Sunday, December 12, 2010

Argh!! Wretched computer... *mumbles*

Ok, ya'll, Elves, men, women, ladies, gentlemen, and more, I'm back. Back from the pits of school--back from a harrowing week. Back from danger, peril, and-- adventure. Not really. All I did was paint-- and a few other things.
I still have thirty thousand words in my whichimicallit because of one thing-- our wretched computer. Yes, wretched. Aye. My terrifyingly slow and fiddleydoppily computer won't bring up Microsoft Word-- not any of the minimized pages, not any new ones. And, just before it stopped working, I sent my story to myself, but when I opened it after our amazingly abhorred and unjustified Microsoft Word quit working-- it only had less than half of my story. Now, I am horrifyingly fearful that our strangely deadly and slippery Microsoft Word has deleted half my story-- more, in fact-- and I'm hoping it didn't.
Ah, now for the good news! I did my painting, and it turned out better than I thought it would. I did a whitish horse head (with a grayish mane) with a blue background. Thanks to one of the blogs I follow, I knew a few things to make it better. :-) The horse looks slightly old--and I seem to think of it as a she. Her eye on the side of her face that you can see is half covered with her forelock, and her mane (which is not very defined) is mingled with the forelock, which has been slightly brushed to the side.
More good news. My mom found the unfinished painting I strangely call 'The Hydra Painting'! Now, I can finish it. It got lost when we 'cleaned' the basement, as I have explained already. It is barely started, with only a few watery green colors on it. It is a hydra with six heads--one I found in a book. Soon, hopefully, it will be finished.
I am reading a befuddlingly good book-- one most of you have probably read. CURSE OF THE SPIDER KI--Er, no. Not that one. But I am reading Venom and Song! This is probably the second or third time I've read it. Tis epic-- agreed? EPIC! Tis so full of epicness, that it has to be epic. *Bwahahahah* Yess... Epic. I haven't gotten very far, yet, unfortunately, because I have not much time to read-- for certain reasons I will explain... soon.
One, last night, when I started it, we went to a white elephant gift exchange. You know what I got? Diaper-- *coughs* Adjustable underwear. But, to make up for the adjustable underwear, (lol, diapers) the person who had did that gift had put some earrings in. But, since I don't usually wear earrings, I gave them away randomly (like Elves should, the random part, I mean) My sister gave away one of my mom's old prom dresses--the one with itchy sleeves, the one nobody liked. A man got it, and we were laughing so hard--even before he opened it. When he did, he held it up and said, "A perfect fit." It eventually got 'stolen', which means somebody took it and he had to open a new gift. Twas hilariously funny. One item could only be stolen three times, and one person can only be stolen from three times. So, it was pretty fair. Lady Amber was there-- she was last, and so she got to pick out of most everything. She took a coffee mug from Jake that said, "Have a merry Christmas. And I mean it!" There was a grumpy and stern looking old lady on it with poofy hair and pointy glasses and shoes. By the time we were finished, it was late-- and I had a hoppingly maddening headache. It affected my ears, my eyes-- everything. I barely fell asleep. Woke up once in the middle of the night, and didn't sleep for a few more hours. Ack. But, this morning, I was fine.
Two, Church! Which isn't a bad thing. I myself actually like church. Church is awesome. Literally awe-some. :-) Its just that I didn't read that morning. :-)
*claps* I should go do something other than stare at this screen-- I think I'll go read or paint, or anything like that.
Wait! More news. We finally got snow! But it is dry snow. And not that deep. It blows across the road, making it look like a desert. But its the exact opposite. Tis freezing cold! Seriously, it was down to like six degrees last night... and thats cold. Luckily, I had layers of blankets.  Now I must go and do something else-- Farewell, all ye Elves (or other things... people)
Farewell and Stay Well (especially with the cold!),
--Vrenith Sylversmith


Leauphaun said...

The horse painting sounds awesome, Vrenith! Please post it :) Ditto for the dragon one. Once you get it finished, that is.

The gift exchange sounds like so much fun!!!

The snow part is We had some where I am but it is sticky, heavy, wet snow that is great for snowballs

God Bless!! - Leauphaun

Creative Artist said...

I'll try, but augh, my mom's camera is not charged, and hasn't been for the last few days. :P

Our snow eventually became sticky... but tis melting fast, for there wasn't much of it in the first place.

Good news to everyone: MY BOOK IS NOT LOST. Manny got Microsoft word to work, and all of it is there. All of it! Yes, I am happy. No, I am not going to keep calling Microsoft Word names unless they are nice ones... like wonderfully blessedly nice Microsoft Word... LOL