Thursday, June 2, 2011

E for Excellent--So they Say.

I've just been awarded the 'Rated E for Excellent' blogger award, or something like that. Actually, I wasn't *just* awarded. I've been putting it off. XD

To accept this award, I must list seven things about myself.

So, here we go. ;)

1. I was born.

2. I'm living.

3. I haven't died yet.

4. I have a mom and dad.

5. I have a character in my novel.

6. I can see through glass. ;)

7. I've just been awarded the Excellent Award. (as you can see)

This is following the example of Leauphaun, who posted pretty much useless facts about herself--on purpose. :)  So now you know barely anything more about me than you did before. ;)

There ya go. I award it to all of my followers. If they want it. I'm supposed to tag fifteen people--but instead I tag ye all, if you want to be tagged. :)



Eldra said...

That is extremely uselessly funny. You know, most of those things are the same about me. Are we siblings?

Vrenith said...

Maybe. ;)