Thursday, April 28, 2016

Ocean Wave

My art teacher has been trying to convince me to participate in the biannual Embassy craft fair here in Monrovia. He finally succeeded, and we were scheduled to sell at the one in December. Eight months is plenty of time to prepare, right??

Well, we got switched to the one in May. May 8th, to be precise. In. Ten. Days.

I have two paintings ready.

I'm hoping to do at least five more.

Pray for my soul.

I will be exhibiting the tiger previously posted, and one I just finished - a wave. Also my first completely solo painting. My teacher never touches or fixes my paintings for me, but he does tell me when I'm doing something wrong or gives me advice on what I need to do. It was hard at first to paint without any coaching, but once I got into it there was no going back. :) Pretty happy with how this turned out.


Squeaks said...

It looks beautiful! I'm sure you'll be able to do enough paintings for May 8th :) Praying for you!

Creative Artist said...

Thank you, Squeaks! :) So far so good...