Saturday, June 25, 2011

This is Wierd...

I was looking at this guy's blog--Andrew Janesko, his name is. He's a really good artist. So anyways, I was scrolling through his pages, and I came upon a drawing of a boxer puppy. Internal gasp!!

This puppy I've seen before! I'd seen it in Lee Hammond's Drawing Realistic Pets from Photographs. It was a tutorial thing in the book.

But the even stranger thing is that *I'd* drawn the puppy! It just surprised me to see it on the internet. :) I drew the puppy without the instructions--knowing me. I always draw the finished picture, because using the instructions never seems to work... but anyways, I would've posted this lovely picture, but something horrible happened to it. Remember what happened to the horse head? The horse? (the one that my dad had a picture of before it was ruined--it is now my profile picture) It happened to my puppy. It wasn't fixable.And, yes, I admit, I did cry. >_> But I mean, wouldn't you expect that? I am not usually one to cry over such things--more like, I'd get a bit mad. :/ But this had been so special--I'd loved it. And recently, the best of my drawings are ones that I knew I was going to give away, and ones that I kept somehow were ruined. It's been working on my nerves.

But, anyway, we must tear ourselves from my sad story. >_>

Here's the link to the guy's picture: (note, mine did not really have the fur texture, because it was a really shorthaired dog and didn't really put any hair texture in the picture, and I did not use professional pencils--just a really epic, soft one)

Anyways, that was my random post.



Leauphaun said...

Ah, yes. Andrew Janesko. He's a great artist, isn't he? I mean, he is only 14 years old!! I know I wasn't that good at 14.

I didn't get that deep into his blog, but the puppy sure is cute ^_^

Awwww, really? That is so sad when pieces of wonderful artwork get destroyed, or at least water stained. ='(

- Leauphaun

Andrew said...

Hey, if you are having that much trouble with smeering your art work than you should try using a fixative

Creative Artist said...

Yeah, I've been wanting to buy that--I really need to. My dad *was* going to for my birthday, but he forgot... Heh. Thanks, Andrew!

I'm pretty sure I won't be that good at fourteen, whether I've passed it, am it, or not it yet... (the age, I mean) >_>

Leauphaun: Yes... and it *really* gets me frustrated when things get ruined. :P And yes again, the puppy is extremely cute. :)


Jake said...