Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nothing to Blog About

Except Doctor Who. So, I guess I'll post more soundtrack--and maybe a clip or two. If you don't think you'll like Doctor Who, still, listen to the soundtrack. 'Tis amazing.

First off, we'll start with The Doctor's Theme. Once you've seen certain episodes, this song becomes rather sad...

*sighs* So sad... We've watched all of the seasons, including half of six. The next episode in Season Six will be coming out in two days...

When Tennant (the Doctor with the trench coat, the picture in the theme song video is of him) regenerated (new actor came in, but since the Doctor's body was 'dying' he regenerated into a new body) it was extremely sad... he didn't want to go, for one, but he had to regenerate. I really liked him as the Doctor because he had a lot of emotion (well, not a LOT, but a good amount), and he was extremely thoughtful. One of his favorite phrases was, 'Allons-Y!' Meaning 'let's go' in French. He also liked to call things 'brilliant.' I still miss Tennant as the Doctor a lot.

We're now on Matt Smith, who we've been on for one and a half seasons now... He's funny and all, and good as the Doctor, but not amazing. He doesn't have quite as much emotion, and seems to like to joke about serious situations.

Matt Smith quotes:

"Bow-ties are cool."

"I wear a fez now. Fezzes are cool." *is wearing a fez*

A few episodes later, *leans on the hood of a car* "I wear a Stetson now." *tips hat* "Stetsons are cool."

Just a few interesting quotes from Matt Smith. :) In the next video/music I'm going to post, he's the picture in it, though he looks a little weird... not like himself. His cheekbone seems more defined and... well, its hard to explain. I'll post a picture of him...

Okay, yeah, that IS a bit of a silly picture... but I couldn't resist. :) Here's a better one. Hope it looks a bit better...

Matt Smith isn't too bad, though...

Second video/music! This one, like I said, has Smith on it, even though he looks a bit weird... hopefully you see waht I mean. :)

Okay, and one more thing--sonic screwdrivers. I was looking over my shoulder when Manny and Jake were looking at Doctor Who things on Amazon for amusement. Well, apparently, they have a Doctor Who sonic screwdriveder--well, two, actually. One from the ninth and tenth Doctors (Tennant and Eccleston) which is blue, and a green one from Matt Smith. Here ya go, then I'll leave you alone with no more Doctor Who overload. :)

(Tennant's and Eccleston's blue screwdriver)

And here's one with Tennant in the picture. :)

And here's Matt Smith's screwdriver, green.

And another

Okay! I'll leave ya'll alone now. :)



Leauphaun said...

Neet post, Vren!!!

I know how it is when there is nothing more to watch/listen to. So. Sad. But at least there is more episodes coming out soon :)

Matt Smith...not that bad should try drawing him. That is, if you WANT pressure.

Neet!! Finding things online are always exciting, even if you're not purchasing anything.

- Leauphaun

Vrenith said...

Yeah... I get so sad when things like that happen. But the next one came out yesterday, and we watched it! It was supposed to air at nine P.M. here, but it came out earlier in the UK (probably because of time differences and such) and we just so happened to be watching our Doctor Who on a UK website. SO, we watched it technically before AND after it came out. ;)

Vrenith said...

Forgot to add... I was too busy responding to the other part...

Yes! I am going to draw all three of the Doctors--Eccleston, Tennant, and Smith--and I've already practiced once on Tennant. It actually turned out pretty well, but since it wasn't done on Bristol paper it wasn't so good. Still practicing.


Leauphaun said...

Mhm, 'tis so...

Lol, that must've been fun watching it "before it was out". That kind of reminds me of a friend who was flying from Cambodia (I think that's how it's spelled) and left on wednesday morning and arrived at his home wednesday morning. With the time change he arrived 'tecnially' on the same day ^_^

Sweeeeeet!!! Could you post it???? Pllllllleeeeeeeease????? :) I'm sure it looks good!!!!

- Leauphaun

Vrenith said...

Yeah. Time differences are epic... XD You could fly from one place to another in 'a few minutes' or 'an hour.' XD Yeah, and I think that's how Cambodia's spelled... this computer 'says' its a word, so...

Maybe. :) If Manny will take a picture of it for me, I'll try. :)


Leauphaun said...

Absolutely :)

OH GOODIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Leauphaun