Sunday, September 4, 2011

Church and Art and a Brand New Species

"Yes," you must be thinking, "Finally, a post without Doctor Who!" I'll mention one thing--we watched the newest episode last night, before it aired here and after it aired in the UK. 'Twas called Night Terrors and was supposed to be really creepy, but it wasn't that creepy, though still pretty good. :)

Okay, done with Doctor Who! Now, for church. We went to a friend's church today to hear them play in the band (one on the drums, and one on the guitar) and 'twas really good. They have a good preacher, too. Since I need to focus on something to listen, and keep my hands busy, I attempted to draw, but all I have right now is a regular HB lead pencil. I finally ran out of my 2B lead, and now I can't work on my drawings without ruining them. 

Unfortunately, my teacher is also out of town, so we'll have to go to a store and try to find some, which is hard. Since its Sunday, few stores will be open... So I'm a bit stuck. But a store called Michael's is open, so that's a choice.

So let's get past my 'woe is me' part! Now, I've also, before I finished off my lead, started a few projects. One is a horse wearing a halter, and has really beautiful contrast, so I've started that, and I've gotten the base shading done, though it needs smoothing. Here's the reference picture, provided by Leauphaun. :)

Also, I've just finished a picture of David Tennant, the tenth Doctor (sorry, when I said no more Doctor Who, I forgot about the drawing) So, just telling you, there will be a picture posted HOPEFULLY later today or tomorrow. :) The coat still needs a little work, though...

I've also made up a new creature/people. There are several, actually. Five. But one is extinct. 


The first is an Acravias, Dwellers of the Seas (or waters). They can appear human, but when in Acravias form, they have sort of olive skin and dark hair, sometimes, though rarely, extremely dark blue hair. Most have black or dark brown, though. 

They live in the seas and have certain powers that vary from person to person.

They like to wear clothing made of soft cloth, worn in a long tunic-like dress or airy pants.

When they are in their Acravias form, they have three swirls that spread out onto their cheeks (blue swirls) and three right under their eyes. Their eyes are extremely bright, and vary in color. They have legs, like humans, not tails. But when in Acravias form, they do have some webbing between their toes. 


Then there is the second group, the Sajori. They are actually enemies of the Acravias, for they seem to love making trouble for them. They live on the sun, from where they get their fiery powers. They have red hair, sometimes dark and sometimes bright. They can also become humans, and sometimes their hair has to tone down because its so bright. Also, when in Sajori form, they also have the same swirls as the Acravias (I'll try to post an example sketch), which are bright orange and gold and yellow and shine, and their eyes are usually gold or yellow. 

They usually love bright clothing or dramatic clothes set on fire, made of a cloth that burns, but doesn't actually burn away.

They become weaker when they've been sprayed with water or touched by it, but only slightly, unless they're drenched. They do not die from it, only go back to their homeland (the sun) to be dried out and set afire again.


Mystari are the Dwellers of the Sky and Air. They have some power over the wind, but when it comes to storms and such, they must let the Creator command their steps, or be overpowered.
They, like the Sajori and the Acravias, do have the swirls. But their eyes are usually bright blue or a stormy gray, depending on their personalities, and they have silver hair.

They're garb is usually simple and in white, while still rather elegant, and a lot of the time wispy like a cloud.

They also have certain powers, other than control of winds. They do have the swirls as well, bright and silver, and nearly glowing.


Eiriad are the Dwellers of the Earth, and usually live underground. They are usually rather quiet, and they usually are short, though not fat or thick at all, like some would think. They have extremely dark skin, ranging from brown to black, and black hair. They're eyes are also dark. 

They usually wear garb made of colorful leaves and soft cloth literally woven from grass. 

They also have certain powers, and the ability to become human, as well as the same swirls under their eyes, these ones dark.


Kalandroel are now extinct, and had every power that the Acravias, Sajori, Mystari, and Eiriad had, and they were renowned as elders. But some of the Sajori turned, and they killed the elders. The Sajori today had no part in that sin, so they can't be blamed, though they feel forever shamed. 

They could also become human. They had four swirls across their cheeks and four under their eyes instead of three, each colored one of the colors of the other groups' swirls--bright blue for the Acravias, bright, glowing gold for the Sajori, bright silver for the Mystari, and dark, shimmering brown for the Eiriad. 

They had each of those powers that the others had. Winds, waters, earths and lights, they helped the Creator make the world go around, but none of the humans knew of them. 

Their hair was always extreme--black was black as night, red was far more fiery than even the Sajori, brown was glossy, blond was literally either gold or silver. But their chosen color was green, the color of life. Their eyes were always bright, clear green.
* * *

Okay, so I guess I'm done with all that. :) Thanks for listening to my random ramblings! 



Eldra said...

Huh. Jones is looking a bit unhappy in that picutre. Or maybe I'm just reading things into him. :S Oh well. I eagerly await seeing your drawings.

Your creatures/people sound interesting. I've never been much good when it comes to making new races.

Vrenith said...

Haha, second picture of Jones. :) I'll try to draw him nicely... >_> Okay!

Me neither, but every once and awhile I can get really good inspiration--it started with a novel idea about someone named Kavira, then I made her a different race, an Acravias, and then I got the idea for one of each element and then one to have all. So, I'm writing a short story about a girl who's friend is actually Kavira. :)


Leauphaun said...

Ohhhh, I can't wait to see the drawings!!!!!!!

Like Eldra said, your creatures sound very interesting!! I really like the Kalandroel.

PS: Sorry that it's taken me so long to comment, I've been busy...>_>

- Leauphaun

Vrenith said...

Yeah... sorry, I haven't yet done it--we were gone the last two nights. :) Blogpost on that coming up... but no pictures yet. :P

Haha, yeah, the Kalandroel are the mix of all the 'elements,' I could call them. XD

So have I; took me awhile to get on here to comment back. :)