Saturday, May 28, 2011


I was commenting on a blog when my 'Word Verification' was Dunfib. So I made up a little thing about it--Leauphaun and I exchange such 'definitions' sometimes. Here's mine. (I was bored--I had to blog this)

Morris: Dunfib.

Mother: I'm glad you're done fibbing, Morris dear. *is distracted, reading a book*

Morris: No, DUNFIB. 

Mother: What was that, dear?

Morris: DUNFIB!!!

Mother: Now, Morris, you KNOW your language arts teacher doesn't like it when you make up words!

Morris: I saw it on the internet. It's not made up.

Mother: WHAT?! I told you not to look at unknown sites! You never know if its good or bad!

Morris: It was a preschool site.

Mother: That's absurd! What does it even mean?

Morris: It means to have something upside down be turned up, and when its up its upside down because the snails on the ceiling think their right side up, making it upside down for them but is really truly right side up. *shrugs* But I could be wrong.


Leauphaun said...

Hahahah, I SO remember this =D

- Leauphaun

Word Verification: groundis

I just 'groundis' thing up

Jake said...



Vrenith said...

Heh. I know. I couldn't remember the definition, so I looked it up...

Jake: Late decor, that's what it should be. ;)

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