Friday, October 7, 2011


My life is getting increasingly more and more hectic... what with the move and all. I have, however, had lots of time to draw and all that, and I've visited my teacher once!

I have a horse posterbook, and I've been drawing out of that--I'm on my third picture from it. I did a picture of a muscular, tall bay horse that sort of has dapples. Extremely pretty. I gave that one away, but I do have a picture of it... somewhere... I have not finished the drawing of Jones because *berates self* I have not been working on it... but I did finish another horse profile, one of the ones from my posterbook. It's a Palomino, so rather light-colored, and I did a dark-fading-to-light background that my teacher showed me. :)

I also am drawing a picture (from the posterbook) of two horses, one a dark bay, the other a more tan palomino. I added in the blurry trees in the background, but alas, I don't even know how to do trees... >_> How I'll finish that picture, I don't know. O_O

When I went to visit my teacher, I bought from her some fixative, a new kneaded eraser, and three blending stumps. She looked over each of my pictures and gave me tips, showed me how to do things, and I asked her how I could travel or carry around my sketchbook without fraying the edges of the paper and book. Well, she went over to where she had her art paper she sold, and she pulled out two thick pieces of white art-board and taped 'em together. She wrote ****'s Artwork on the front (excluding my name) and gave it to me for free. :) Normally, the paper would have probably cost between fifty to seventy-five cents (or more) each. :D
I've also had two people ask for drawings! The first wanted a drawing of her dog, which had been an abused one. She offered to pay me as well. The other is one of my mom's best friends, and she would like to have her daughter's horse drawn for her--which, of course, would be easy since horses are my best subject!!

Ah, well, I don't have time for any more. Farewell, my fellow bloggers and friends!!



Leauphaun said...

I'm excited to see your drawings (when you get the time to post them). I know how it can get hectic like that. My house is kind of like that, with many changes this school year.
YAAAA!!! That's so cool that you get to do drawings for other people!!! Keep it up :)

- Leauphaun

Vrenith said...

Yeah, I sure hope I can post them soon! :)

Changes can be fun, but they're hard. :) I'm excited about ours, though I'll miss certain things.

Its nice to draw FOR something. My teacher told me, "Drawing is fun until it turns into work." Very true... I intend to always enjoy my craft.