Sunday, February 17, 2013


Everything is very nice here. :) My mom's back after being shipped out of the country for medical attention (okay, so I never mentioned it. XD You'll just have to assume what happened), along with Alex. :D AND, guess what?! I finished another drawing. It's sort of a Valentine's Day drawing, albeit belated. >_> I actually started it several months ago but never had time to finish. I edited it small, and...voila!

The scanner messed it up a bit; the bay horse (left) is a lot darker in real life, and you can't see all those pencil lines in the shadow on the neck. >_< Ah, well, oh, well. XD

See how many hearts you can find in my 'Valentine's Day Drawing!' :D

ANYWAYS...miss ya'll! I'm a horrible blogger. *sympathetic pats*

P.S. I'm on the OYAN forum now, if any of you are OYANers...under the name Siah Akerlah. 

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Leilani Sunblade said...

Lovely picture!

I tagged you, BTW: