Friday, February 15, 2013


Finally! The elusive blogger has returned with a pinch! :D With artwork, too! :D :D :D

 This was a Christmas present for my mom. Not the best of my works, but.... It actually took hardly any time to draw. Very easy, very simple. I got it from my teacher's book. :P I'm such a cheater.

Now this! I am VERY happy with how this turned out!!! :D This is Cess, one of our kittens. I took this picture awhile ago, and I've always wanted to draw it but haven't had the time. Then, I realized I had to figure out a birthday present for my older sister. Well, she loves the kittens, especially this one, so I decided to try it out! While the tail didn't get as much attention as it should have (I was rushed!), I think it turned out really well. :)

Well, sorry to end this blogpost so soon, but...


Ryebrynn said...

Nice drawings, Vren. But they somehow look familiar....

"We'll never survive!"
"Nonsense, you only say that because no one ever has." -The Princess Bride


HyperLinkzer said...

Awesome! I don't like cats, but this picture is great! :D

Pathfinder said...

That is one of the best movies ever.
I find it INCONCEIVABLE! how good those drawings are.

Creative Artist said...

Thank you very much, HyperLinkzer, Pathfinder! :D