Monday, December 19, 2011

Of Mongooses and Insanity

Mongooses. No, not mongeese. Mongooses. Want to know what they are? Well, we're getting one. A baby one, currently named Bree, though we may change that. Babies are the same size as and look like a ferret and a rat, and very cute. They squeak a lot (no exaggeration--they squeak incessantly, but they'll grow out of some of it) and will only go to sleep if you rub their head, ears, or back...

Baby mongoose:
Ours is actually older than this, and thus bigger...

And it has a longer nose than this...

THAT'S more like our mongoose, except maybe a bit younger. Also, the pictures from the internet are coming out blurry, so watch out...

I've been looking at pictures, and found that our mongoose looks a lot like a Cusimanse Mongoose. :) Might be one.

Meerkats are actually a species of Mongoose.

And when grown, they can kill a King Cobra snake. They're fast... can't you tell? Cobras aren't very fast snakes, I think, but still. Every snake is fast. They grow to be maybe the size of a cat, and have claws for digging. There are many different species, and I'm not sure what ours is--probably a mix, (I mentioned above it LOOKS like a Cusimanse) since the guest house owners got it in a village. Since they're leaving to go to America for ten months, we get the mongoose. :)

And... as for insanity... you've found it. ;) I've been doing Doctor Who Awareness Week with my siblings on the Underground, where we use quotes whenever possible, and make our avatar and name that of a character. I almost did River Song, but I ended up doing Donna Noble. Ry did Rose Tyler(though she stopped) and Jake did the Doctor, Tennant. Another Undergrounder did 'Doctor' except as Matt Smith. Also, EaglesWings did River Song for a short while. :)

I drew Matt Smith on Bristol Paper, and it worked surprisingly well! I'll post soon. :)

And I've found some awesome videos to share, but you don't have to watch them. XD

Every single Doctor Who Theme! About one for each Doctor, but the music, though in different versions, stays the same through the whole thing!

This is amazing. Heartbreaking. And awesome at the same time. Its the ultimate trailer, which you've probably already seen posted by Jake. But how could I not post it?

Now for soundtrack!

So stinkin' sad!! The words 'Vale Decem' mean 'Goodbye, Ten.' That's what they're singing.

You Made Me is rather sad, as well... this is from the episode in which Tennant regenerates. The Master saves the Doctor. *sniffs*

Okay, time for supper! Fried ochre... Yum. ^_^


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