one season, but he is still my favorite.

(Eccleston below too)

(Because he's my favorite, he gets a third picture. ^_^)

David Tennant. Brilliant, as he would say. :) He's hilarious and I love it when he figures things out and starts talking too fast to understand, like Eccleston did sometimes. :) He's got this way of looking at you, brows low, mouth partially open. And when he smiled, it was a full-toothed smile. XD He sometimes wears glasses, too. Here's a picture of that 'look':

(Tennant below as well)

And Matt Smith. He's the youngest of the actors for the Doctors, but I haven't seen any episodes with him yet, either. So here are a few pictures with him and his bow-tie. :)

(Smith below as well)

(Dunno who's in the background)

So! I have many favorite episodes--Blink, The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, The Girl in the Fireplace, etc. Blink was epically fast and, as the Doctor said, "Don't even blink. Good luck." And then he blinked. 'Twas quite creepy, as if you blinked or turned your back, the weeping angels would go lightning fast. If they touched you, you went back in time and eventually died. :P It was mostly about Sally Sparrow.

The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances are truly creepy episodes... they're a two-parter. Manny joined Jake when he was at the Empty Child, and she got so freaked out that they stopped. Even Jake was scared. At this time, I hadn't seen any Doctor Who. Well, when Jake was gone, Manny and I decided to try it. We started it where she left off and watched on through the second part, The Doctor Dances. So I never did see the first half/three quarters of The Empty Child.

The Girl in the Fireplace was just... EPIC. There are far more that I can't remember the names of.

All in all, I love Doctor Who. If you like Science Fiction, there's a pretty big chance that you will like this. Its both grim and serious with hilarious things stuck in there. Not cheesy hilarious, but truly funny.

Notice, each Doctor had they're own coat and style. :) Eccleston with his leather coat, Tennant with his brown trench-coat with the split coat-tails, and Matt Smith with his (is it tweed?) coat and bow-tie.

There are a few inappropriate references, but only mentions, and nothing truly bad, and not very often. That is one thing to watch out for.

And now I feel like drawing them all... >_>



Leauphaun said...

Interesting post Vren ;)

Like you, I will begin with the wood polish/cleaner.
OOOOooooooo. Stuff getting in the eye is SO NOT FUN!! Particularly for those of us who have to wear glasses/contacts. 'Tis not embarrassing. I probably would have done the same thing as I know how it feels when something gets in your eye when it should NOT be there. Glad to hear that your eye is no worse for wear.

Doctor Who. I know how it is when 'you' get into a series of tv shows/movies. I've never heard of this particular series, but it sounds really neat :)
Hahahaha, I could see how David Tennant could be the comedy relief type of character. He totally looks the role!!

DRAW THEM!! DRAW THEM!!! DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When you get that feeling DRAW THEM!!! The drawing will ALWAYS turn out better because you have motivation to get it drawn out
!!! DO IT ;) =D :P No pressure...

- Leauphaun

Vrenith said...

Yes... 'twas extremely painful. Horrible burning sensation. And it was oily, too... >_> Now my eyes are watering just thinking about it.

It might be something you'd like, Leauphaun. It gets really complicated plots in some of the episodes, and in others its extremely creepy with Eccleston or Tennant putting a little humor in there, because that's how they are.

Jenny: "That was close."

Tennant: "More fun that way." Winks.

He's hilarious with his sonic screwdriver.

Tennant: "Aww, my sonic screwdriver!" He had stuck it into something to use its power, and then when he pulled it out it was messed up and broken.

Martha, I think: "Doctor! We have to go!"

Tennant: "But I love my sonic screwdriver!"

There are many more I can't remember. XD

Captain Jack (may not be exact wording): "What IS that?"

Eccleston: "Its sonic."

Captain Jack: "But sonic WHAT?"

Eccleston: Sonic--sonic screwdriver! Now look, have you ever been bored?"

Captain Jack himself had a sonic gun. :P

I could try. *grins*


Leauphaun said...

Yeah, it sounds interesting...who knows ;)

Haha, I love characters who have pet objects. It makes the comedy relief parts extremely funny!!

Try and draw!!!! DRA-AW, DRA-AW!!! Hehe :)

I actually did see part of the Empty Child. CREEPY!!!!!! It scared me so bad with the kids in the hospital!! OH MY GOSH O_O I will never be able to see gas-masks the same again!! lol

- Leauphaun

Vrenith said...

Yep. Who knows. I thought it was some kooky monster/alien movie that was just plain silly. XD How wrong was I.

In fact, because Rose is supposed to come back in this season, I've dreamt of The Doctor, Rose, and the TARDIS for four nights straight. If it happens tonight, that'll be a turkey... I'll give the turkey to Jake. ^_^

Yep! He eventually makes another, but he looks so forlorn. XD And when he figures things out he blurts something out, and since nobody really understands the word, he then goes through an explanation of how it was done, except you can barely keep up because he's talking so fast. XD

I WILL! I might try it on my Bristol paper, be a bit daring without knowing everything about the shape of the person's face, but I'm still thinking on it. ;)

You saw some of the Empty Child? YES! I creeped me out really bad, but I'm one of those people who don't show it and want to see more. XD It had a really good scientific explanation at the end--concerning nanogenes, something in the episode. :)

Yeah! And in one of the last episodes, there was poison gas loose in the air, so they had to wear gas masks, and the Doctor cocked his head at the Sargent and said, "Are you my mummy?" Silly old Doctor.


Jake said...

I wasn't scared, I was freaked out. ;)

It has a brilliant explanation, though. :) Even scientifical.

Blink is epic. :|

Leauphaun said...

Yup, and the digital works with the gas masks (on the Doctor) really creeped me out!!! The way his mouth formed the bottom of the gas mask...*shudders* just creepy :)

Ok, so thats how it ended. I never got to the end of it because I couldnt >_> ^_^

- Leauphaun

Vrenith said...

Silly Jake. :) Of course you were scared. ;)

It did have a really good explanation.

*blinks* Yeah. O_O


Yeah. It literally looked like part of the skin. O_O Scary.

Yeah. Like I said, excellent explanation...


Jake said...

If you want to be less freaked-out, then you'll have to watch the end. The explanation makes you think "Oh. It wasn't satanic or anything at all. It was actually scientific." In hindsight, it's never as creepy.

In fact, I rewatched it. There were only one-or-two moments where I felt a little creeped out, but since I had already seen it and knew the end, it wasn't too bad.