Monday, December 20, 2010

Opposite Day

Ever heard of Opposite Day? Well, it’s the day that things are reversed and mixed up unimaginably cleverly. Say, “You’re the best” to someone, and you’re really saying, “I’m the worst” to yourself. *scoffs* The nerve of telling yourself that you’re terrible! *sees people watching* *turns red* Oh, yes, back to the subject. On Opposite Day, men, women, and children all get mixed up and mind boggled. Like you an me. Like him and her. Like he and she… Sorry. I could name all kinds of things. What if it’s Opposite Day? Try figuring out the opposite of all these words I’ve babbled. Hard, eh?

Imagine someone told you it was Opposite Day. So then you go up to a random person (if they’re not random you can’t say you went up to a random person. I suggest you give them a test to determine whether or not they’re really random) and say, “I hate you.” What would that mean to them? They probably thought it was a regular day and be offended. (So always talk to someone who is random. Remember the test) If it really was Opposite Day—then you would be saying, “You love me.” But if that person said it was Opposite Day, and then if it really was, he would be saying that it was a regular day, and thus you really said that you hated someone. Augh, I know.

Now, so you can learn up on your vocabulary, I’ll give you all the opposites I can think of at the moment. Then, if it’s ever Opposite Day, you’ll know what you’re saying. ;)
1. Soft—hard
2. Hot—cold
3. Love—hate
4. Gulp—sip
5. Die—live
6. Excellent—terrible
7. Black—white
8. Dark—light
9. Ceiling—floor
10. High—low
11. Sharp—dull
12. Weapon—toy (not totally sure about this one… ;) )
13. Earth—sky
14. Swim—drown
15. Fly—fall
16. Rise—fall
17. Kill—murdered :O
18. Air—water
19. Head—toes
20. Mute—sound
21. Loud—quiet
22. Full—empty
23. Boring—exciting
24. Random—serious
25. Truth—lie
26. Good—evil
27. Child—adult
28. Mature—immature
29. Careful—careless
30. Beautiful—ugly

Ok, so those are just the thirty off the top of my head. Hope that helps. Now, tell me, have you ever experienced Opposite Day? If not, call now and get a free discount! Only $599! 599! Call: 123-456-7890. I repeat—call now and get a free discount of fifty dollars! Only $599! Call now! Tell your friends to get their very own Opposite Day today!

Sorry. I couldn’t resist. *sigh* Well, this wasn’t a real randomness post, and not half as good as one of Jake’s, either. So, it’s alright if you got a wee… uh… I don’t know! G’bye.
Farewell and Stay Well,
Vrenith Sylversmith
Of Azandarania,
Dragon Warrior (I know, it’s a new title) 

P.S. Sorry about the delay with the pictures of my paintings, but I still need to download them to this computer... Sorry, ya'll. Till next time!


Millard of Swiftstorm said...

I'd like to order two days of opposites. How much is the shipping if I order three instead of two though? ;)

Creative Artist said...

Hmm... Let me check with my secretary.

Pathfinder said...

It's a scam, I tell you!
Why do you look at me that way?
For, opposite day, is every Wednesday!