Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Doctor Who Theme Song 2005 through 2007, by Murray Gold

This is my favorite of the theme songs--they're all the same tune, but there are differences between the theme songs. This one was used 2005 through 2007, and I think its the best of the three I've heard because its got both techno and orchestra, perfectly balanced. The newer one doesn't have enough orchestra, and the newest one doesn't have barely any. :P  It begins with the first part, until the tune changes a bit, when the techno goes away... after you listen you should know. It stops when that starts. That is what it ends the movie with. :)

So there you have it! I couldn't help but post it. :)



The Director said...

Oh gosh it took me forever to finally get around and listen to it but MAN- that is amazing! I love it! :D :D D: Thank you for sharing Vren :D

Vrenith said...

I know! I love this theme song. :) The newer version isn't quite as good... :P This one is my favorite. I might post more Doctor Who music soon, sine I have nothing else to post about... >_>