Monday, February 21, 2011


Great, awesome news to die for!! Well, sort of. I finally honest to goodnessly got my pictures!!! All the way to the most recent sketch. :D :D :D Will post... NOW!! Oh, and sorry about me lateness on blogging. I have been absent from the internet... but what a poor excuse! Here they are:

This was when I was first getting started... on the style, I mean, of mixing random things together. First good person I did, too! (probably only because its face was shadowed, LOL)

Ah, this one was OKAY... But the face was terrible and the dragon didn't look right. :P

Ooh, I happen to LOVE this one!! One of the only males I was ever able to do... and looked good!! I especially liked the eye. :D

I really thought that this one looked nice... Its a full picture, taking up the whole paper. :D

This is what inspired my Leviathan painting, which you will see more of in the 'Grand Finale'. Same position...

Look familiar? Aha, I can see it in your faces! You're thinking, 'Oh, that's nice...wait. Is that...?' (maybe not) And YES!! Saphira off of the cover of Eragon. For those of you who've read it, get out your copy if you have one! You will notice minimal differences... Longer muzzle, bigger muzzle, different look... Yah. I love doing this kind of thing free-hand, making different changes to make it sort of my own... :D Enjoy, because there's more!!

And the second book! Introducing Thorn off of the cover of Eldest, second book in the Inheritance Cycle.

Ah, as you can see in my... uh... flowery script, this is Glaedr, off of the cover of Brisingr, the third book!! He is one of my favorites of all of my sketchings...

This is one from my 'not-so-nice' sketchbook... I'm not going to post them all because a lot of them were either terrible or just doodles. This is a dragon that Manny told me to draw, choosing the positions of the legs (though I gave her options) and such. So Manny gets some of the credit of this.

This one has sort of a story behind it, though not the kind you're thinking of... or maybe it is. Anways, this is something that I'm going to write about--eventually.

The Woodserpent!! Run!! Naw, you don't have to... unless you want to...? Never mind. Woodserpents are very dangerous... like trees, especially those in the Wraithen Woods. They're huge dragon-like snakes, and are sort of evil... Red, blue, orange or yellow ones are poisonous, while green is not.

A little of a random Drawing...

Ah, didn't put a face because I'm terrible at faces. This is I-Forgot-Her-Name's coronation dress. And Leauphaun, then I realized--You draw dresses like this. Sorry I copied you... I drew a whole lot, but only a few turned out. Yours are still way better, though... *sigh*

One of my favorites of the ones I drew. Only one that looked exactly right! Manny looked at it and said, "I'd wear it if it had sleeves" Well, there are sleeves, but I didn't shade them so she didn't notice them. :) This was done for my main character, Myrean, who happens to hate dresses (LOL)

And this is my only other good one. You can probably see the remains of where I USED to have her hair, but that didn't look right. :)

Ah, the Sanadria Cliff Dragon. And my bad handwriting included, too!! I designed it during a class that my parents are heading... LOL.

These are pictures of a horse I was drawing... in the middle of the stages. See the mechanical pencil? Since I have no idea how to use shading pencils, thats all I use through the whole thing. Works quite well, actually.

The perspective of the first one made the head look to big... made me mad. Blah. But this one (now you know what the tips of my un-brushed hair and the tip of my knee look like) I just liked this second one, so I posted it.

NOW FOR THE GRAND FINALE!!!! My paintings. :D :D :D :D :D :D

NUMBER ONE: The Leviathan (not really a name, but Jake has nothing more creative)
                                  ^ This one was taken during the night, so it is darker.

                                And these two were taken during the morning. What I get frustrated about is that I finish the painting--and then later I find all these flaws. I mix all of my paints because I only have the basic colors, so  it will be hard to get those exact colors again. :P


                                               I think that this one was taken at night, with the flash, thus the brighter colors.

                                            These three were taken in the morning, methinks.

OK, Grand Finale is over!! Sorry folks, time to go back into the swamp or the belly of that fish... or wherever you were before. Under your dog's paw, hiding in the cabinet--wherever you were.


Oh yes, and those ones that I had before... The other painting pictures that you've been waiting for, well, I can't find them. Sorry! Jake's computer is confusing...


Eldra said...

Wow! Amazing! You draw dragons incredibly well! Keep drawing, you'll be a super-amazing-mind-blowing artist one day.

Leauphaun said...

As Eldra said, WOW!!
The drawings of the dragon heads are AMAZING! The detail is stunning! Good job!
I love the detail of the stones on the 4th drawing :D The dragons eye is SO COOL!! I wish I could think of cool pictures like that :)

The paintings are neat-o! You are waaaaaay better at doing landscape than I am.

As for the dress 'copying' there is nothing to be sorry about. The only way to get better at something is to copy it. Plus I think that there are many drawings that look like mine...or that mine looks like theirs

God Bless!! - Leauphaun

Vrenith said...

Thanks Eldra! I hope I can live up to that... <_<

Thanks! There's always room for improvement, though.
I drew the stones after the drawing, and then left it--then I went back later and added the shading (my poor excuse for it) to them... it took FOREVER.
The Dragons' heads were off of the cover of a series that used to be my favorite... Ah, forgot to give someone credit. John Jude Palencar, who first drew them. *claps for Palencar*
Heh, you DON'T want to see my other landscapish paintings... These ones were wild guesses. I'm drawing a cliff, so why not put a dragon on it? And grass, too? I'm drawing a snarling Leviathan, so why not add something that its protecting? Ask the questions... I don't know. A lot of my paintings are terrible, but then others are better than I thought I could do. That was the case with those two.
Thanks... I got them on and then thought, 'Oh wait... These are like Leauphauns.' Thanks, all!!

Camerie said...


Ryebrynn said...

Wow... I've seen them before, somewhere. *thinks* *thinks some more* WOW! I FORGOT I AM YOUR SISTER! Well, I didn't really forget, I'm just playing with you. ;)


Vrenith said...

Thanks, Camerie!!

Heh, Ry...

Jake said...

EPIIIIIICCC!!! :D :D I studied them time and time again. I love your paintings!

Vrenith said...

Heh, you've seen them before, too... :D Anyways, thanks, Ejaka!

The Director said...

Sorry, this is such a late comment, but I had to tell you how these drawing blew me away! You're definitely one blessed girl! *faints from amazement*

You rock! Keep 'em coming!

Hannah said...

you rock. methinks i need to spend more time at thy house.

Vrenith said...

Ah, I love late comments...
Thanks, TD!

Too bad you just left... :P But yes, you need to stay at our house for awhile.

Rowan said...

I LOVED all of the pictures! You're really talented:)

Vrenith said...

Thanks, Rowan! :D