Thursday, April 17, 2014


So this puppy is mine. He's been mine for a few months - I found him running around and of course I had to take him home. I was supposed to give him away, but...he attached to me and is quite the little guard dog. 

Unfortunately he doesn't listen to anyone else in my family. That doesn't help when he gets in trouble and I'm still asleep...

All the same, he's the best. And the cutest.
(And the naughtiest...)

And his name is Stryder. (: 


Kismint said...


He's amazinggg!! Adorable overload. :P

Sarah said...

Aw, so adorable.

J.T.Z. Baner said...

Quite a dog. By the way, is it Stryder as in Aragorn of the Dunedin in Lord of the Rings?

Creative Artist said...

Yes. We have three other dogs, named Merry, Pippin, and Sam. (: And a friend has a Frodo. I didn't think any of the LOTR names that were left fit, but I never thought of Stryder until someone suggested it. Turns out it fits perfectly. :)

J.T.Z. Baner said...

Here's a few, and the dogs which would fit them:
Great Dane: Gandalf
Furless Cat: Gollum (not a dog I admit)
Golden Labrador: Boromeir
Bulldog: Gimli

Creative Artist said...

Gandalf would also make a great cat - or a wolfhound. If I ever have a wolfhound, he's already named!

Boromir could also be a retriever.

Furless cat. That's perfect.

Galadriel could be a greyhound or a Saluki...I'm not a huge fan of her, though. She's creepy. :P

Aragorn would be really hard...maybe some black dog with slightly curly fur.

Sam would be some sort of lab or maybe a golden retriever, I think...although my Sam is mostly Rhodesian Ridgeback. My other dogs are mutts.