Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I was going to do the abominable tag, but I had to get off before I finished the post! So, instead of saving it on here, I copied it and put it on Microsoft Word, which didn't save it! So I won't be doing the tag.

*Bwahaha* I got to paint a whole lot! I got a bunch of canvas for Christmas, which means, four big, wooden frame canvas, and a pack of three small cardboard canvas! I have painted like three pictures in the last two days--one was a human figure (I know! ASTOUNDING!! I never do people. Not that the person I did was astounding--just that me drawing--PAINTING one is astounding) cloaked in a black/gray cloak, so her (yes, her, I have trouble drawing men even more than women) face is unseen. I am worst at faces. Okay, so the end of the cloak is blowing that way: -->, so part of it is blowing over her legs, which are wearing brown breeches. She is wearing a gray tunic, and holding a sword (accidentally slightly curved) and wearing boots, which you can hardly see against the background, which is dark green. So dark a green that it looks like black. Yeah, if you looked at it, it would seem black.

Painting number two! A horse. Yes, a horse. But a strange horse with a really light gray background. (Its still not TOTALLY finished, but it works) Its rough, because it needs more work. But it is a horse I did all white, but the pencil lines smeared in, making it slightly gray. So I took some black and put it all along the sides of the lines on that side --> (I love arrows) and I used white along the lines of that side <--. The horse's mane is gray, and its head drooped near the ground. (tis a sad picture) But one thing I haven't mentioned--the horse is emaciated. Terribly emaciated. Its hips stick out, and its ribs are showing. Its back is sunken (I forget what you call it when its like that) . I know, I know, I'm so mean... but you know, life is like that sometimes. We got to face it. Whoops! I'm supposed to be telling you what the picture looks like, not giving ya'll a message. LOL.

Next painting! It was a huge canvas, I forget the lengths, but it was big. Okay, so I put it on my easel and draw a horse--a galloping horse, galloping across a field of flowers, in fact--and a pond with reeds surrounding it. And a blue sky, that for some reason makes it look like dusk. The horse is a dark brown with a black mane and tail (a bay). On the canvas, I started out with bright green just because I needed the color for underneath, and because it was going to be mostly covered up. Okay, so I used blotches for the flowers *sigh* Not very good, I know, but it looks awesome. Okay, back to the painting. There were red, yellow, blue, and white flowers, the white I did last. It was REALLY bright, but it was not to be. Okay, so I dipped my brush in the water, and used the water to smear it all together, creating a mystifying awesomeness. Well, it wasn't THAT pretty... but it was pretty good. :P Atleast--thats what people TELL me, but they're my family. O_o

OH YES!! And I painted right before Christmas. I did two--one was like geometric--a black background with like four bars that--well, its hard to explain. Okay, so draw a... diamond shaped bar. Then draw a line that goes UNDER it. And so on, until you've done like four bars, and it looks like its twisted together (well, not really) and looks good. I gave that to my mom for Christmas.

And the one I gave Manny--Augh, I didn't like the color, but she'd been asking me to draw one for a LONG time. I say, "What color should I make this dragon?" Her answer was always, "Purple." You see, I wouldn't do it because I just can't stand purple (no offense)! So, for Christmas, I drew a lying down purple dragon on cardboard canvas--and painted it. For the background, I used sunset colors. Okay, so from the left top corner, I did red, then slowly did orange, then yellow. Twas pretty, I have to admit, but I still didn't like the purple color. :P

Okay, so I think thats all--except, of course, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
Farewell and Stay Well,

P.S. Hopefully I will be able to download the pictures of my paintings soon! Sorry about the delay!!


The Director said...

Do we get to see said pieces of glorious artwork?? :D
sounds awesome :)

I wanna see the person!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! <3

Creative Artist said...

It is a very harrowing process, getting the pictures on here... first, I take pictures of them all, then I have to NOT lose the camera, get permission to download, find the whichimicallit so that I can download, DOWNLOAD, and then post. :D I shall try.

P.S. HAPPY NEW YEAR! :) Though its not quite here yet.