Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Blogpost--Surprised? Strange.

Hey! Blogpost, ya’ll! Been reading. Yes, me? Reading? Impossible. Right. I’ve currently read many books, but the most recent (which were a few days ago because I’ve had nothing to read for a few days) were ‘Hero, Second Class’ and ‘The Truth of the Matter.’ Both really good. I was re-reading Hero, Second Class for the second time, and I’m now saving up for Hero in Hiding, the second book!
And, I was tagged. Tagged, flagged, down. Weird, huh?

Here it is, anyways. Ryebrynn made the tag, but I was tagged by Leauphaun. :D

1. Your Hero?
Other than God, I’d have to say my dog. He’s truly been my hero for a long time. Always comforting (when you cry, he puts his head in your lap) and never minding if he gets accidentally stepped on and never bites. But most of all, he’s been a GREAT help with the puppy. If he hadn’t been there, I’d probably have failed with her by now. He plays with her, teaches her, and sort of sedates her. Somehow.

2. Your favorite subject in school.
If art was in my school, I’d say art. But we have not yet put any art in school, though I hope there shall be next year!! Other than that, I’d say read-alouds because my mom does it so well and because they’re way more interesting than the boring readers. :P

3. Your favorite animal.
HORSES!!! And this is not just a phase. Horses have always been my favorite, ever since I knew what the differences of a few animals were. They’ve always been my favorite.

4. Your favorite reptile.
I would say dragons, but its debatable whether dragons are reptiles or not. My dragons aren’t cold-blooded. So my dragons seem to be in a whole other animal group, so I’ll have to say… lizards or geckos. I don’t know!

5. Your number of dogs.
Currently two. Ones a brand new puppy, and ones a seven-year old golden retriever.

6. Your favorite movie.
LOTR!!! I’m not sure of any others, though.

7. Are you an early bird or a bed bug?
It depends. Most of the time a bed bug, but sometimes I surprise myself… And not because there’s a monster under my bed.

8. When is your birthday?
Nov. 2nd

9. How many bathrooms does your house have?
Umm… why do you want to know? Stalkers don’t forget anything do th—oh, wait. Ryebrynn made this. And she’s my sister. Whoops. We’ve got three.

10. Have you ever been to Galveston, Texas?
Whoa. Yes. Ry has, so I guess that’s why she put it up here…

So that’s the tag!

I’ve also been doing a lot of drawings—but nothing fantastic like Leauphaun’s work. I tried to do Moby—but since I was doing real-life and not from a photo, I had to keep him from moving. Didn’t work out. His position (the only one he’d stay in) made his muzzle look too short. :P

The Eagle Sword Concept… Hm. A sword that has an eagle with outstretched wings for a crossguard. The first one had the eagle’s head on the hilt, and tail engraved on the blade. But since I’m not very good at eagles, it didn’t turn out as well as it could’ve.

The second eagle wasn’t quite as good in the head and wings, and this time it was switched—it’s head is almost on the blade, and its tail engraved on the hilt. I hope I’ll get pictures up soon… Gar.

Sorry, all, but I must leave. I’m pretty sure that there was a lot more to be said, but I must leave. :P Fare all thee well!

--Vrenith J


Leauphaun said...

Great post Vrenith!!

I would like to se the eagle sword. It sounds neat!!!

Thanks for the kind words =D

- Leauphaun

Anonymous said...

Those drawings sound really cool!

Creative Artist said...

Ah, thank you!