Sunday, November 18, 2012


Lots of fun, yes.

First, NaNoWriMo--I finished on the fifteenth/sixteenth (late night), at 50,035 words! :D So I started another one, but I don't know if that one will actually get finished before the end of November...I'd have to write four thousand words a nigh. O_O

Second, I had a little accident. >_> I DIDN'T DIE!! Don't worry. ;) I'm not dead.

Well, we had to carry some things across to our other compound, so I carried a box with things stacked on top. Unfortunately, the bridge broke a few days before (MORE FUN), and they fixed it crookedly. So that they could fix it they drained the lagoon, too. So a good six feet in the air.

Well, I couldn't see over the box and stepped one foot off of the bridge. >_< I hit the bridge hard (and now have a bruised tailbone and achy back) and then flipped and landed on my back in the mud. Definitely had the wind knocked out of me.

First thing I saw was this Liberian girl screaming. She grabbed my hand, crying, trying to pull me up. Next I saw Jake running down, and then I thought, "Now I know what I put my characters through." XD Well, I was not hurt permanently, but I did have mud all over my clothes. In my sister's own words, "I thought you had DIED. I will never be a nurse in traumatic circumstances because I stopped breathing when I saw you fall." Haha. In MY own words, "Then you would have been the next patient!"

Everybody was trying to pull me to my feet, but my hips were really painful at that point. Now, though, I'm fine. Mostly.

Funny things--I managed to leave the box ON the bridge while I fell off. And after the girl stopped crying my sister heard her bragging about how 'she helped the white woman up.' Everyone was more scared than I was, too. XD

My dad and younger sister were coming back from the compound and a dozen different people told them the white woman fell of the bridge. The first time they heard (secondhand from my sister):

Liberian: "The white woman fell of the bridge!"

Dad: "Which one?"

Liberian: "The small one."

Good to know I'm 'the small one.' XD

Well, drawing is going well, but not much else is going on. :P




Kismint said...

Aww, I like your Liberian-Lifestyle stories Vrenith, they're really awesome!

Plus, I'm really jealous that you're done with your NaNo already. *pouting face*

...Now that I think about it, I'm not sure if I've ever commented on your blog before, but I love to read it---and check out your awesome artwork!! ^_^

Glad you didn't die,
God bless!

Hannah Joy said...

I can't believe you're done already!!! That's just nuts. It would be epic if you could write another. Rooting for you.

I'm also new around here, but I found it via Jake's blog and decided it was a fun blog to follow. :-) So hello! ;-)

And I am glad you didn't die. But the story made me laugh. Haha. :-D

Vrenith said...


Thank you! The Liberians are very dramatic and fun to write about.

Man, that NaNo went really fast. Not so fast on this one, though. :P I have to write four thousand a day to finish before October. >_<

Thank you! :) No, I don't think you've commented, but I did see you followed. :) Thanks!

@Hannah Joy:

Thanks so much! This novel is harder than the last. :P My main character is not coming easy.

Great to meet you both! And glad to make people laugh. :)