Saturday, November 8, 2014


We all know what that means. And if you don't, you're about to figure it out. NaNoWriMo comes creeping up on me every year. Six months beforehand I think, "I'll just start outlining now, and then I'll have a whole story ready to be written by November!" Ah, yeah. So I said. Never actually happened...funny how that works.

So the goal is to get 50,000 words in one month. 30 days. 

This is my fourth year, so of course I'm going to do it. I hadn't actually written a novel since LAST NaNo, but whatever. It would work out.

We left on the 30th of last month on a trip, and we're still on that trip. My birthday happened on the 2nd. Thus, I didn't actually get started until the 4th, thousands of words behind.

Day before yesterday I had a wordcount of 2,000 words. I decided - two thousand words a day would be great.

I reached 4,000, after laboring over it for hours.

The first part of NaNo, for me, is the worst. A lot of people get stuck in the middle or trying to figure out the perfect ending. No, I have trouble getting started.

Yesterday was even worse. We were going to a meal with some friends and a conference afterwards. We got home, and Jake had to get his wordcount done. He didn't finish until late, and I had fallen asleep. I had written 500 words out of the 2000 that I needed to get done.

Today looked up! I finally got my writing down. I started out the day with some Word Wars; I managed to get 2,000 words written in 45 minutes.

This evening I shall return to the grueling effort, but there is hope there now. 

This year is by far my worst year, and my busiest. I doubt there will be any finishing early as before, but I WILL finish.

I will.


Sarah said...

Good luck! I'm sure that if anyone can get through, it's you. :)

Creative Artist said...

Thank you! I hope so. This year's a lot more hectic than usual. :)