Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Post for You, A Post for Me, A Post for All, Is the Key!! Not Really, but Yeah

Ok! Here's a post to let you know that I am alive... the week (and the week before) has been super busy... like really busy. Yet, I managed to squeeze in some art. Two large paintings, and a few sketches.
Painting number one--a Sea Dragon that my brother has dubbed a Leviathan. The 'Leviathan' has its body facing right, while it's head is reared back and snarling over its back... Its tail is wrapped around a chest (not filled with gold :P). The Leviathan has six fins altogether and has webbing down it's back where spines would normally be. It is a dark bluish color. The background is also blue tones, and has dolphins nearby (two, and they're terrible!!) and there's a large rock. I have trouble painting sea life, so I just left it as a sandyish bottom... THAT TOOK FIVE COATS!!! Sorry. I'm yelling. But it did take five coats of paint... especially because the color wasn't going right... But that's enough of the Leviathan.
Next painting! This one was formerly a dragon, but I have given permission to Jake to make it an Air Drake.. or Airdrake... I don't know which. He wanted the scene for his book or something... he didn't tell me much. Well, anyways, the Drake is standing sort of in a dog posture, strangely... one leg stretched out farther, one front leg lifted. So the Drake is standing on a cliff like thingy near the very edge, long dark green grass around his feet and all the way over the cliff (painting the cliff killed me. Terrifying.) The sides of the cliff look more like mud/dirt than anything else, and there are tufts of grass growing in a few places. The scenery below is pretty much just grass, and then the clouds are white and puffy, outlined by darker blue and a little gray... (Jake's favorite part is the clouds, LOL) And the Drake is white with white/blue wings. The scales--I didn't have the right detail brushes, my mom's are all really old. And so I had no good ones and its not very good... only looks good from a distance.
Sketches! I don't know if I've told you of this one, but it's called 'The Call to Adventure'. First of all, there's a shadowed person (methinks its a woman) with one arm outstretched sideways beyond the paper. Behind her is two swords crossed, one with a hilt the has a large opal like gem in the pommel, and its cross-guard is a slightly curling part that goes back over the fingers and connects on the pommel. Its probably a one-handed sword. The other looks strange... almost like the cross-guard is a bunch of spider legs protruding from the hilt... it's quiet strange. And the pommel has a slight tip to it, sort of an ovalish shape. There is a circular gem and then two smaller ones on each end. Behind those is a dragon, in flight. I showed it from the top-view, so the wings are outstretched to the end of the page. Next is a woman hanging by chains over that... (just so you know, these are all like separate pictures... they are connected, but they're not... A strange concept) Someone from my book, methinks. O_o Behind her is a bunch of towers with a wall that could be a castle. It's not very pretty or elaborate, but it works. Right now I've come back to it and am shading the little bricks... but they still don't look that real. :P
This next picture starts with a sword--it looks regular, except it seems that a snake is coiled and knotted around the crossguard (not very skillfully). I think of this as part of the crossguard--though some wouldn't. I made it so that it's tail goes onto the hilt and ends on the pommel... and I also made the tail look flat, that way the wielder wouldn't be uncomfortable with ridges digging into his or her palm. And... another opal like gem in the pommel. Those seem to be my favorite! They are also the ones I can do the best. :D Next behind that is a horse--just a plain horse's head. With a blaze. Behind the sword but in front of the horse, there is a Sea Dragon--my inspiration for the Leviathan. Its also in the same position as my painted one. AND, behind all this, I had an empty space that I couldn't figure out what to put in... so finally I just looked at my hand and drew that... I was trying to do the palm, but it looked more like the back of my hand, so I put long, evil-looking nails on it, BWAHAHA. But then I did a part on it... and it looked like the palm! I kept it the back of my hand, but I don't know...
And last and least! Literally. I totally failed this one. First I did a flower with a bunch of leaves around it, its stem descending down into the leaves so its a plant. There are a few reeds sticking out, as well. Then I drew a dog that was terrible... I mean, ARTISTS OUT THERE!!! How do you do it??? Well, then I did a mum-like flower.
I think thats all! I don't have time to describe my two weeks, so lets just say they were hectic. :D Here's some of whats going to happen, though: This weekend we're going to some friends to help them move, and then driving two and a half hours from there to my dad's parents. We weren't going to be there when they were originally having it because my dad had to go to China the day after Christmas, but then my aunt had a baby on Christmas Eve! So, now we get to go to the Christmas, AND see baby William! :D
See you all soon--I hope,
--Vrenith going Crazy


Jake said...

O_o A frightful post. The leviathan painting is epic. So is the airdrake painting. But the proper term to use when you are not using a prefix ('air') is 'draco', not drake. :)

Leauphaun said...

@ Vrenith
WOW! You HAVE been busy! Thats ok..its good to be busy :)
The paintings sound cool...REALLY cool for drawing dogs...hmmm *scratchs head* The only thing I can say is take your time on them. Take lots of time to study the way a dog looks, than spend the same amount of time to actually draw it out (not saying that you don't spend lots of time) Slow and steady wins the race ;D and you will win

God Bless!! - Leauphaun

Creative Artist said...

Ok... You'll have to remind me until I read your book. :D

Ah, it's not something that is described with the word epic... *shrugs*

Thanks! :D
--Vren/Vrenith/Nerv *can't decide her identitY*

Vrenith said...

Ah! Another comment while I answered the first! :D I love comments.

Thanks! Yeah, it's been really busy... we have driven for up twelve hours this week... all going to my grandparents, my great aunts... yeah.

Ok. I'll have to do that... *rummages around for a dog picture and stares at Moby* (Moby's our dog)
Hope I DO win!
--Vrenith *has finally chosen her identity*