Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Okay, so several weeks ago I took an all-day Saturday class from my art teacher on watercolors. I wasn't sure about it at first because even though I'd always wanted to paint, I didn't find the thought of the watery ways of watercolors (ooh, alliteration!) to be attractive. I thought I'd end up using acrylic or maybe oil.

Oh, well.

I took this class and now I like watercolors. ^_^ They're fun. They're relatively easy to use and apply, and it's not a complicated thing to clean up. My teacher showed me the basics, and I finished this drawing under her instruction.

I expected the watercolors to be a little more loose and that I wouldn't be able to do any detail work, only blobs of color. Well, I *can* do detail work. Detail makes me happy. This painting is not incredibly detailed, but it worked. It was all done with a single brush and probably five different colors. I mixed a lot of it with only a selection of about ten colors available.

I am very happy with how it turned out.

The only problem is that I don't have a name for it. :) Any ideas?

(Sorry: this is also a phone picture)

- Vrenith


J.T.Z. Baner said...

that is incredible. I've never seen a painted horse so lifelike save by master artists. wow...
as for the name, how about, Beauty?
-Z Baner

Creative Artist said...

Thank you! That is a huge compliment. My art teacher is the best teacher. :)

Thank you for the suggestion. :) I will definitely consider it.


Dark Wolf said...

Awesome picture, Vrenith! You are an amazing artist. :)
For the name, you could try Misty.

Creative Artist said...

Thank you, Dark Wolf! Haven't seen you in awhile. :)

Misty...hmm. It doesn't quite fit, though
:) But thank you for the suggestion.

Sorry, I'm kinda picky. xD Don't mind me. I take forever to choose things like this.

- Vrenith

Dark Wolf said...

I know! I haven't seen you on the UG lately so I thought I would stop by here and see what you were up to. :)

That's okay. I'm kind of picky with names myself, so I understand. :)

Creative Artist said...

Yeah, it's hard to keep up with everything. :P I visit the UG, but I rarely comment. Thanks for swinging by!