Saturday, December 4, 2010


Hail, all! I am BACK! Where was I? I don't know... Anyways, I'm here to blog! I bet thats pretty obvious. :-) I've been writing lately... like actually writing. I was writing last night. On my... story. I'm nearly to thirty thousand words! I just need like two thousand five hundred more words!! One more page and I'll have seventy pages on Microsoft word!! But don't party yet, its going to get a lot longer. I have a feeling... though I'm not a writer. Believe me, yeah, woo hoo, I got a big word count, yeah, yeah, and yeah, but the quality? Not so sure about that one. I wrote four thousand words last night, and eight pages. Seven of those pages was a chapter-- though I probably shouldn't post it. It may be boring. So, now I have sixty nine pages, twenty seven five hundred words, and A BUNCH OF HAPPINESS!!! But the problem with that is that then Jake was saying I was a writer, and I was disagreeing, and he was insisting and going on and on about it... *sigh*
Oh yes, and I painted last night. I haven't gotten a chance to paint for a long time, but we can blame it on the basement. The painting I was working on got lost when we 'cleaned' up the basement to find things for the garage sale-- So  I had to start a new one. But the last one was going to be one of my best... the new one--not so much. The other one was a hydra with six heads (Nice to hang in my room, right?) and was a greenish color, with a watery background. But this one, didn't turn out as well. It was of a sea dragon (the head wouldn't cooperate), with his head and chest out of the water, though you can only see part of his front fins. The sea looks stormy and gray, and the sky, also. (I put white in the sky and swirled it around--bad mistake. Now it looks as if I didn't paint the whole canvas, and there's white showing through) and the sea is swirling and churning, while the sea dragon,(one I made up) is breathing what looks like a cloud of black smoke--its really a poisonous gas that it uses to hunt. He was probably using it on some fish you can't see. So, all in all, it wasn't a good painting and hardly took me any time at all. :-/ I would've done a horse, but I couldn't seem to think of a scene with a horse... Any ideas?
--Vrenith Sylversmith


Leauphaun said...

ummm, totally depends on what you want.
If you're going for a color background, pick two colors, one dark one light, and have them blending together, one corner to another. For a scenery background, trees, grass, blue sky and a fence will do.
For a specific environment, try to match it to what the horse is doing. Galloping across the canvas, try a desert. Standing dociley grazing, try a rainy meadow. Looking longingly over it's shoulder, try it being fenced in looking towards a prairie/beach. Anything that matches it's emotion I guess :)
A horses head would require any background you choose.
I go off of real pictures so you could also try that. I hope this helps.

The dragons sound REALLY funky! I would really like to see more of your work :)

God Bless, Vernith

Jake said...

Vren... *facepalm* Ye are a writer. All there is to it is writing. Sheesh.

Creative Artist said...

I don't write-- I type. :D

Thanks! I think I'll do a horse's head, actually... So do you mean by a 'one dark one and one light', did you mean like a dark blue and a light blue, if I used a blue background? (just an example)

About seeing more of my work, I'll try to take pictures of them... hopefully that will work. :)

Leauphaun said...

lol I like the facepalm :)

Yeah, exactly like that. It's the best way to do a background.
Pictures will work out great. That is how I do my paintings because they are too big to fit in my scanner :)

Creative Artist said...

Thanks! I'll start soon... hopefully.