Sunday, November 7, 2010

First Post--

Hail, all, if any of you are reading this. As you can see, this is my first post, and I am having technical difficulties with my header. Thats why its so big. I will be using this blog to post about my art, but unfortunately I cannot post anything unless I made it on the computer, because my scanner is not working. I will also post about books I've read(mostly fantasy) and daily things... So, if you're not interested, leave now. :-) But, if you are interested, you are permitted to stay and read my posts.

Ah, I am reading North! Or be Eaten at the moment... tis a good book. I've read it once before... Oskar's quotes are quite hilarious. "Ah! In the words of Keeth Yager when he consumed a bucket of henmeat soup, 'I never thought I'd reach the bottom!'" Lots of hilarious sayings like that.

Paintings... Cannot post any of those... *muses* but I can tell you about them. My latest painting was of a dragon--the first dragon I've ever painted. It depicts a dragon(of course), flying at an angle, dragging one wing in some water. Behind the dragon is a small island of gray-black stone on which his shadow is resting. A blue sky frames it. The dragon is red, with black spines and claws. He has plaited scales that overlap each other. Sad to say, it doesn't actually look as realistic as it sounds. :-P
Another painting is of flowers-- but that one wasn't good at all. One of my first. There's one with an animated lighthouse, and, my very first one on canvas, my dog, Moby, lying on a rug in one of his impossible positions. :-) I gave it to someone in Colorado, so if my scanner ever works, I can't show it to you.
Right now I am actually working on my second dragon painting, though it is going very slowly because I don't have enough time to go and SIT down in the basement to work on it.   :-P The painting is actually of a green Hydra dragon, with a watery background.

Drawings... Done only a few lately. I did a horse with charcoal, trying my best to shade it and give it a shadow. I also did a flying dragon, and a head drawing of a dragon that I never finished. I also have a blue dragon lying down that I did with colored pencil. He is, of course, blue, and has black spines and claws. He has a serpentine eye, and his head angles into a sharp-ish point. He does not have scales yet, for I still need to do that... The last one in the sketchbook of drawings from late is a plain pencil drawing, of a diving dragon. The dragon is diving into some trees. He has spines and tailwings,(If you don't know what those are, they are the part of the tail that is like wings, and they act as rudders) and his legs are tucked against him(sort of). There is also a crescent moon in the sky.

I think thats all for now... Farewell, all Elves, People, Gwar, Dragons, Fangs... *keeps listing off races* Feel free to comment!
Farewell and stay well,
Vrenith Sylversmith


Lucy Lu said...

Wow Vrenith! How do you post such long posts!?!?

oh and in the future, have a lot of sibling included giveaways!

The Director said...

Hey there Vrenith! Welcome to the Blogosphere!
You know, the way you've described the things you've drawn/painted etc is amazing-- who said you needed to share your art with us? You are quite the wonderful wordsmith-- I could see every single piece of art you told us about :) Not that I don't want to see your art.... :) In fact, I'm very excited to see what you will be sharing here!
Farewell for now!

~The Director

Creative Artist said...

@The Director:Thanks, TD! I'm no writer like Jake, though. And if I posted my work, I don't think it would look like you imagined it... I know a few people who could do better. <_<
Thanks for the encouragement! I'm glad I finally got this blog... started working on it in September. lol. I've had a private blog before, but nobody ever checked it. I wasn't a good blogger then.
@Lucy: I don't think I'll have any giveaways... at least not for awhile. ;)

Creative Artist said...

Oh yes, and my Header has one of my earliest dragon drawings in the background.
Farewell and stay well,
Vrenith Sylversmith