Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mobelicious and Stuff

He. Hi. Back here to share with you all! Update on puppy--she and Moby are now friends. :) She is also very annoying, yet cute. So I guess that's all--oh, and she's been whining not as much at night. :D

Ah, to get to what the subject is. I drew a horse, and I loved it!! But--oh, I'm so mad--I left the sketchbook open and it rubbed against the fabric of my bag! It smeared everywhere (for I did not rub it in with my fingers)! So I had to erase all the smears and try to redo it. Unfortunately, it doesn't look quite as good as it did--but my dad took a picture of it with his iPhone before it got messed up. Also unfortunately, I have been trying for the last hour and a half to get it up here. :P It isn't working. Sorry, folks.

AND, another thing about my dear Mobelicious: Leauphaun, an amazing, talented artist, drew him! Look on. It looks just like him:

Epic, right?? I love it! Thank you, Leauphaun, for allowing me to blog this picture. :)

I've now read FROM DARKNESS WON!!!! And now I'm sad, as well. That's what happens when I finish an extremely good series--and this one was better than 'extremely good'!! In fact, for the first time in one and a half to two years, I have a favorite book! Guess what it is. XD FROM DARKNESS WON! Jill Williamson, ye are an amazing author, and I hope to read more of your work. :) I literally DIDN'T put the book down. I had an all day off--my sister's birthday. I read it in less than twenty four hours!! I'm pretty sure I could not do that with any other six hundred page book. 661 pages of epicness! I highly reccomend ye all read the trilogy. The first book is By Darkness Hid, then its To Darkness Fled, and as I have said, From Darkness Won! Great series.
In fact, why don't I just direct you to Jake's blog? He's having a giveaway in which the winner gets to pick one of the three books. :D Jill Williamson is providing the book.

Ry's birthday recently passed... a few days ago, actually. :) HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, RY!!!

Done. Farewell. Thanks for reading this.



Leauphaun said...

Awww, thank you Vrenith! :) Such kind and touching words you have typed =D

That sounds like an EPIC book!

- Leauphaun

Vrenith said...

I only said what was true.

It IS an epic book... Heh, I think about it to help me sleep. XD

Thanks for letting me use the picture. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh WOW!!! That's really good, Leauphaun!! :D